Patriots and Frog Family

Patriots and Frog Family

Good Sunday morning my frog family!! I have been getting many calls and texts from frogs that feel very stressed out. Many are stressed due to waiting for the movie. Many are stressed out over not being able to truly connect with the ones they care the most about and are looking for the magic elixir to regain with them what they feel they lost due to decisions they made. We all react to situations differently because we are individuals. This mission has indeed been very difficult in some of our most treasured relationships. We may feel like we are in a “fight or flight” situation. When you get stressed and are in this “fight or flight” mode, I know from personal experience, that you will not make good, long-term decisions about how to handle the situation you find yourself in. You won’t be able to think clearly or remember important things that can help with good decisions. If possible, this is when you take a deep breath and do your best to shift your energy and focus. If you can’t relax and shift your energy, then do your best to not commit to a solution based on your stressed reaction. For me, this is when I dive into research….probably not the best solution but it is what it is. Logically, it would make more sense to focus on finding a solution. If you’re going to expend time and energy, expend them wisely. Rather than stressing and worrying, now you can focus on finding a way out of the situation causing the stress. If there’s nothing you can do, do your best to avoid worrying about it and continue to relax and not listen to all the voices in your head. Yes, although that is perhaps the best answer, sometimes it becomes a most difficult task. So what and where’s the answer??? I don’t have the answer. I truly wish I was better in dealing with my own stress. I try my best to fight the fears that are causing stress but am not always successful because I tend to react first without always taking a deep breath and finding the right solution to the specific stress factor. In doing that I have alienated the person further that I was trying to mend bridges with. So all I can offer to those that are asking how to deal with their stress is follow your heart and remember that we can control the situation most of the time. You will need to first decide if it is best to fight or flight. Sometimes it is best to “flight” even temporarily but I guess the way I see it is if that relationship is deeply important to me, I will take the time and energy and all the love I feel for them to fight for it by finding a solution. Does it always work out the way you want? Heck no because the other person must truly want to mend the relationship also. We are experiencing difficult times. Simple decisions can become very difficult. Just know you are not alone. Never alone!!! We have bonded as a family. It is alright to ask for help. It is alright to vent to me or a favorite frog family member. We will listen until you find the answer right for you. We are here to listen. Believe me it is much safer to vent to us then to take out your angst on those that you are currently alienated from. Venting to us allows the much needed “space” to allow you to focus on finding the proper solution. For me, I ask God for direction. I know that when things become toughest, I ask God to shoulder some of the pain and direct me to a solution. One thing I can say without any doubt is that God never said NO to me when I have asked him for help. So, the answer I found for me is to acknowledge that yes, I love enough to not only fight for those that I treasure but also allow them the time to decide if they also want to fight for our relationship. We can only control our own actions. For all those that were alienated, my true hope is that when this mission is all said and done, the anger, hurt and pain will be replaced by love and them knowing I never gave up on them because my love is unconditional…no strings attached. Just believing in that eases my personal stress level. The future is still unknown.

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