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The Devil made criminally demented Pedo Joe ‘do it’….. whispered a little something in his ear….. Fed counterfeit money given to illegal immigrants considered as a loan repayable by American taxpaying citizens. Hey – makes perfect nonsense to me!

Rachel Madcow MSDNC Mockingbird is absolutely disgusting demonic-rat – it’s all about the money to these twisted little criminal psychopaths. They sell America and Humanity out for blood and small change…..

Of course Georgie knows his daddy’s agents planted those ‘explosives’ and staged his 9/11 False Flag Operation. This little moronic traitor knows full well it wasn’t the little upside down goat that did it!

Original Social Media are DARPA projects and belong to The People. Need to be returned to the The People. Need to be extricated from the Crown’s MIC (Deep State) apparatus.

Pandemic of Collective Insanity spreading exponentially into a totally crazy planet. Crazy is as crazy does. Crazy is obviously self-destructive – spreading crazy is psycho-politics (marxism) by design. These ‘spreaders’ are the disease and the virus.

Where does this obscenity get off? They are about ‘converting your’ children? Upon who’s authority? They are malignantly marxist psychologically deranged demonic-rats profane little tyrants that are a direct menace to a moral ethical constitutional free and viable civil society. Period. What to do with them is the question?

Another Clinton Foundation (Hillary) hit job – blood trail – body count. How many is it now? Hillary’s goon squad for hire – anybody?

Lack of common sense cooperation is the clearest indicator of corruption = cover-up of complicity = with criminal and treasonous activity = must be exposed!

Criminally demented Pedo Joe is utterly incoherent – just an obamanation puppet who can even read an Obama script intelligently.

It’s time for this obamanation to end! It’s time for this tyranny of lies and deceptions to end! It’s time!

Malignant Marxist dialectic psycho-politics diabolically finding conflict with every insidious twist orchestrated to destroy preexisting cultural and social heritage. In one word it’s sick!

Going after these CLOWNS will be interesting but it’s really the ‘Ring Masters’ who are orchestrating these deep state psychopathic puppets. Bring the Invisible Enemy to light!

COVID19 can be whatever you want it to be. A geopolitical scan with a diarrhea of fake news stories – whatever floats your boat!

It doesn’t go back to China – it goes back to the Crown – China is just a surrogate power block for the Crown’s geopolitical agenda. The Crown has been doing this for centuries.

Demonic-rat Stacey Abrams is an election rigging voter fraud ring leader. Should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Microwaving destroys the food. Period. It corrupts and destroys the living crystalline structure of the food. The living crystalline structure of the food is what ‘communicates’ nutrition to the living body. There is extremely vivid scientific evidence of this fact.

Get the Feds out of The People’s lands – return lands grabbed by the Feds to the States and The People where it rightfully belongs.

Apple is obstructing functionality of videos and comments and has infected iPads with this for some time now. You detect it when using other platforms and devices that aren’t so infected. It’s very obvious now.

Facebook Twitter You Tube Apple Amazon Wiki CNN ABC NBC CBS MSM all Fake News Mockingbirds MSDNC PBS NYT WaPo Time Fake Newsweek is (are) acting out NAZI (CIA Deep State) Style Ministry of Propaganda with Censorship of Public Information – shows you exactly where ‘they’ are at. Facebook (et’al) all need to be legally condemned and sued for every penny plus its MSDNC handlers prosecuted for their premeditated treason.

Kamala is an obscene little marxist psycho-political worm – a criminal and a traitor – a deep state imposter fake. Her time of reckoning is at hand……

What You Tube doesn’t have a disinformation notice on this – oh my! No ‘fact checking’ the exact wording and spirit of the US Constitution? No misdirections to manipulated fake news and Wiki misinformation? No more 1st Amendment Censorship of Free and Honest Speech? Leaves one speechless……

Criminally demented Pedo Joe’s handlers (Clinton Obama) want an international flap to distract from the 2020 rigged election audits forensic evidence. There will be more ‘sets ups’ and ‘false flags’ in store.

