The ‘IG Report’

Should have taken Dan Bongino’s 24 hr rule. This is how it hit the immediate news: In other words the ‘IG Report’ is just a pile of baloney – a tower of pseudo-official babble designed to confuse the public mind with nothing but gibberish nonsense. In any legal case of law it would be clearly in contempt of the court, but really it’s in contempt of the citizen’s common sense. Now the report in detail simply accounts for this great complexity of facts. It just presents the integrated findings simply to state their case as factually as possible. The fake news rendered this as a nothingburger when in fact it is much more significant than that! See X22 coverage. Report is much more than a nothingburger! The demonicrats and fake news is pushing that meme. The report is very thorough for what it was intended and it reveals the complicities but leaves the motives for Durham as that’s a different jurisdiction. Actually the report is amazingly detailed…..

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