OCONUS Lures Spies and LARPs

OCONUS Lures Spies and LARPs are the Political Theatrics of the current scene in the U.S. Congress. The whole affair is premeditatedly scripted on the fly with political action figures superimposed upon real-world figures who are painted as characters in the tactical script. The whole affair is then ‘acted out’ in the real-world – unbeknownst to the political targets involved who are led to believe that the characters in the plot are real. Then the whole thing is documented as an ‘official record’ and articles are leaked to the mockingbird press and fake news media presenting to the public as the actual affairs of state and ‘official history’. We are entering into the ‘Twilight Zone’ here! This is what is actually being done and how it’s being reported and discussed in the MSM [CNN] fake news on TV. Those psychopaths conspiring and who are orchestrating this [HRC / Obama et’al] (and their players) must be totally exposed! We can see how Hollywood celebs are literally role playing in this demonic orchestration. When you have all the ‘funny money’ in the world you can stage in real ‘live action’ what is being reported in the news; which is all that a majority of people will think they know something about. I made notice that highlighted HRC doing this when she was running the SD. This is apparently her political strategy ‘acting out’ today. They ‘create the movie’ and direct it as a movie script. Gaming and Role Playing orchestrated real life scenarios. The public is indoctrinated to understand that history is an ‘organic’ natural randomly evolving process reflective of the ‘natural’ state of human activity; but what we see here is artificial ‘psycho-politics’ with premeditated (planned), scripted and directed political theater represented as the business of state. In effect this is totally anti-constitutional yet all of these conspirators attest to an ‘Oath of Office’ in allegiance to the Constitution in the service of the citizens, the People and their Republican Nation State. We can clearly see now who and what the real enemy of our nation is, who they are specifically (as the character actors), how they think and what they are actually doing being the ‘Enemy Within’ the Nation’s gates.

About 2012 Convergence

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