Portrait of crazed malignant marxist mind controlled psychopath. This is a grotesque demonic-rat.

Demonic-rats and their RINO stooges lie. Lying is the essence of their marxist psycho-political ‘science’.

Another Hillary and Bill Clinton Foundation blood trail….. how many is it now?

What’s been presented so far is a cold blooded murderer who is being covered by the deep state operatives that staged this false flag event. ID the murderer and prosecute 1st degree.

Wiki is a deep state mass brainwashing mind control media – laden with censorship of real facts and promoter of fake facts and corrupting information deep state revised histories. It must be replaced with real facts, real history and common sense asap!

Nobody wants or even likes marxist demonic-rat Kamala – she’s sneaking in through the backdoor after being entirely complicit with stealing the 2020 Election for Criminally demented Pedo Joe. She knows that everything about her administration is a fraud and treason.

Anyone denying the truth of it is ‘in on it’ obviously – common sense would ‘indicate’ that.

Of course they did – they’re all premeditatedly complicit with the MSDNC orchestrated election rigging and voter fraud.

The WHO enemy is within the gates spreading bio-genetic toxins to permanently disable the troops.

Get all these Crown demonic-rats (CLOWNS) in one place and pack them into an ‘Evergreen’ shipping container bound for hell. Then make sure it arrives at destination!

WHO Vaccinations for Global Population Control and Genetically Selective Controlled Depopulation – Vatican considers the human population to be an environmental disease and WHO vaccinations is the ultimate cure. Is Fact.

Orchestrated by the Crown. Let’s put the quintessential ‘Third Party’ behind all of this chaos in the public spotlight. It’s time to free all the sovereign nations of the world from this perennial scourge.

All these malignant marxist zombie demonic-rats belong in a prison for the criminally insane because that’s precisely what they are – criminally insane. Psychotics. A pandemic of mental illness.

We are in the War of Wars. This is how it’s being waged. 5Gen warfare MSM Mockingbird psy-ops with WHO mRNA depopulation weather wars with artificially induced Climate Change with legions of marxist Color Revolution zombies orchestrated by Crown criminal psychopaths in high places. Know thy enemy!

BLM and ANTIFA are deep state (CIA / FBI) operations where righteous American Patriots will be demonized for defending Americans against these demonic-rat zombies. That’s the deep state’s game worldwide. Soros Marxist Color Revolutions where evil is good and good is evil.

This is the enemy of the people – instigating race wars for the Crown. These malignant marxist demonic-rats don’t realize they are being played by the most sinister power on the planet. Those who are awake now can see it as these Globalist zombies take the congressional stage.

NPR is racist content. A good match for MSM Mockingbirds. Same Soro’s backing.

That’s what demonic-rats do – they cackle and riot. It’s a sure sign of what’s really up!

They are responsible to The People who elected them on their professed merits. Secret Societies and Affiliations are nothing short of Treason and a Deceptive Agenda that’s not in The People’s best interests……

Statement by Michael Jackson, The one and only King of Pop.

Fourth of July

American Independence Day

It is a day of pride and honor. But I think our current world is not independent inside.

The giant octopus covers the world, including the Queen of England, the Pope, the Rothschilds, the Coronavirus, the Communists, the World Bank, the World Health Organization, and the Democrats. But the masterminds of these octopuses are the globalists.

But what is the solution?

Patriotism, respect for the real leader, President Trump

We have to fight one of these branches every time, under the leadership of President Trump.

Keep your faith.

Happy American Independence Day.

Bless America.

Join The Official Telegram Channel of Michael Jackson



These zombie students are being mind controlled by a malignant marxist curriculum. They haven’t a clue where their inane thoughts are coming from. Universities are churning these ‘liberal’ zombies out by the container loads to infest a miscreant society.

A cold blooded murderer witnessed by millions must be brought to justice along with his handlers.

