August 2022

If you see a channel sending a Direct Message, It’s spam/fraud/phishing.

Block User and Delete.

How can you recognize a Direct Message? The first time it’s sent by the scammer, it has “ADD CONTACT” and “BLOCK USER”

Here , The channel, The Prisoner’s Record, is sending a member a personal message (PM) or direct message (DM). Channels cannot send a Direct Message to a user. It is fake!


Where does AOC get her marxist “marching orders” from? She’s much too stupid to come up with her staged nonsense spectacles all by herself.

These Biden creatures knowingly lie about everything right into the public faces expecting their lies to be perceived as facts. Their patent contempt for The People knows no bounds.

A day is coming where it won’t seem so idiotic to publicly approve of Q’s message and to assert that Trump is behind the drops 117%. When it does come, and it will, it’s going to feel so good.

It got dark and foggy but we never gave up hope because the Q proofs were unassailable and our faith was rock solid. We aren’t at the finish line yet but I know we have many victories to celebrate soon.

For those who held the line throughout this entire precipice:

I salute you.


During the Covid “pandemic” children stopped going to well visits and getting their yearly vaccines- and SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) plummeted.

Let that sink in.

SIDS and SADS are caused by vaccines 💉☠️💉

Pass it on



“I have sworn upon the altar of god, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.”

~ Thomas Jefferson

Biden’s Press Secretary says people who voted for Donald Trump are “a threat to our democracy, to our freedom, to our rights.”

Meanwhile, the Biden regime is siccing the FBI on political opponents, raiding Donald Trump’s home and labeling all of his 74 million+ supporters as threats

Seems all the unconstitutional alphabet agencies are all Crown Globalist WEF NWO operatives. Common Sense dictates they all should not only be abolished but these operatives need be prosecuted for treason crimes and high crimes against We The People of the United States and The World.

God is all there really is, everything else is a delusion. Ockham’s Razor to a “T”! And all you really need to know…..

Just another twisted narrative by a DS psycho-political MSDNC Mockingbird; and, just what you’d expect!

There is absolutely “No Benefit” from this genocidal VAX Kill Shot. It’s a 100% liability physically and psychologically. This VAX is doing exactly what it is genetically engineered to do: make people insane diseased sick maimed and dead. And, it’s working just as we can see, and what we see is a tyranny of premeditated genocide. “They” can spin this anyway to the moon and back and it still is what it is as a matter of real world forensic facts.

The Office of Special Counsel handles government whistleblower complaints. This video from their YouTube channel explains the whistleblower process. Note what the official says at the very end of the video about attempts to prevent whistleblowers from discussing their concerns with members of Congress.

Full video🔗

Now I’m finding more and more I’m being blocked from posting comments on very interesting channels and sites. These are channels and sites that are aligned with initiatives that I’m in support of – but certain items of the Truth seem to be “inconvenient facts” needing to be “censored” even by those so passionate about the Truth – which makes for a very paradoxical situation. This is a psycho-political arena on all sides as it’s a Deep State political battle that’s playing out for which Truth is about accessory facts!

Appears “The Enemy” has captured the leadership of all the United States Military. The bioweapon genocidal VAX “Kill Shot” is a patent symbol for “The Enemy Within the Gates”. What’s next?

Stockholm Syndrome:

People will go to great lengths to defend a fraud rather than admit that they were wrong and duped.

Criminally demented DS impostor Joe Biden “the puppet” mumbling and babbling incoherent seditious nonsense. Dementia has some very weird beginnings and endings!

Appears “The Enemy” has captured the leadership of all the United States Military. The bioweapon genocidal VAX “Kill Shot” is a patent symbol for “The Enemy Within the Gates”. What’s next?

What’s considered “Top Secret” to the “Deep State” (Crown Globalist NWO Cabal) is any official (or unofficial) document that reveals and exposes Deep State agents crimes and high crimes against the US Constitutional Republic. It’s that simple. had this entire story two years ago. And even “conservative” outlets like Fox News teamed up with Twitter and Facebook and CNN to suppress the whole thing.

Because just like with our liberal elites, for “mainstream” conservative news outlets, the truth is absolute poison.

If the people really understood how their rulers lived, there would be blood in the streets.

