Frog 21.12.09

Patriots and Frog Family

Please look at how I have addressed you every single day for over a year….”Patriots and Frog Family”!!! I also explained that I prefer to call us frogs instead of pepes because we needed to be “Fully.Reliant.On.God”. We are patriots and frogs and have become a family so why are some allowing our panicking enemy to try to pit one Patriot against the other Patriot??? That is the last weapon they have left because our amazing White Hats have stripped them from just about everything else. Why the heck (I am being polite here!!!) would we give them that power over us??? Let’s put our angst where it belongs…..on the mainstream media, on Cabal, on the elites, on the Luciferians and pedophiles. Let’s NOT turn on each other. We are all fighting as God’s warriors. So do not allow them to cause a rift or a division in our patriots and family. We are so close to the finish line…and they are going for a Hail Mary pass. Block it!!! Know we win/won!!! We are the majority. Let’s act like it. I do truly believe we are all entitled to our opinions…ask my red-piller or either of my mentors, Whiplash or John Quent…I express my opinion non-stop at times (put the duct tape away guys, I mean it!!!)…but I try to be careful not to give the enemy any weapons to use against this mission that we have all fought so long and hard on. All I am saying is no, you don’t have to stifle your opinion at all, just be more aware of where you vent and how your opinion or venting will affect those around you. We are here to win. So please, lets try not to pit Patriot against Patriot. ALL truths will be revealed AFTER we have won. Let’s get to the finish line united. With that being said, we need to remember this is being played out on God’s timing and not ours. Every day I take calls and texts etc telling me that this must end NOW. Oh believe me I agree with you on that BUT this is a worldwide mission where centuries of evil must be eliminated. If that isn’t enough to make you think, try putting yourself in the place of one of those in Witness Protection. Some have been there for decades!!!! So waiting a few more moments, days, weeks, months etc is nothing compared to how not only their lives but their family’s lives have been totally disrupted and changed forever. If they can wait, so can we. Look at everything that has been accomplished by the White Hats so far. Go ahead. List out EVERYTHING that has been accomplished. I have done that for you several times over the past year or more. They needed our help. We were the chosen. We are at the right time in history. We stood firm and became united and did so very much to wake up the masses. WE DID THIS!!! Be proud of yourself. You did what was thought to be impossible. We went up against such powerful and overwhelming evil and WE ARE THE ONES STILL STANDING. We are winning because we are united. The enemy NEVER saw us coming. They never thought we would get off our couches to become the warriors we have become. OMG we united globally!!! They thought they could control us but every single one of you showed them that we are not sheep. Take a look at who you were BEFORE this mission. Now look at who you have become!!! I know how much I have changed. In fact many of you know what I was like on Whiplash’s page when he was on facebook. I tried every game in the book to get him to ban me from his page…instead he turned me into a strong warrior for this mission. Do you get it yet??? We have stepped up and took the reigns away from the slave masters. We said NO we wont go quietly into the night. We gained strength and held the line so President Trump and JFK Jr (YES, he IS alive….that is a fact) et al could lead the White Hats in cleaning up the mess that mankind got itself into. This is God vs Satan…good vs evil. Not Patriot vs Patriot or frog vs frog. We are and need to stay united. This is how we go from dark to light. No one ever has had to fight this particular type of war. Yet we blazed ahead. We did it.

We will lead our kids, grandkids and future generation into total freedom. You, my Patriots and Frogs are the heroes in this movie. So let’s do what heroes do…continue waking up people with our weapons of facts and truths because that was our part to accomplish in this mission. Now there is one really personal thing that I want to share with you if you don’t mind: “I, Maryann “Mar” Chambers do identify as someone who does not nor will not participate in any pandemics. I also accept the fact that God created only two sexes…male and female…all the rest is total manmade bullshit. I have chosen freedom over slavery. I am free at last! Please join me!! Where we go one, we go all. Where we went one, we went all. Where we will go one, we will go all. So buckle up tightly your Armor of God and lets see this to the “Light”. God bless you all! Love and peace to every one of you. You were NEVER alone. You will never be alone again.

Mar ❤️❤️❤️ 12/9/21

Posted by MaryAnn Chambers

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