Personification of a demon. We are currently in a pandemic of demons like a malignant cancer that’s metastasizing – for anyone who believes demons are a myth – this demonic possession is more than real!

Marxist malignancy – a metastasizing anti-social psycho-political cancer.

Herr Doctor Fauci knows exactly what his deal is. He premeditatedly lies and misrepresents everything about his WHO operations to scam the people – this is what he does. Every minute this psycho-political criminal remains out of prison is another crime against humanity.

20X? Let’s be realistic…… at least 100X perhaps even 1000X! Criminally Demented Mentally Incoherent Pedo Joe and his ho’ attract only a sorry handful of MSM Mockingbird mindlessly controlled zombies.

She’s a marxist criminal psychopath. That’s all you need to know. A disease of psycho-political malignancy. A cancer on the human race.

Exponents of racism – without the racist card what mind controlling power would these treasonous deep state marxist propaganda networks have? The more race war these demonic-rats incite the more power they think they have. Keeping racist malignancy alive is their paycheck.

Playing ‘by the rules’ by criminally demented incoherent Pedo Joe. But that don’t apply to stolen presidential elections ANTIFA BLM or all the psycho-political traitors in high places – did I hear you right Joe?

Being malignantly stupid is a high crime for being a people’s representative. Being willfully ignorant (marxist) and betraying the people’s trust is Treason. Lying and dramatizing false witness for fake news photo ops is criminal activity. This is AOC in a nutshell.

Our nation faces a test of faith. Faith in God, faith in ourselves, faith in each other, faith in our families and our friends and faith that our constitution and the Judeo-Christian values and principles that got us here will stand this test of time and adversity. Our founders envisioned this time of immense challenge and warned us about the rise of tyranny against our desire for freedom. During this test, reflect back on the most important component of your life (for me it is my children and grandchildren)…and never forget that one thing more important than freedom is faith in God. Focus on this Independence Day should be on the positive things in our lives and how we as a nation will rise above the dark shadows of evil and once again discover the light. God Bless America 🙏🏻🇺🇸

Re: Herr Doctor Fauci: Every minute this WHO NIH CDC freak is not in prison is another crime against humanity.

Demonic-rats don’t think – they just dramatize their malignant agenda for their Crown Globalist masters.

These malignant marxist creatures are nothing more than demonic mind controlled zombies. They don’t have a clue what common sense is.

I don’t think this actor is the Real Joe – who is the Real Joe? Not this guy for sure….. The actor is feigning the Real Joe’s incoherent dementia but it’s almost self evident that this a technique and not the Real Joe speak – the Real Joe could never do this – he’s utterly incapacitated.

Ya gotta be in Satan’s Club to qualify your picture. Luciferian’s are the preeminent racists – only Luciferians need apply……

No AOC it’s all your fault! Demonic-rats always project their own crimes and treason onto their chosen psycho-political targets. It’s marxism dialectics and this is how it works by deception.

Institutionally retarded. You need institutional retardation in order to get a Marxist University Degree. It’s a requisite for a retarded life.

Herr Doctor Fauci. Lock this lying psychopath up NOW! His forensic list of crimes against humanity and treason against Americans is growing each minute of airtime this demonic creature is given.

Demonic-rats aren’t ‘activists’ they’re malignant marxist puppets. There’s a difference. Activist is too good a term for them……

Whatever pseudonym commie california demonic-rats give it it will insidiously be the opposite in evil intent. Marxist demonic-rats have a quintessential criminal mind.

Obama is such a cad. He’s the NLP Master of Gaslighted Projection – like magick you know – mass hypnotic effect – that’s his gift. He’s telling you precisely what he is doing as he points the finger at his psycho-political targets. Whatever he’s accusing or insinuating of another is exactly what he himself is doing. All the zombie marxists are like this – the same patter. Psy-Op Big Time!

