Congressional ‘Ship of Fools’

As a witness to the past 3 years of Congressional activity one must wonder who is actually running the government of our country. Congress, especially the House, it’s fake news and social media mockingbirds appears to be predominantly a Crazy Circus of Evil – Miscreant Psycho Monkeys perpetually tripping on bad Acid. Quite Literally! There doesn’t appear to be an ounce of Common Sense or Constitutional sanity amongst them. So the question is: Who (or what) is actually running the country? Their performance over the past 3 years is a disgustingly bad joke from all public appearances. What kind of a future can any citizen make of this Congressional ‘Ship of Fools’? Corruption and criminality running amuck with no ‘Higher Authority’ for Justice to reign it in. Leaves a haunting suggestion that something utterly catastrophic is in the wind!

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