COVID19 mRNA Fraud

COVID19 can be whatever you want it to be. A geopolitical scan with a diarrhea of fake news stories – whatever floats your boat!

By their message you will know their true colors. These WHO Vaccinations are for Global Population Control and ‘Genetically Selective’ Controlled Depopulation. The Vatican considers the human population to be an ‘environmental disease’ and WHO vaccinations are the ultimate cure. This is Fact. mRNA is HIV (AIDS) death serum.

WHO Vaccinations for Global Population Control and Genetically Selective Controlled Depopulation – Vatican considers the human population to be an environmental disease and WHO vaccinations is the ultimate cure. Is Fact.

Herr Doctor Fauci is right on the Crown Globalist WHO script. Cure for the virus (any version) is to take Herr Doctor Fauci out (of the picture). Fauci and all his malignantly prefabricated bull-shit needs to be removed and silenced. Then we will be free of this psychopath’s nightmare.

It should be very eye-opening to everyone that not a single Democrat, Dr. Fauci or anyone from [their] side showed up to the hearing on COVID origins today.

If this was a bio-attack on our country by China, and the Democrats are hiding from the public, nowhere to be found when the hard questions are asked, what does that tell you?

As I watched the hearing, I thought of what Trump said this weekend:

“They used COVID in order to cheat. They used COVID in order to rig the election and in order to steal the election. They used COVID. That’s as simple as it gets.”

The Democrats (and others) colluded with China to remove Trump. The good news is that the entire world will soon know what [they] did.

Herr Doctor Fauci basks in being a disgusting pos – has total contempt for the disposable ‘little people’ – who to him are just convenient experimental lab rats for his population control and depopulation agenda.

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