“The horror of it is unimaginable”

-Dr Chriastiane Northrup

The Jab completely destroys men and women’s reproductive systems 💉😔 ☠️



Killing the kids was part of Herr Dr. Fauci’s plan. Herr Dr. Fauci is a thoroughly premeditated scum of the Big Pharma Industry and the WEF/WHO Agenda 2030 for the world. Diseased Maimed and Death are all dynamic parts of Herr Dr. Fauci’s plan.

Well, after all this is said and done Donald J. Trump’s gonna have a whole lot of explaining to do over the genocidal VAX “Kill Shots” that he is taking all the credit for in his “Operation Warp Speed” initiative. “Operation Warp Speed was a public–private partnership initiated by the United States government to facilitate and accelerate the development, manufacturing, and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, therapeutics, and diagnostics.” —Wiki. Now, what are we to make of this?

Criminally demented impostor Joe Biden “the puppet” said that a long time ago. Is he now “repeating himself” or what? Dementia has some very weird beginnings and endings!

He’s an evil man: Dr Fauci must be held accountable.

Dr Paul Marik: “Anthony Fauci has committed crimes against humanity. And that goes back decades, starting with HIV. He experimented on young women in Africa, giving them sterilizing vaccines without their consent. He experimented on orphaned black children in New York. He’s an evil man, he has no morals, and I think he’s exploited this pandemic for his own benefit and self-interest. And you know what ? He must be held accountable.”

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Well a statement that the VAX is 95% “effective” is a flat out lie – unless, we don’t understand what is meant, in this case, by “effective”. 95% Effective to what end? Now that’s the real question!

Big Pharma stocks are #1 on the market replacing Household a few years ago. All the “In Crowd” hold Big Pharma Stocks. Although the quoted 1 mil is peanuts to DJT. Still there is a much bigger picture to take into consideration in this. I followed the “Limits to Growth” and “ZPG” (Zero Population Growth) initiatives and started researching AIDS HIV as the first cases came into Maine Medical Center while I was working there circa 1985-6? Herr Dr Fauci was in on the cultivation of the AIDS HIV “epidemic” way back then. This VAX episode has been a long time in the making and many high level individuals in the know know something more about it.

Another food processing facility has caught on fire. Getting a little suspicious now.

Big coincidence? Don’t you know that Bill Gates now owns a large number of farms in the United States? He has been quietly buying every farm he could for several years.

90% of the things we see on mainstreammedia didn’t happen by accident. All planned and thought trough We’re being played so hard. Most don’t even see it

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Jean-Pierre whoever is a portrait of the Biden Disease. Treason (lying & deception) with Criminal Dementia. When oh when will the Truth put an end to this malignant insanity?

FBI got exposed again for not following proper procedure to get presidential records back. They can’t conduct a raid, the Nationl Archive have to file a civil procedure.

What a brilliant sting operation to catch all the swamp creatures in the FBI, DOJ, National Archive and exposing that corrupt Judge (Reinhart).

The Deep State has a new tactic- admit the vaxx is deadly- and blame it all on Trump. 💉☠️💉

When MSM openly admit the Vaxx is dangerous, and people realize they were literally tricked into poisoning themselves, they may react violently. This narrative is a blatant attempt to turn people against Trump and stir up another J6 scenario and mass civil unrest.

This would give the Deep State the excuse they need for another lockdown and more stolen elections.

Playbook known.

Hopefully the National Guard will be brought in though to restore peace.




It is possible to turn petroleum fuel into “Clean Energy” without destroying the economy and the environment with a “Green New Deal”. This “Green New Deal” is all about a Globalist Financial NWO Tyranny. The “Green New Deal” is the opposite of “Clean Energy” as it defaces the natural world and clutters the landscape with trash that destroys wildlife and ecological habitats.

All of these deaths are from August 2022.

This “Died Suddenly” Phenomenon is the worst Genocide in human history. I honestly believe that we haven’t seen anything yet, 2023 is going to be insane. The genocide is just getting started.

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Tsunami of dead is about to arrive. If you have some relatives and friends who have had at least one of the injections, I think you should view them as if they had just been diagnosed with a terminal illness.

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With an honest media, the American public would be most advanced, well-educated group of people on the face of the planet.

The media is absolutely the biggest threat facing America.

Wokeism is an “implanted” insanity designed to destroy the social and cultural heritage of morality ethics social decency and common sense. It’s psychological warfare and must be recognized for its malignancy.

