Traces back to the Crown

Sooner or later it’s all going to trace back to ‘The Crown’ – and bloodlines. What do we mean by bloodlines? The 1982 science of genetics according to DNA and the recently ‘discovered’ genetic code that continuously reproduces the human body. We have the ‘Book of Genesis’ in our Judaic scriptures as a testament to the genetic engineering of Homo Sapiens or the Human Race as we know ourselves to be. An ‘awakening’ of human self-consciousness and its attendant reality. The Human Race was endowed with its non-human progenitor’s genes. This ‘Progenitor’ is represented by the Sumerian God Enki in the Sumerian Creation Epic. There are seemingly random distributions of gene expressions and characteristics that ’emulate’ various attributes, talents and abilities of the [ET] Progenitor’s genetic endowments for the building of civilizations and empires under the Progenitor’s Propriety. A customized ‘Bloodline’ of Kings and Queens was established as the designated ruling class. We see this madness today as ‘The Crown’ in Britain today. No doubt a severely degenerated and miscreant genetic line today – a Satanic Brew! The story of humanity.

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