Fed Ponzi Scheme Collapse

The current financial system cannot be sustained much longer as its on a rocket curve to oblivion. The so called debt is a criminal conspiracy that will have to be deconstructed at an appropriate moment soon to come. Spending according to this hyper debt bubble is inevitable until the current financial system ends and a new financial system takes its place. “Paying off the Debt” is possible only by declaring it null and void which is a moment yet to come. The question becomes just who do we as a sovereign nation owe this debt to and the answer to that is – legally no one as the current financial system is a criminal ponzi scheme that isn’t Constitutional. Making spurious commentary serves no useful purpose when what is going to happen is inevitable. Real debt in the public sector needs to be reconciled person to person but the Fed is, as it was, Unconstitutional and therefore ultimately illegitimate – the criminals who perpetrated this crime should be prosecuted and stripped of all their ill begotten wealth with the proceeds being returned to the people who they’ve been stealing it from.

About 2012 Convergence

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