Truth is a Divine Principle. And, it demolishes the deception which is the current order of the day. The “Plan” is primarily a legally controlled exposition and prosecution of the treason (betrayal of the common trust) and criminality (crimes against The People and Humanity) through the Constitutional Standards (as was intended by the Founding Fathers (and Mothers) of the Constitutional Republic. There’s nothing wrong or even outdated in the original Constitution the problem being that it has never been fully applied or maintained by a just Constitutional Assembly. Obviously this is an extremely complex affair today and the province of Military Intelligence. This is what we see unravelling currently.

I’m curious as my factual VAX postings on Truth Social are getting censored or flagged as “Sensitive Content” read at your own risk – treatment. So, apparently the real truth about the killer jab is a “sensitive” issue even on DJT’s Truth Social platform. Definitely a psycho-political game being played out across the aisles!


Look at that reaction from Kash when news breaks that Special Agent Tim Thibault was escorted from FBI Headquarters 😮

Kash on Thibault: “Thibault is a perfect example of a guy who repeatedly got promoted for running and working on corrupt prosecutions and investigations: Russiagate, Hillarygate, Hunter Biden laptop, Whitmer. This guy was promoted into superior positions for failing to do his job. But worse, probably intentionally lying and breaking the law.”

So much WINNING! 💥

The fired agent who was just escorted out of the FBI headquarters is the person who got the FBI to do a Raid on a home, Mar-a-Lago, that has “stirred” the World and created anger and hostility toward the FBI and DOJ the likes of which have perhaps never been seen in our Country before. The “Special Agent” In Charge of the unprecedented and unnecessary Raid and Break In of Mar-a-Lago, who concealed the partisan nature of evidence to secure the FBI’s approval to open an investigation into the 45th President in the first place, was also involved in the hiding and suppressing from the Public and the Media, the “Laptop from Hell,” the 2020 Presidential Election Scam, and so much more!

“The FBI Special Agent who opened the investigation into former President Donald Trump’s alleged mishandling of ‘classified’ documents has resigned and was escorted out of the bureau’s headquarters, according to reports surfacing on Monday afternoon.”

From the Becker article above ^ 😬


The CV19/VAX attack was inevitable. It needed to be exposed in real world terms so that The People (World Wide) understood it – and at least for future generations. We are in a War and have been for some time now. This is how the War is being fought and there is the very real numbers of casualties.


ORLANDO, FL – Several concerned active-duty military officers have compiled a comprehensive report with a sample of service members who have been significantly injured by the COVID shot as a result of being forced and threatened by the Department of Defense. This report has been sent to members of Congress from December 7, 2021, through August 22, 2022, requesting an immediate investigation of the harmful effects that the COVID shot mandates are having on service members.


BOOM! Stephen Miller, former advisor to @realDonaldTrump tells the world that Joe Biden is running the world’s largest child smuggling operation! ~ 40_Head (Truth Social)

“Joe Biden’s decision to resettle all unaccompanied illegal minors from beyond Mexico in the United States, and to place them with unvetted adult sponsors, makes him and his party in Congress responsible for the largest child smuggling epidemic in human history…”

The destruction of our Country would never have occurred if our sacred votes were not STOLEN in November of 2020.

If we look like a Third World Country, it’s because we lost our Sovereignty!


I’ve been “catching on” for over 70 years now. It’s refreshing to see a plan to turn the tide of NWO corruption. What we want to see is massive numbers of others “catching on” – this is the essence of the “mystery”!


We can fix the economy.

We can secure the border.

We can stop crime.

We can easily create policies that help Americans.

But in order to save America, Republicans must be fearless and gut our institutions and agencies of wokeness and political corruption.


Meanwhile in Roanoke, TEXAS, a pedo drag queen ‘kid friendly’ show went ahead.

Antifa were there protecting the event armed with AR15’s.

Because they are paedophiles too.


Clashes between Shiite militias and security forces and rival militias occurred throughout the day in the Green Zone in Baghdad. So far today, more than 15 people have been killed.

Baghdad airport suspends all flights.


The Chinese Communist Party has stolen identities from our kids and trade secrets from our businesses. They are committing genocide against their own people and are arming themselves for war. We need to wake up and take this threat seriously.


Iraqi Sadrists supporters have been inspired by the protestors in Sri Lanka: They’re swimming in the Republican Palace in Baghdad after storming it.


