Where’s Justice?

As a witness to the past 70 years from the standpoint of alternative (non-MSDNC MSM etc.) news and information there’s enough evidence to convict all the usual suspects a thousand fold. Where are all the ‘indictments’ we’ve been ‘hearing’ about for the last 4 years? When is a righteous authority going to act accordingly to defend and protect the Constitutional Republic and the genuine American People? There’s massive propaganda lines running along both sides of the ‘psycho-political’ aisles with the [DS] MSDNC MSM still orchestrating the miscreant madness of current events. “The hour is getting late!” The fires of chaos (hell) are burning all semblance of Constitutional common sense and need to be extinguished by cutting off the source that is fueling them – pointing to the funding and media that is promoting these premeditated attacks on America and American Citizens. So where is the ‘Department of Defense’ while the country is burning from the inside out? Just what is the purpose of the Department of Defense (now with the biggest and baddest military on the planet) anyway? What is the DOD doing?

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