HLS Red October.13

A record 4.3 million workers quit their jobs in August.

Biden’s America.


Except the VAX is not a cure but rather it’s a mass genocidal bioweapon per UN Agenda 2030 for population control and systematic depopulation of the human species. Now how does one embrace this demonic reality? That’s the question of the hour!

Bill Gates is a full blown genocidal psychopath and must be ‘contained’ arrested jailed prosecuted for massive premeditated crimes against humanity with full details of his associations and complicities. BG is the very definition of a demon in street clothes.

Nancy Pelosi is a megalomaniacal drunk with self-delusions of Papal Grandeur on a Satanic NWO stage. Criminally demented Senile Sick and Evil is Nancy’s claim to fame. Why in the world does anybody put up with this demented malignantly decrepit witch?

What principality enabled Rothschild to be the Globalist’s Ponzi Scheme World Currency? Money Magick is an Occult (demonic) Spell (literally) cast upon the human population to enslave humanity for Globalist purposes.

It’s obviously retarded by design. Biden is a criminally demented senile mentally incapacitated and literally incoherent deep state (Obama) puppet CLOWN deconstructing and destroying the American Way of Life by design.

Fulton County audit case dismissed on lack of standing!! 😡

We must have full forensic audits.

No court will hear the actual evidence.

The destruction of America, inflation, the border invasion, failure in Afghanistan, are all proof of injury from widespread election fraud in 2020.

Reprehensible that the judge dismissed this case!

The Military is the Final Solution as the MSDNC and Globalist 2020 Election Rigging and Systematically Orchestrated Vote Fraud is considered as an Act of War initiated by both Foreign and with infiltrated Domestic Enemies of psycho-criminals acting against the Constitutional United States and its American Citizens.

This WHO Viral tyranny enforced upon phantom pandemics with rules for face masks social distancing and lockdowns followed by genocidal VAX mandate’s pressing into ongoing ‘legal’ disparities of VAX’d and UnVAX’d correlate with an impending WEF Globalist Financial Reset; now setting up the Anti-VAX crowds for massive employment terminations across the boards with loss of all benefits and compensations. This is just what we see and it’s all been premeditated to happen by demonic design. This Globalist Takeover of the Planet has been long in the planning by Globalist principalities and seemingly random ‘coincidental circumstances’ are not happening because of unforeseen accidents or ‘Acts of God’ – but rather are happening according to an intricately preplanned Globalist Agenda for engineering of their totalitarian New World Order under the absolute hegemony of Globalist Domination.

Schiffty does what he does best and that’s barefaced lying; and he’s really really bad at it!

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