Spit Ball

Trump’s latest Truth

Message to the normies

The Counterinsurgency manual describes a strategy where you turn the population against the insurgency.

This Truth by Trump is directed right at the normies.

It hits several targets at once preparing the normies for what’s coming.

He’s setting the table.

First, he slams the corrupt FBI.

What’s about to happen?

The corrupt members of the FBI that helped frame Trump for Obama and Hillary are finally about to be indicted.

FISA is the start.

Hey McCabe, you sleeping much?

Second, he ties it to the stolen election.


Because it’s all connected. These aren’t isolated incidents, it is a massive conspiracy involving many people in and out of government.

The normies don’t know that.

Third, he mentions that the amount of fraud has never been seen before in our country’s history.


Fourth, it will require a REMEDY that is also unprecedented.

Who decides REMEDIES?


Fifth, he offers the normies two solutions as a REMEDY, already knowing which one is coming. He wants the normies to see this at the very minimum is about the peoples right to vote not about him.

Sixth, declares a new vote, the REMEDY should happen IMMEDIATELY.

Message to us?

It’s coming quickly. It’s right around the corner.

The “Dark Principalities” who have been dominating human affairs on this planet for many thousands of years have been and are now playing the human race like “Nero’s Fiddle” and will continue to do so until they are exposed, recognized, and stopped. We are rapidly reaching the “Precipice” of this Final World War. It’s time for The People to know all the facts for it is also the Final Judgement. To know or not to know – that is the question!

There’s an even bigger event pending “out there” in reality. Dave Troy appears to be Deep State actor. “They” know as well as any what the real pending “Big Event”s are. Everyone in the know is obviously “positioning” for this. Many of The People know this as well. And the band plays on and on and on – infinitum! Well, maybe not infinitum….. we shall see!

Petroleum was/is meant to be used. A whole lot of life on this planet has given this to us with its blessings. Lithium pits are an ongoing travesty that shows how hypocritical insidiously dishonest and criminal these “Climate Change” so called “Greenies” are in reality.

To: Deirder Croston @ g mail .com

Re: Truth Social

It seems that you are my only follower from the start. Some of my posts are being censored with “sensitive content” warnings although my content is 100% on the mark. 

Perhaps you can explain?



Exactly so. And the U.S. Citizen Taxpayers are going to take the hit. God Save The Queen – and all that rot!


“So now it comes out, conclusively, that the FBI BURIED THE HUNTER BIDEN LAPTOP STORY BEFORE THE ELECTION knowing that, if they didn’t, “Trump would have easily won the 2020 Presidential Election.” This is massive FRAUD & ELECTION INTERFERENCE at a level never seen before in our Country. REMEDY: Declare the rightful winner or, and this would be the minimal solution, declare the 2020 Election irreparably compromised and have a new Election, immediately!” — DJT


Man gets monkeypox, COVID-19 and HIV at the same time.

Does this mean, VERY Safe & VERY Effective Experimental ‘Therapies’ are working, IF a recipient gets C19, HIV & Monkeypox at the same time?

Follow: @Covid19vaccinevictims

There is absolutely no benefit from this genocidal VAX Kill Shot. It’s a 100% liability physically and psychologically. This VAX is doing exactly what it is genetically engineered to do – make people insane diseased maimed and dead. And it’s working just as we can see.


SEN COTTON: Democrats are using law enforcement and other tools of the Administrative State to harass and persecute their opponents… it goes back years, Lois Lerner at the IRS persecuting Tea Party organizations, and now they want to hire 87,000 more IRS agents


But but but….. Durham’s got it all anyway. Right? FBI and EO just exposing themselves by these actions. Problem is there’s no uncorrupted body with any power to leverage in prosecution of these traitors and criminals who are now controlling the CIA FBI DOJ the FED and its IRS. Where is that just power going to come from? Still a mystery!


Now you see why they had to do the raid? To seize the declassified evidence of their involvement in illegally spying on Trump and Flynn. Time to crank up the lumens on the roaches!!!


How about we start by stopping the fire bombing of these economic life support facilities? We know it’s “Whitmer’s People” who are causing these catastrophic events! Put these psycho-political orchestrated “fires” out at their source…..


21 millions residents locked down in Chengdu city of China to the point of starvation and you can hear some screaming out the window at night in despair.