Obviously the objective of an enemy that has infiltrated within and is running a psy-op to disintegrate America. And top generals are promoting this? This is a product of irregular warfare against the United States, not just some kind of marxist socializing anomaly…… it’s an active attack. One would think the top generals could realize this? If they don’t then they’re a part of it.

Herr Doctor Fauci is right on the Crown Globalist WHO script. Cure for the virus (any version) is to take Herr Doctor Fauci out (of the picture). Fauci and all his malignantly prefabricated bull-shit needs to be removed and silenced. Then we will be free of this psychopath’s nightmare.

It should be very eye-opening to everyone that not a single Democrat, Dr. Fauci or anyone from [their] side showed up to the hearing on COVID origins today.

If this was a bio-attack on our country by China, and the Democrats are hiding from the public, nowhere to be found when the hard questions are asked, what does that tell you?

As I watched the hearing, I thought of what Trump said this weekend:

“They used COVID in order to cheat. They used COVID in order to rig the election and in order to steal the election. They used COVID. That’s as simple as it gets.”

The Democrats (and others) colluded with China to remove Trump. The good news is that the entire world will soon know what [they] did.

A Committee to manufacture a fabrication of an event for the public record and the press. Just ask Nancy – she’s the psycho-architect in the spirit of JFK 911 & CV19 mRNA…..

Miss USA Inc 1984 (post dated) Is this really happening or am I just subliminally hypnotized? Hmmmm I wonder……. Animal Farm anyone?

This is the Crown Globalist CCP ‘Model’ for World Government right on down to individual Town Hall districts. What the Marxist plan is for America. The ‘Administration’ Plan 2030.

Good grief corporations are now preeminent ‘individuals’ – with criminal lawyers and judges supporting the ‘corporation’s 1st Amendment rights’ – good grief! Law-fare in action.

Glad DJT confirmed that – “Barr chickened out” in place of Bill’s waffling out being a quandary – now we know for sure!

It will be very interesting to know the premeditated orchestraters (chain of command) of this 2020 election rigging on so many levels of fraud – the who’s at the top of this pyramid of premeditated treason and their lieutenants – obviously years in planning. We’re expecting things especially MSM orchestrated events are going to get really ugly as this treason and all its particulars becomes more and more publicly exposed.

Herr Doctor Fauci basks in being a disgusting pos – has total contempt for the disposable ‘little people’ – who to him are just convenient experimental lab rats for his population control and depopulation agenda.

Criminals will be criminals was probably elected with criminal votes. A sure sign of a criminal is they defy common sense and they lie a lot.

The common sense way to deal with demonic-rats and their malignantly miscreant marxist rhetoric is to disconnect from them entirely because they’re inherently parasitic and just sap you – feeding off of your vital energy by engaging you any way they can. They are criminally psychotic and there’s no sense in trying to reason with them.

Pedo Joe is a criminally demented Obama puppet – there’s not a coherent thought in his own criminally insane mind. His incoherent words are coming from a misread Obama script.

Bill Gates is as demonically obscene as it gets. He’s obviously a quintessential portrait of one of Satan’s demonically possessed pseudo-human beings.

Civic action across the land is what it takes! It’s been out of the MSM spotlight for decades now. It’s time for a comeback! Big Time.

God created Adam and Eve…male and female, in His image. He told them to be fruitful and multiply.

He didn’t create Adam and Steve. He didn’t tell Adam that he could one day become Eve. He certainly didn’t tell Eve that she would one day have the dangly bits. God created 2 genders…perfection. God doesn’t make mistakes. People do. We weren’t born to have mental illness, but defections do happen, people get their kids vaxxed, and it’s tough to really tell where our food comes from. They’ve normalized unGodly behavior.

It’s time we pray and repent for allowing our world to get this bad. We may not have caused the problem, but we’ve allowed it to grow into the cancer that it is.

Pedo Joe is a criminally demented Obama puppet – there’s not a coherent thought in his own criminally insane mind. His incoherent words are coming from a misread script.

