The Whole World is Watching

The whole world is watching and they are waiting to see who or what will prevail in the current political climate of the United States of America. All the nations of the world have been long subjected to this globalist criminality. It’s only logical that international relations are sitting on the fence so to speak. We are talking about people who are well aware of the current status quo and who or what is dominating it. What will the current President of the United States do in the face of this institutional evil? Who is going to win in American Politics leading up to the 2020 Election? – believe me the whole world is watching in this regard. Will President Trump prevail against this miscreant demon-ocracy? I say yes he will and so will the Make America Great Again movement (that is the U.S. Constitutional America) – as it once was a beacon of enlightenment to the world circa 1776. The Crown never forgives and it never forgets any challenges to its occult operations deployed in forwarding its agenda for total (full spectrum) domination of the world. This is what is at stake despite all this seditious-ly instigated noise and distraction that the Corporate (Crown) MSM Deceptive Fake News Propaganda and Mockingbird Press and Social Media is saturating the public media mindset with today. The future of humanity is at stake. It’s no small thing or joking matter. A Time to wake up from the induced Trance State TV mental fantasy coma or die smothered in your sleep.

About 2012 Convergence

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