Follow me @Emerald_Robinson

They were not testing nitrogen levels in Saskatchewan. They are poisoning water supply with anthrax trying to kill cattle.

The marxist (psycho-political) Demonicrats and their RINO space buddies are MSDNC cultivated to lie and deceive with gaslighted projection of their criminal minds onto their political targets. To these criminally minded creatures this is an expression of a dialectic process. Lying and deception is their MO. This is what they do 1 for 1 and they call it political science.

We need more doctors to find the courage to speak.

A 1000 cheers to these good Drs speaking out, and following their oath to “Do No Harm”. Hope exponentially greater numbers will speak out as they become aware of VAERS data and all cause death rates showing how harmful these vaccines are.

Follow: @Covid19vaccinevictims

Kash reiterates that the FBI raid make Watergate look like the tea cup ride at Disney World.

“Now you have a six-year saga of criminal activity from Russiagate to the raid. It’s the same people who started and launched Russiagate that are now supervising and doing the Mar-A-Lago raid… And the mainstream media is covering and applauding it…

This same crew want to hide from the public the 40% of documents that Devin and I found during Russiagate but were unable to get out to the public. The documents that President Trump declassified….Stay tuned. All roads begin and end with Russiagate and I think we are going to be proven right.”

Are those documents coming soon? This reeks of panic.


And now I’m told Gregg Phillips has been saying early voting is Ok as long as you hand your ballot in personally yourself. It’s OK that Gregg and I disagree on this. By Election Day, the cheaters count all the early ballots and they get a baseline as to how many ballots they need to ‘find’ to put their candidate ahead. Of course, they still have to guesstimate how many in-person Election Day votes for the ‘wrong’ candidate are going to come in. And they sure got their ‘guesstimate’ wrong for the 3 key statewide races in the Arizona primaries a few weeks ago.


The poison death shots are an affront to God and His creation.

Encourage others to seek out God and turn away from devolved scum running scams at large pharmaceutical conglomerates as well as their jesters working at Corporate Disinformation Outlets.

Be fearless, and know that the all powerful and loving God is behind us always.

God wins.

Your body is intelligent. Source is also in your DNA. Speak and think kindly to yourself first before you can do that to others.

Loving your country and supporting Donald Trump is not “Semi-Fascism”

Semi-Fascism is weaponizing the state, raiding the home of your political opponent, heavily redacting the affidavit, and lying about it to a lapdog media that publishes every word without question.


To me, the thing that is worse than death is betrayal. You see, I could conceive death, but I could not conceive betrayal.

– Malcolm X

Demonic-Rats are surreal psycho-political projection artists – all well tried and tested over many decades now. And this followed up by mass hypnosis MSM gaslighted scripted narratives designed to maintain their criminal deceptions.

JOHN ROBERTS: Here’s the affidavit, page after page after page BLACKED OUT. We know what [happened], while we know nothing about why. We don’t know what led to the sudden urgency to take this unprecedented action [of the FBI raiding Mar-a-Lago]


After all the proven side effects, patent evidence of surveillance and gene editing technology, people that STILL choose to get vaccinated have terminal mass psychosis. You worship false gods of science, technology, and corrupt sociopathic governments and oligarchs.

Here are prevention and treatment protocols:


WHO says, “A tragic milestone: 1 million people died of Covid in 2022.”

And from sudden death syndrome?

Death after the vaccine?

Death from heart attack?

How many people suffered painful deaths after receiving this poisonous vaccine?

Follow: @Covid19vaccinevictims

“The alphabet soup of three and four letter agencies, funded with taxpayer dollars, have used their self-appointed, illegitimate authority to spy on Americans, propagandize enslaved people into believing they are free, and terrorize liberty loving Christians.

We recognize this is not a government representative of the people and it cannot stand.

We must disband and abolish the FBI and the CIA, as a start. I would also advocate for a total rethink of public health agencies. The political operatives in the CDC and the FDA must be arrested, and the agencies should be completely gutted, or just done away with.”

—-Stew Peters

That’s freak’n insidious – just the thought behind it – this is what “We” are up against. It’s Psych-Warfare on a “sophisticated” scale never seen before! You’ve got to really have your head in shape and focused enough to see through it to the evil behind this “stuff” – it’s really sickening to say the least……

Pull the string down on the “old guard” and you will encounter non-human “principalities” so where this “deconstruction” ends still remains a mystery as yet incomprehensible to human relativity. Something is happening as prophesied!