How about we appoint Pedo Joe as CEO for Facebook Google and Amazon? Just to see if those corporations would survive it?

Portrait of a marxist demonic painted face piece of crap. Should be expelled from the human race!

Stay vigilant.

Keep your eyes on the audit.


Keep your eyes on the audit.

Alien invasion?

Keep your eyes on the audit.

Celebrity says something dumb?

Keep your eyes on the audit.

Maxwell case documents are unsealed?

Keep your eyes on the audit.

McAfee live streams his EU escape from a villa in the Bahamas?

Keep your eyes on the audit.

NSA is spying on everyone and everything. Obama styled psycho-political criminals and traitors have access to spy data on whoever and whatever they select to target next.

Might just as well to ask how many varieties of demons are there? The gender question has become synonymous with marxist demonic-rats – utterly devoid of human and Divine Common Sense. Demonic possession is real and we see it unfolding before our eyes in rainbow colors.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers – demonically corrupting the human race into a satanic obscenity.

Turning the human race into a 3 ring circus of the absurd for demonic entertainment.

In psycho-politics nothing happens by accident and it’s all connected to its criminal networks. We see this in what’s going on in a congress that’s totally infested with these criminal operatives and their vested interests. All part of a demonic agenda!

It’s all in the Malignant Marxist Social Programming. Obviously the human mind is programmable. MSM and University / Public Education are all about social programming. Garbage in = Garbage out. Scripture is the original programming of the Human Mind.

Lawfare Weaponized Law by the deep state ptb part of Irregular Warfare see Facebook case dismissal – these are deep state criminal lawyers with unlimited funding.

X22 had an interesting take on Bill Barr’s role such as it is…… whatever!

Psaki isn’t happy she’s criminally insane and gleeful about it.

mRNA is designed as a death serum. Forget about the virus it’s just an excuse to execute.

Biden is nothing but a criminally demented obscenity.

Don’t want no ‘Q’ False Flags. Anyway it’s up to the people now that they’re awake!

A totally psycho-political event – Can you imagine George Floyd’s drug deal was interrupted and he died from an overdose of fentanyl – he was a felon and had a long criminal record. Now he’s a BLM saint. The hypocrisy of demonic-rats is beyond the pale! Derek Chauvin is now a prisoner of the miscreant’s war.

What an obscenity Kamala is – every time she opens her corrupted mouth she is digging a deeper hole…..

So, let me see Pedo Joe, what you’re saying now is that We The People need F15s and Nukes to have a fair legitimate election and to get rid of all the tyrannical psycho-criminal politicians and corrupt members of Congress the Executive Branch (like you and Kamala Joe) and Judiciary am I getting your incoherent criminally demented whispering gibberish right Joe?

Kamala is obviously the Marxist psycho-politician demonically personified with her projection narratives. She lies – so everything she says or insinuates is the opposite of the objective reality. She is the little criminal in all regards. Lying is what she does.

The Marxist’s psycho-political dialectic is to get every cultural element in society in endless conflict with itself and racism is now its singular element in focus – this is about controlling masses of people in an environment of endless conflict and war. This is how the Marxist elitist hegemony controls and generates their power. It is promoting and instigating the most virulent form of racism under the guise of bringing social justice and equality. It is the very opposite of what it claims to be in every detail imaginable.

Kamala is obviously the Marxist psycho-politician demonically personified with here projection narratives. She lies – so everything she says or insinuates is the opposite of the facts. She is the little criminal in all regards.

Telling it exactly like it is to these self assuming marxist petty fascist dictators. Way to shut them down!

It’s time for a Divine reckoning on this satanic evil witch. Here she is in her evil CLOWN suit. Sickening……

Can you imagine George Floyd’s drug deal was interrupted and he died from an overdose of fentanyl – he was a felon and had a long criminal record. Now he’s a BLM saint. The hypocrisy of demonic-rats is beyond the pale!

Just shut it down – shut down the CNN MSDNC MSM Mockingbird Marxist Propaganda Machine – just shut it down!

