Mockingbird Psycho-Babble

MSDNC NBC The usual malignancy – what’d you expect – they are a seditious malignancy – that’s what they project. They’re only giving themselves away with their contrived psycho-babble. They’re all running a [DS] Mockingbird Script. Marxist Big Brother CCP Demonic-Rats are Watching Every Word Being Uttered or Written in Social Media and Newspeak with an Agenda to Rewire the English Language and Skew any Intelligent Discourse with Cognitive Dissonance and Confused Distraction. There’s a War Going On for Your Mental Status. Anyone who would vote for Quid Pro Quo Demented Joe and Psycho-Queen Kamala Harris would have to be intrinsically insane – mad – lunatic – an illiterate moron. So, if that works out to be a majority of voters (legals and illegals) then we will surely end up in a Constitutional Crisis because in the end it’s only Common Sense that Must Rule the Day.

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