As I recall the NAZI Doctor’s experiments on concentration camp prisoners involved development of pharmaceuticals such as sulfa drugs tested (treated) upon subjects that were cut open, all kinds of test garbage toxins closed within the wounds, and test drugs were administered as the infections grew inside these subjects to determine their effectiveness. In principle the CV19/VAX “operators” (doctors) are doing a similar thing with the VAX by dumping a toxic cocktail into the Global Population and testing the results for whatever “Their” agenda is. Not a very pretty picture or forecast for the future.

Today you can’t trust anything the established mainstream authorities say about anything (including the climate). Fact of the matter is that “Monkey Pox” is in the VAX itself (along with a whole catalog of very toxic elements). The “Monkey Pox” should be renamed the “VAX Pox” to correct all the “official” declarations. The common denominator of “VAX Pox” contagions is the VAX itself. All this official babbling about Gay Sex Bathhouses in NYC and gay sex being the source is an obvious diversion of premeditated misinformation intended to utterly confuse the public reality of “Adverse Reactions” to the VAX.

Criminally demented impostor Joe Biden side steps the U.S. Constitution every which way to China. Side stepping the U.S. Constitution is criminally demented impostor Joe Biden’s MO. (Actually criminally demented impostor Joe Biden is just a DS psycho-political puppet – so you know who it is that’s working his puppet strings).

Yes of course, how would you account for a personal malignancy born of the societal malignancies spawned within the moral sewers of our times? It’s just a matter of empirical fact! The malignancy crowd has no other experiential reality and they think their social malignancy is the “normal”. What are we going to do about that?

Lawffense! RINOs are now on notice for defaming and canceling Patriots for exercising their peaceful, patriotic, legal, moral and ethical duty to push back against a CCP-backed capture of our national private institutions, federal government and several States in participation with witting and unwitting Democrats and RINOs.

Listen in on how we compel RINOs into retracting their position on the events of J6 or be convicted by patriots, similar to what was done to: the McCain, Cheney dynasties for participating in the J6 cover up committee:

Liz Cheney in Wyoming-convicted

Jaime Herrera Beutler in Washington-convicted

Rusty Bowers, Doug Ducey, Mark Brnovich in Arizona-Convicted

Larry Hogan and his anointed one in Maryland-Convicted

Pence Lackey Jake Corman in Pennsylvania-Convicted

Pence Lackeys in WI and Michigan were convicted as well in the primary

Now we have the Remnants of the Bush, Romney, Paul Ryan and Mike Pence lackeys to mentor and if they refuse mentorship, we will convict and remove them, as well.

Here is the path, lawffense and reverse cancelling:

Retirement Won’t Save Fauci From Being Investigated

“Unless Dr. Fauci decides to seek asylum in some foreign country whose Powerball jackpot is 287 chickens and a goat, and therefore, which won’t enforce a subpoena from the United States Congress. Then, Dr. Fauci, retirement or not, is going to be spending a lot of time in front of a congressional committee and committees if Republicans take back control.”

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BREAKING: Democrat Senator Raphael Warnock (GA) spent over $61K in Campaign Funds on Child Support payments to ex-wife he ran over with his car

He is up for RE-election in November and is facing Republican candidate Herschel Walker.

DESANTIS: It’s unfair to have a truck driver have to pay back a loan for somebody that got a PhD in gender studies. That’s not right.

When Truth Social starts censoring The Truth & Truthful Comments & Chats then you really know what the real deal is. Controlled Opposition & Mind Controlling Psycho-Political Dialectics is a pan-determined “fixed game” being played out by the Ruling Principalities of The Millennial Established Powers that Be – that much one can be certain of.

JUST IN – Putin signs a decree to increase the Russian armed forces by 137,000 to 1.15 million.

“To establish the staff strength of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in the amount of 2,039,758 units, including 1,150,628 military personnel,” the new decree says.


Now the Satanic Crown Globalist WEF WHO “Royal Elites” (directorates) want to spade and neuter the human population just like “They” do with domesticated animals and pets – (all of God’s Living Creations). This is precisely what we see!

