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Dominion ‘Blinked’ – couldn’t deal with discovery if their case went forward.

Re: Mad Maxine Waters. Never interfere with a psycho demonic-rat when she’s deconstructing herself. Every time Mad Max opens her mouth she’s digging a deeper pit filled with her own malignant horse-shit!

Re: Rachel Madcow. Never interfere with a psycho demonic-rat when she’s deconstructing herself. Every time Madcow opens her mouth she’s digging a deeper pit filled with her own malignant horse-shit!

MSM Mockingbird Propagandists apparently don’t know about reigns. Horses are so 19th century. With today’s ‘Cancel Culture’ we have Nike’s for ‘Green New Deal’ footpaths. Horses generate too much CO2 (horse-shit) to be in vogue anymore…… For today’s times we must leave the copious amounts of (horse-shit) to the MSM Mockingbird Propagandists!

Reiteration: Why is the Fake News with Social Media Platforms continuing on their path of censorship claiming, “baseless and disproven lies,” concerning the Phantom Coronavirus Pandemic along with officially mandated genocidal VAX ‘Kill Shots’ no matter how much evidence they see? This rhetoric is coordinated propaganda by the Lame-stream syndicates pushing their automatic scripted responses by MSM Mockingbirds used to deny the fact that CV19 stats are faked with the bogus PCR Virus Testing with padded mortality stats followed by MSM blanket censoring and skewing of VAX injury and mortality stats when the actual body of forensic facts proves that this is all part and parcel of a WHO CDC NIH orchestrated mass genocidal agenda enforced by a WHO Medical Tyranny upon the world population in conjunction with WHO controlled depopulation protocols, such as majorly fatal Remdesvir treatments with Ventilators, now administered by doctors in hospitals worldwide. The proof is massive and staggering. When the real news and information with the full body of forensic facts becomes public, the people will see the insidious malignancy of the MSM Mockingbird mass mind controlling propaganda machine because its rhetoric isn’t even close to the on the ground realities.



Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America

The Rigged!

When the information becomes public, people will see that it wasn’t even close.



Why is the Fake News Media continuing on their path of saying, “baseless and disproven lies,” concerning the Presidential Election of 2020, no matter how much evidence they see? These phrases are coordinated propaganda by Lamestream. It is an automatic phrase they use about the 2020 Election Scam when in fact it was just the opposite. The proof is massive and staggering. The Presidential Election of 2020 was Rigged! When the information becomes public, people will see that it wasn’t even close.



GW Bush the idiot is a malignant moron and all round enemy and traitor to the Republic and the American People. Why should ‘we’ care what GW Bush thinks? The Smithsonian should open up a ‘Traitor’s Hall of Fame’ featuring the Bush Clinton Obama Biden (also throw in the Cheneys and McCains) as a NWO ‘enemy axis’. Would be a smashing success……

Re: Rachel Madcow. This psychopathic creature is fowl in all regards. Scripted Toxic Psycho-Trash to poison the minds of who ever is gullible enough to follow her malignant bs. Prime example of the Demon Possessed.

Woodward has always been a deep state con artist. Perhaps not so artist with Yellow Journalism twisting contorting and misrepresenting facts.

Watch out for Dan Crenshaw! He’s the WEF ‘Chosen One’ with that underlying Crown Globalist Agenda – he obviously knows how to play this psycho-political game for public consumption.

These psychopathic creatures are fowl in all regards. Scripted Toxic Psycho-Trash to poison the minds of who ever is gullible enough to follow them. Demon possessed.

Anyone in their right mind knowing what we know today wouldn’t take the VAX. Anyone promoting or coercing the VAX is a representative of the Enemy. That should be clear enough. We are engaged in a very different kind of war than most are accustomed to.

Biden lining the pockets of Big Pharma (with % for the Big Guy) in exchange for WHO CDC premeditated genocide. Such a deal!

