We now got a MSM Psy-Op galore going on on all fronts across the boards. Distractions running amuck. FOX is part of it. The News is a constant dismal cognitive dissonance by design. What is happening here and now makes the historic NAZI Death Camps appear as child’s play as the entire human population is now involved and there is no coherent leadership anywhere in sight.

What we know: WHO CDC’s Big Pharma Herr Doctor Fauci with Bill Gates is managing to infect 80% of the World Population with AIDS HIV with his mass genocidal VAX that makes people and children sick maims and kills them eventually by design. It’s much the same thing as AIDS now. Fauci and Gates must be arrested & prosecuted for decades of crimes against humanity.


Unfortunately it is just as I’ve stated it – and worse! The demonic details alone will make you sick. This is a genocidal program that I’ve tracked for the past 40+ years even before the first cases of AIDS came into a hospital where I was working. You can believe whoever and whatever you like – I’m just giving an urgent heads up!

One courageous young patriot acting on behalf of the people (especially those who are just spectators of the Biased MSM Mockingbird Fake News) protecting their Constitutional Bill of Rights. Kyle is a true HERO! His name will ring loud and far….. as real justice is served! Look Out Boys – There’s A New Sheriff In Town!

To the likes of Joy Reid: BLM is a violent miscreant “terrorist” horde of criminally malignant thugs. We know BLM and ANTIFA mobs are being funded enabled and directed by the likes of George Soros and with MSM Mockingbird Fake News. BLM and ANTIFA have now gotten away with mass riots destruction looting burning mayhem raping maiming and murder many times over. Justice must need be dealt in due time if common sense civil order and decency is to prevail in America.

What do you mean I don’t know this? Are you blind? I live in LA have lived in NYC and Rochester NY and Chicago. BLM has cost billions in damage and mayhem burning looting murders maiming on-going the evidence abounds and all this is being promoted by the MSM Mockingbird Fake News (which is sponsored by George Soros and Company) and gone un-prosecuted. You don’t have a clue!

The Kraken:

The floodgates of the ‘deep’ have been opened by the Crown Globalist Malignancy “Elite” and their demons are infiltrating everything – literally – what you see is what you get!

Obliterate MSNBC (aka MSDNC) MSM Mockingbird Fake News Mind Controlling Propaganda and all those demonic-rats that are sponsoring it!

There’s definitely a “virus” of miscreant operators infecting Telegram. I don’t know how this “liability” can be resolved. Will be interesting to see how this is dealt with on the new upcoming Truth Social Media Platform being advanced by Donald Trump. Trolls and other malignancies usurp and malign 1st Amendment Rights. But you can spot this malignancy a mile away when it appears!

“Fakebook” FB has no legal right to censor “restrict” pseudo- qualify disinform upon peoples social media comms as it’s communications technology was bequeathed by tax payer funded DOD & DARPA legally bound by the United States Constitution & Bill of Rights. Facebook is currently in blatant violation with its “policies” of controlling what people say & think. We can clearly see where Facebook is at!

That’s the impostor Biden regime for you – demonic psycho-political criminals through and through! These demonic-rats are an agenda of “jackboot” suppression of citizens and patriots and it’s only going to get worse until it is stopped dead in its diabolical tracks!

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