Reiteration: Why is the Fake News with Social Media Platforms continuing on their path of censorship claiming, “baseless and disproven lies,” concerning the Phantom Coronavirus Pandemic along with officially mandated genocidal VAX ‘Kill Shots’ no matter how much evidence they see? This rhetoric is coordinated propaganda by the Lame-stream syndicates pushing their automatic scripted responses by MSM Mockingbirds used to deny the fact that CV19 stats are faked with the bogus PCR Virus Testing with padded mortality stats followed by MSM blanket censoring and skewing of VAX injury and mortality stats when the actual body of forensic facts proves that this is all part and parcel of a WHO CDC NIH orchestrated mass genocidal agenda enforced by a WHO Medical Tyranny upon the world population in conjunction with WHO controlled depopulation protocols, such as majorly fatal Remdesvir treatments with Ventilators, now administered by doctors in hospitals worldwide. The proof is massive and staggering. When the real news and information with the full body of forensic facts becomes public, the people will see the insidious malignancy of the MSM Mockingbird mass mind controlling propaganda machine because its rhetoric isn’t even close to the on the ground realities.



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