Engineering advances were shut down by the marxist psycho-political operatives back in the 80’s. Take the NAWAPA project that was planned to bring ample water and power for viability of the NorthWest and SouthWest – shut down by a communist CA governor and his socialist state legislature. See the manufactured burning out of this entire region as we speak. This projected crisis was anticipated decades ago and is now being artificially created for the demonic geopolitic. We must correctly target all those malignant Globalist creatures now for being the real cause behind devastation that’s currently happening.

BREAKING! Florida Gov. Ron

DeSantis declares an emergency in Miami-Dade County following the Surfside condo building collapse. Complex search and rescue operation ongoing.




JUNE 24, 2021


Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America.

My thoughts and prayers are with all of those impacted by the building collapse in Surfside, Florida. Thank you to the incredible First Responders and Law Enforcement for arriving so quickly on the job, as always. We wish Governor Ron DeSantis, and all of those representing the Great State of Florida concerning this tragic event, Good Luck and God Speed. I am with you all the way!


Kamala is utterly disgusting. A criminal psycho-politician. A psychopathic traitor. She must be removed asap.








Milley is a deep state traitor pure and simple. JCS knows, just as Military Intelligence knows Pelosi and Schumer with complicit FBI factions orchestrated the Jan 6 ‘Riot’ (which wasn’t a riot until her BLM and ANTIFA agent provocateurs got there) with MSDNC MSM Mockingbirds Fake News propagating this malignant [FF] myth – any real forensic investigation would make that abundantly clear.

Pelosi and Schumer with complicit FBI factions orchestrated the Jan 6 ‘Riot’ (which wasn’t a riot until her BLM and ANTIFA agent provocateurs got there) with MSDNC MSM Mockingbirds Fake News propagating this malignant [FF] myth – any real forensic investigation would make that abundantly clear.

Anything coming from HRC is a tacit threat not a warning, a psycho pathological threat. That’s a given!

McAfee is a significant piece of the geopolitical puzzle. As is Assange. We’re expecting an explosion of disclosures over the next few weeks!

Real Russia has always been an ally of the American Republic. The Crown has always been an enemy of the American Republic. It’s still the same. Know thy enemies!

Same Marxist demonic-rats that claim there’s no evidence of vote fraud and election rigging in the 2020 election. The evidence is overwhelming to anyone informed with common sense.

NAZI Gestapo mentality – these sheriffs are getting their marching orders from a common source – what is it?

The Incoherent Pedo-Joe is suffering from sub-maniacal megalomaniac criminal dementia. In other words he’s criminally insane and an utter menace as a presidential imposter.

Censorship by big tech has gotten completely out of control. It is reminiscent of the communist regimes that many of us here at The Epoch Times escaped.

WAIT, WHAT? Psaki Suggests that Republicans -NOT DEMS- Want to ‘Defund the Police’


Marxism is a twisted psycho-political dialectic – an inverse reality gaslighted projection that counters every common sense ethical and moral principle with a malignantly obscene insanity. This is its modus operandi. It is premeditated evil. A psychotic calculating socialized complexity. It should not be negotiated but rather just shut down.

Re: Demonic-Rats RINOs and MSDNC Mockingbirds CLOWNS know full well the crimes and treason that they have committed and are still committing – as well as Military Intelligence and the International Community of Foreign Leaders with their Intelligence Services know full well the forensic facts. When you know you know! Heavily censored Alternative ‘Real News’ and Free Speech Social Media along with Public and Civil Constitutional (Patriotic) Activists are persistently exposing MSDNC (The Swamp’s) crimes and treason in a wide array of legal action venues including 2020 Election Audits. Time and History will bear this out!

If there is an insinuation of War – one needs to take the CV19 mRNA agenda into account as all national leadership dictating mandatory face masks social distancing lockdowns and vaccinations is all part of the same agenda being orchestrated by the same demonic principalities as a matter of fact!

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