X22 Post for Today

X22 Report for today is “loaded” with “keys” to what’s happening and what’s really going on. That’s for sure! But, the thing is we’re dealing with a Globalist “Soap Opera” type of planetary scenario; a “Hollywood Movie” theme of logical type presenting as a “real world” scenario. What exactly is our purpose with this in the more cosmic dimensional scheme of things? Is this worldly manifestation actually a spiritual ‘multi-dimensional’ living metaphor for what’s going on in the higher realm(s) of demonic principalities? How do we reconcile our own lives in terms of a higher level cause determinant of the events of our own particular and peculiar circumstances in life? Does it really matter on a personal level? What exactly is humanity supposed to ultimately achieve in the midst of this Globalist “Soap Opera” of nonsensical chaos? Some whatever that might be enduring for the next 250 Million Years in terms of a “human” perspective? But we always have the “Divine Variable” right? The “right” of choice and decision to “Believe” or “Not to Believe” in the ultimate solution. I’ll trust in “The Plan” because it’s the most logical thing to do all things considered!

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