HLS November.7

Trust in God and Divine Creation

Trust in “The Plan”

Leadership is Key

Trust in The Truth

And The Truth Will Set You Free

“And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.”

~ Genesis 1:28

The Clinton (Bush CIA) scandal has been unraveling for 50+ years. By the time it goes public they will all be deceased like Bush Sr and John McCain. Their minions will be held accountable.

Lindsey Grahams’s pal Drunken Wrap Up Smearing Nancy’s J6 False Flag Op with FBI Capital Police Antifa BLM and MSDNC MSM Mockingbird ‘agent provocateurs’ to stage the show. Go for the videos and forensic facts. We’ve already witnessed it for what it was and is. Lindsey is a 2faced RINO.

TRANSLATION: “We are telling you idiots that the COVID vaccines are maiming and killing people, but you are all too STUPID to listen!”

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The studies for the Pfizer authorization have been falsified: “My daughter participated in the Pfizer trial from 12 to 15 years.” She now she is in a wheelchair. This very serious adverse effect is not mentioned in the authorization file, nor in the studies. — Mother speaking….


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A Killer Business Model!

Fauci isn’t about science. Fauci is about mass genocide all the while convincing his victims that his concocted “pseudo-science” is operating in their “healthiest” interest. Anyone who buys into Fauci’s concocted “pseudo-science” is either complicit or a fool.

Someone let him know it’s the VAX that makes you sick maims and kills you. It’s not CV19 (aka the Flu). It’s in the VAX. A really really easy puzzle game to solve!

It’s all by design. This is a ‘Mask’ and ‘VAX’ attack upon the children to disturb their health and state of mind.

Bayer executive admits in public that mRNAs are gene therapies and that, without the pandemic, no one would have been willing to have them injected

The deputy secretary at the US Treasury has put Americans on notice that the only way to end the plague of empty shelves around the country is for every resident to be vaccinated. The frank warning came off as a threat to many.


NEW – U.S. Navy names ship after gay rights leader Harvey Milk and it’s christened by a transgender veteran.


@PatriotAlerts 🇺🇸

Re: Biden’s Enemy Mercenary Invasion Force. Gold Star Families Infuriated by Biden’s Idea of Giving Illegal Immigrants $450,000- $1,000,000 (Incentives) Just for Coming Here and Breaking the Law Doing So. Clear proof of the Biden Admin Premeditated Treason. Make no mistake this is an “Invasion Op” all by design.

The Biden Admin is criminally insane. Everything the Biden Admin does or is allowed to do is criminally insane. We have a pandemic of criminal insanity sweeping the nation and it seems to be getting worse. It’s time for some common sense and some criminal arrests.

The Biden Admin is criminally insane. The US Constitution means nothing more to them than an old piece of paper that belongs in a museum. Everything the Biden Admin does or is allowed to do is criminally insane. We have a pandemic of criminal insanity sweeping the nation and it seems to be getting worse. It’s time for some common sense and some criminal arrests.

38% Approval by who? No-one with a wit of common sense would approve of Joe Biden or Kamala Harris. 38% means that America has been invaded and infiltrated by malignant infestation of a mindless pandemic of zombies. It would be a statistic of mental disease.

Demonic-Rat Kamala Harris is a Satanic Criminally Insane Psychopath. These are Job Qualifications Required for a VP position in the Joe Biden (Obama) Administration.


JUST IN – Iraqi Prime Minister Al-Kadhim survives an assassination attempt after a rocket/drone hits his home in Baghdad’s Green Zone. At least 6 security guards reportedly wounded following the attack.

UPDATE – Iraqi PM just tweeted he is unharmed and calls for “calm and restraint from everyone.”


First saw the Biden diary posted on a public telegram channel a few months ago.

Had no idea if it was real or not, so opted to not discuss it.

The FBI raiding Project Veritas over the diary is the ultimate manifestation of the Streisand effect and has now proven that the diary is real and the contents are real.


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