I can see clearly now…

I can now see what is happening with this ‘Impeachment Production’. With the insidious undercurrent pseudo-reality which the CNN MSM Mockingbird Media Press Fake News and Public Disinformation has been spinning, poisoning the public mindset over the past three years, it’s all being staged and characterized by their pseudo-reality plot which is really a reverse image projection of their own criminal story onto President Trump to portray him as the villain in their pseudo-reality construct. All this is now percolating in the ongoing ‘Impeachment Inquiry’ theatrics which are feeding the twisted MSM characterizations to fit the plot. The target here is the American Mind – the public mindset and prospective voters for the 2020 Presidential Election. Schiff intends this ‘Impeachment Inquiry’ to continue no matter its forensic credibility because it’s all about feeding the MSM with evermore freshly contrived material for his media scriptwriters to spin and weave into their ongoing storyline.

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