Adam Schiff [VR]

MSDNC Gaslighting Projectionist = Adam Schiff = obviously in on Justice Scalia’s murder. Should be amply clear enough by now. So paradoxical that there’s no way to indict & prosecute ‘proven traitors’ due to their criminal crony contrived positions of power in Congress. There’s no common sense negotiating with demonic-rats. They’re about psycho-political criminal cronyism. There’s nothing to negotiate when they’re speaking contrived psycho-political MSDNC [DS] (scripted) MSM Mockingbird TV Fake News ‘Virtual Reality’ bias that’s anti-Constitutional; anti-Due Process and only present their heavily censored ‘abstractions’ of current events; and they’re just stick’n to contrived storyline talking points. Adam Schiff gives himself away w/every psycho-babbling word he speaks.

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