Frog 21.12.13

Patriots and Frog Family

Here we are once again, yet another Monday and the start of a whole new week. We keep wondering when will we be able to pop our popcorn and watch the Great Awakening movie. We have learned by now that it will come in the Plan’s time….in God’s time, but not particularly in our time frame. But I honestly can feel that it does seem right now to be EXTREMELY close….at least each day gets us closer. Do you think it might be tied to the Default that happens on December 15th? I guess we will know this week. But we need to stay alert and watch for the events to unfold. No matter what, here we are…..still united and holding the line because we know what the alternative would lead us to if we didn’t. We have heard that some folks have drifted away and maybe we even let some doubts seep in ourselves but then something deep inside whispers “hold the line” and we tighten our grip and pray until the doubts dissipate. I have noticed that sometimes when we feel our grip start to slip we feel a hand on ours until we can feel our own grip tightening once again. THAT is what keeps us united as a family… but not just any family…. as a very unique and patriotic family that was chosen by God because He knew we would always strengthen one another. I have witnessed this unity strengthen more and more each day but recently it has taken on a very united and determined personality of its own. We may have started out as General Flynn’s digital warriors but because of our love, passion and devotion we have become this very amazingly strong and fierce frog warrior family. I am so very proud to be fighting alongside the most amazing warriors that ever lived. Think about it….look at the members in this family….we are scattered all across the globe. We don’t ask what nationality, or what race, or what religion, or sexual preference. We stand strong because we are united in the same focused mission. We stand strong in truth because we know that we all were chosen at this time in history to unite the world by playing our part in eliminating evil. We are fighting for freedom. This is a very atypical war with atypical weapons. Our weapons are truth and fact. The enemy’s weapons are deceit and lies. Every single one of you truly is a hero. You helped accomplish what was once thought of as an impossible task. So, lets acknowledge that this IS our time in history…That we are indeed God’s chosen to reintroduce the truth to not only our kids, grandkids but all future generations. Yes, we are the ones that are paying a pretty nasty price by being the chosen warriors but we all do it selflessly because we love our family, friends, mankind and particularly God. We know that we are fighting this war because evil has reigned too long. We know our sacrifices will bring freedom to all of mankind. So we fight on even when we are totally exhausted. We fight on because we don’t like the alternative. Yes, we know we win. How could we not??? We have God and his mighty angels leading us. We Have become strong warrior F.R.O.G.s and fully reliant on God. Our most powerful weapon is the fact that we do know God is not only leading us but protecting us so strap on your Armor of God and let’s take this mission to the finish line and into the Light. The best is yet to come. WWG1WGA. God bless you all!!! I love you all!!! You will never stand alone again. We are united forever.

Mar ❤️💚❤️ 12/13/21

Posted by MaryAnn Chambers

Get smart on what is happening around us…dig, research, listen, spend time understanding and then please share the truth with people who you know and fight back against the health tyranny being imposed on our nation.

We will win this. The MSM are imploding left and right because of their disgusting behavior and their constant lies…the information war is an intellectual component of the struggle we’re in to save America (thus saving the free world!). The other components are physical, emotional all surrounded by the spiritual component of this war being waged against our constitutional rights.

God and our faith are being ripped out of the fabric and soul of the United States. I’m not having any of it, I pray you won’t either.

Stay strong, be fearless, take the harder right path and never give up 💪🏼🙏🏼🇺🇸

General Mike Flynn

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