Constitutional Effect

It’s a given if the Biden / Harris ‘Presidential-Elect’ Fraud goes forward into Inauguration that there will be Civil in concert with World War. There will be another ‘Muzzled Lockdown’ w/ forced BG (concocted) Vaccinations That’s a given. One’s self-determined liberty will be ‘Socialized’ with ‘Social Credit Scoring’ (in kind w/ ‘Financial Credit Scoring’) with allocation of what one will be allowed to do in action or say in social discourse. Whatever this MSDNC MSM Mind Controlled Zombie Demonic-Rat constituency believes they’re gonna get out of this – the very opposite will be the case in point. When abundant incontrovertible evidence abounds to indict the treason that’s clearly on display – crony criminal elite celebrity socialites will rule the day. This must not be allowed under Constitutional Principles and Rule of Law.

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