It’s Still the Crown Stupid

The U.S. Constitution with it’s Declaration of Independence (from the Royal Tyranny of the Crown) and Bill of Rights is the most inspired political philosophy yet advanced in the human history of this planet. The only problem with the Constitution resides in it’s non or misapplication and perversion. The Royal Enemy of the United States is still the Crown and its Globalist Corporations including its “United Nations” [NWO] proxies. It’s time to call it like it is – just like it was in 1776. The Crown is still the #1 Enemy of the People. Communism / Socialism is a Crown ‘psycho-political’ invention for geopolitical population control based upon Hegelian Political Dialectics along with ‘Divide and Conquer’ (by sovereign national peoples sex religion race ethnic generation and identity backgrounds social and financial status – by whatever means). This enemy has stealthily infiltrated most all of the pressure and power points in the American government and within American society. The People of America and the World would be morbidly foolish to let the U.S. Constitution die on the vine along with the best hopes of humankind.

About 2012 Convergence

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