Top of the Volcano

I would estimate that something like 47% of the Demonic-Rat vote is ‘fraudulently manipulated’ by an array of calculated means. The amount of evidence of fraud is only the ‘top of the volcano’ (of [DS] corruption). MSDNC scripted MSM Mockingbird Mind Controlling Networks are ‘manufacturing a consensus’ out of prefabricated lies which in itself is a criminal psycho-political process (marxism); and what their [DS] Puppet Candidates represent. Criminally demented Quid Pro Quo Joe and Kamala are their postured candidates forwarding this totalitarian socialist agenda. Just take that 47% fractionally away from the fake polls for Demonic-Rats and the real voting sentiment is more accurate and legitimate. Hopefully there’s some common sense on the SC to determine the final election legitimacy.

About 2012 Convergence

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