So what? They’re all ‘snapped’ little lying robots. The cover story is their only reality and if their cover story is full of holes well – they snap. That’s all they’ve been programmed to do.

Kamala Harris is a criminal psychopath. Everything about her fits this profile. This is how criminal psychopaths act especially when they’ve commandeered the WH. The mask suits her criminal profile to a Tee. She has no intrinsic sense of responsibility for anything common sense. The more murder and mayhem the better is the way she thinks.

Well I think at this point we should just see how the next few weeks play out. The cast of factors in-play here exceed the speculative capacities of any individual human thinking processes and their access to sources of critical information. What’s now in-play is definitely going to play out just as it is regardless of any speculations.

For those who know the forensic facts and magnitude of the MSDNC 2020 Election Rigging and Orchestrated Vote Fraud – why in hell’s name would there be any question about this? That is unless one was knowingly complicit with this Treason. It’s a clear cut case.

Maxine Waters must be arrested prosecuted for abject malignancy and jailed for the rest of her life. She’s a blight on the face of human kind.

In the ‘Real World’ Zuckerberg must be arrested prosecuted and jailed eternally for crimes against humanity

If ‘They’ can get away with it! Problem is ‘They’ consider 80% of the current human population disposable and the sooner the better by whatever means; this is the demonic creature humanity is up against. It’s a WHO / UN ‘controlled’ genocide and those who are orchestrating it are ‘insulated’ from whatever dystopian fallout or so ‘They’ think.

Hunter and his Dad – aka The Big Guy – can share a prison cell together for eternity.

We know that it’s a WHO genocidal agenda – discussions of it’s efficacy with children and future generations are moot. The VAX is designed to maim and kill you. Those promoting or coercing the VAX for anyone young or old are the ‘Bad Guys’ – The Enemies of Humanity.

It’s not ‘really’ a pandemic. The real pandemic is ‘The Shot’! When does common sense come into this picture? All else is zombie madness – just like in the precursor Hollywood movies.

Pedo Joe is being an American Poster Child for United Nations ‘Intervention’. He’s in the same league as ‘Climate Change’ star-child Greta Thunberg. Same ‘mentality’. Was it even really Joe? That’s the real question going around!

Eric Coomer reeks of treason. It’s written over his every expression. It’s time for this to come ‘all together’ for ‘Red October’ – !

677,000 Americans are dead as a result of a Chinese lab experiment and your government hasn’t done shit to hold them accountable.

Join @Q17_Awakening

You can see the primordial coast line etched thousands of feet up along the US East Coast Mountain ridge. The tectonic times are forever changing…… expect and prepare for it !

Re: Little Greta. Somebody should stop this malignant juvenile delinquent before she hurts herself and others. She is an utter fraud and everybody with some common sense knows it!

Re: Invasion of Illegal Aliens. Send them all to DC – let Nancy host them in the WH and Congress. DC’s Got plenty of Fencing and the Capital Police to ‘contain’ all the illegal ‘invaders’ there – and right there with all their MSDNC and RINO cronies.

It’s the VAX that is the ‘variant’ and it’s the VAX that makes you sick and eventually kills you. This is the WHO genocidal program…..

For The United Kingdom Canada and Australia The Queen is paying her (is she still alive?) last respects with gifts of WHO CV VAX Royal Crown NWO Tyranny; hopefully The United States will again take the most critical stand against this!

Remdesivir Treatment Kills just like the genocidal VAX – and that’s why it’s prescribed in WHO’s CV VAX Hospital Protocols. When there are abundant cheap safe and most effective alternatives being suppressed the genocidal agenda is clearly spotlighted.

And Now! Mass child deaths just what Fauci’s WHO CDC doctors ordered. Depopulation is Agenda 2030 made to order w/ genocidal ‘VAX’ world population reduction by 80% is the target etched in stone now in-progress w/ MSM Mockingbird psy-ops mind controlling & brainwashing targeted generations.

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