New Whistleblower Hoax

Their new whistleblower tact is that the official transcript was edited, insinuating that there are omissions and now the ‘mystery sandwich’ – and then fabricating just what those omissions are and keeping it all top secret. Pretty stupid as there are many witnesses involved in what was actually and factually discussed. Just keeping this seditious nonsense alive is in their MSM headliners spewing out this garbage over cable tv fake news outlets and mockingbird talk shows. The criminal demonic-rats – as we know them to be – are having their cover blown – all their nefarious wheelings and dealings at the taxpayer’s expense worth billions in kickbacks – I mean just how despicable is that? We see the list of felons and also see the riot rousing of their psycho-emotionally brainwashed constituencies. It’s about time something is done about it; a time for real tangible change and not the baited false empty rhetorical prevarications of the previous administrations. Now these demonic-rats don’t have to abide by the law or the U.S. Constitution because they are all Crown Agents. The Crown doesn’t recognize the U.S. Constitution and has been working for a couple of centuries now to dispose of it. It’s the Crown Stupid! (and all of its illicit covert [DS] operations). Schiff is demonstrating precisely how the Obama Clinton Biden et’al was operating their foreign policy. It’s all projection, it’s all coming from their own actions. Not being able to tell the truth is JQ#1 req for a demonic-rat. This is what they do and they call it ‘Political Science’, ‘Rules for Radicals’ and ‘Progressive Socialism’. Let’s be clear: it’s the Anti-Constitutional Agenda of Globalism = WorldWide Empire under The Crown.

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