Frog 21.11.20

Patriots And Frog Family

Wow. It does appear now that the tide has turned in our favor and the Punisher is about to dish out some justice. Kyle was found not guilty on all charges. What exactly does that mean? I am sure the next day or two will show us exactly what that means.

It has been reported that there is a huge solar storm heading our way on Sunday. Space weather forecasters are braced for the arrival of a stream of solar winds and have warned of a possible solar storm this weekend. We need to keep a watch on that. Could that affect our internet and communication devices? I guess we wait and see.

Ok now some thoughts on the Ghislaine Maxwell trial. Are we really going to have to wait for that trial to end before the next move? Hmmm that I doubt very much because it will take years etc to get through all the court theatrics. Why did I post to keep your eyes on the Maxwell court case? Basically the more we keep the spotlight on her the more sheep we wake up to the whole pedophile ring she coordinated. The mainstream media calls us conspiracy theorists, right? Well our weapons in this war are truth and facts so my fellow frogs, its time to post those truths and facts about all those involved. Research and post away.

Lets not forget to keep our eyes on England and the Queen ‘s failing health. Remember “London Bridge Falling Down”. This appears to be imminent. Perhaps she will be the first arrest instead of her death. This piece of lizard garbage known as Queen Elizabeth was the number one pedophile ring leader. So personally, I would like to see her arrested and then she can die. With her arrest, it would bring down the whole Royalty lineage. I have learned when the focus is pointing to one hand, to automatically keep my eyes on what the other hand is doing. So i hope for arrest first. Wishful thinking on my part at least.

It has been reported that Mike Lindell is trying to get the election overturned at the Supreme Court level on Tuesday. Well one problem I see with that. We have eight of the nine judges down “with covid” leaving only Clarence Thomas. Can it be reviewed by only one supreme Justice? It certainly would be Karma if it could be since it was Joe Biden that put Thomas through such a torturous confirmation hearing. Ohhh now thats what you would call beautiful payback. We will have to wait and see what happens there.

On Tuesday, Israel will be vaccinating 5-11 year olds. Hmmmm Israel for last. Think about that.

What is the significance of 11.11? 11.11 is provided as a strategic marker. Q: “America will be unified again. 11.11. “. “Red wave coming”. “what is 23rd Supreme Court Election Decertification?” Check out Whiplash’s writeup last night on this to connect all the dots.

If you truly want an idea of where we are in this process, my only suggestion is to go to the Q drops and take the time to go right through them all. First, Q always told us to do our own research. Second, the Q drops lay out such a great guideline. Connect the dots. It will be so much easier now for you to understand them because they are playing out in real time. So get to reading.

So much is happening. We were told Military is the only way. Be alert. Be prepared. Be ready. We are Flynn’s F.R.O.G.s and fully reliant on God. We ARE the chosen to be the digital warriors for this time in history. Nothing is a coincidence. You were chosen for a reason. Hopefully in time we will all understand just what that reason is. God has blessed us and given us a gift of Armor. So let’s buckle it up tightly and be ready for anything. Where we go one, we go all. Have an awesome weekend!!! Love and peace to all.

Mar ❤️❤️❤️ 11/20/21. (Another 7 day.)

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