Time for a Judicial Reckoning

So, let me get this straight – President Trump’s phone call with the newly elected President of the Ukraine (several months ago) was overheard by ‘The Whistleblower’ who then scripted a false transcript which ‘The Whistleblower’ gave to Adam Schiff to read (months later) to Congress and the American People – a fabrication of the call. When President Trump released the actual transcripts of his calls to the newly elected President of the Ukraine the fabricated ‘bogus’ transcript was revealed to be a fraud – so now Schiff declares that ‘The Whistleblower’ must remain anonymous and won’t be allowed to testify at Schiff’s ‘Impeachment Inquiry’ in order to protect this false reporting whistleblower’s security. Schiff has proven himself to be a pathological liar every time he moves his lips but you see he got the manufactured ‘transcript’ from his manufactured ‘whistleblower’ so he’s not accused of manufacturing it. What is the definition of a psycho-criminal mind? Schiff must be called to fully testify about his role and actions throughout his impeachment hoax under oath and comprehensive cross examination before the Senate Judiciary! What is obvious is that Schiff has invented and orchestrated this sham to remove President Trump from the very start – it’s all a lie and yet his lies have been front page fake news on CNN and MSM MSNBC ABC CBS PBS NYT WaPo with all these Mockingbird Media network affiliates. Schiff is adamant about protecting his whistleblower’s anonymity because this whole story is a prevaricated fraud from the get go. Just imagine such a thing going on in Congress! It’s time for a judicial reckoning with the real criminals involved to be judged.

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