Lin Wood Stock up between now and September 11 on food, water, and other essentials. We stop doing business with the tyrants on September 11. This is NOT a one day STRIKE on September 11. This is a STRIKE that we must be prepared to continue until we bring the tyrants to their knees. It will take courage and sacrifice. But courage is contagious and we must rely upon our communities to help alleviate any suffering of others. I believe our STRIKE FOR FREEDOM will spread across our nation. I believe our nation’s courage to STRIKE FOR FREEDOM will spread to the people in countries around the world. We can do this, Patriots. And there is more we can peacefully do. Stay with me _____________________

A template for how to go after the Clintons, Obama, their attorneys, and the media who assisted them in their crimes against the United States and We the People.

Scammers (impersonators) are godless creatures that have no common sense; no moral conscience or ethical sense of consequence. In short – self-deluded little malignant criminally insane psychopaths (aka marxists; an ego’s nihilist wet dream) being willfully ignorant as sin – they are in fact a human virus infecting the social order w/ their malicious psycho-pathological disease.

The marxist philosophy is a psycho-political dynamic application of Hegelian Dialectics = Thesis vs Anti-Thesis = Synthesis i.e. into the NWO. This is what is being played out in the ongoing WW3 and it’s really “heating up”! Good vs Evil….. here we go into an unimaginable future!

Well now with Herr Dr. Fauci’s “damage done” and “mission accomplished” Herr Dr. Fauci can retire with Dark Deep State advisor status with billons in misappropriated taxpayer funds. Taxpayers can now be exterminated all in due time. Well done Herr Dr. Fauci! Next Chapter should be Nuremberg 2.0. And now I hear Herr Dr. Fauci is going on speaking tours with a “book deal” in the works that will profit him all that much more. Who is going to stop this monster? It’s obvious as hell his mass crimes against humanity – that’s his agenda.

Lori, you don’t have the faintest idea of what you’re talking about. That much is very clear. The hardest process in treating someone who has been perceptually impaired from birth – i.e. blind – is getting them to realize that they are blind – they have no experiential concept of what it is to see and so anything one describes of visual perceptions is completely unreal to their conception of reality. That I was Blind but now I See – this is the testimony. There’s no way a chat with you would make any sense because you have no Perception of Truth which is beyond the sight of the seeing. You just don’t “see it”. And beyond that there is no way of explaining anything…..

I’m not “self-proclaiming” anything. Your self-delusion (ignorance) is impenetrable. As I say – you misunderstand everything I say and attribute things that have no part of it. That’s not me. Whatever you are imagining in your mind – that’s not me. So – go away in peace. This chat is going absolutely nowhere – although there are some that might agree. Goodnight Lori – sleep tight and sweet dreams……

Go with your God in peace Lori. You give no rational response so I must assume your God is irrational. That’s not a good sign. But, he! let Stew deal with it in The Lords Time.

I have contradicted absolutely nothing. You misunderstand what I say – that is your confusion – not mine. From what I can see none of you are actually literate of the scriptures or the history that they represent. There is no sense in attacking me for making an empirical observation. You have no understanding of whatever it is you are talking about. That’s your problem – not mine. As I said – go away in peace. As far as I can see you are just crazy. That is not contributing a wit to what needs to be done.

Lori get off you ego trip. It’s of the devil. Point of fact is nobody in this ridiculous chat understands a word I say. Satanic education TV and Movies has made you all crazy. Get a grip! Look up the word “Psychosis” and read the definition. The Word God is printed as a literary symbol. G.O.D. the letters are from the Phoenician alphabet which is all character symbols. What these symbols mean is the essential understanding in the minds of human kind. God is not a word. That’s a simple fact. The meaning of God is beyond human thoughts and words. This is from the scriptures. You must have been distracted or absent that day of school!

The marxist philosophy is a psycho-political dynamic application of Hegelian Dialectics = Thesis vs Anti-Thesis = Synthesis i.e. into the NWO. This is what is being played out in the ongoing WW3 and it’s really “heating up”! Good vs Evil….. here we go into an unimaginable future!

I don’t disagree with Stew. Stew is doing an amazing job. That’s why I’m subscribed to his channel. But this chat response began with criticism of my comment (s) (completely misunderstood) by a Luciferian. And look now what confused nonsense it has turned into! I’ve even lost track of where it started – perhaps just a “senior moment” and look how I am perceived – this is utterly ridiculous. Say no more and go in peace. Thank you…..

God is a word not God. What is your definition for that word? I guess you can imagine any definition for God you like. I’m just stating my definition and understanding of the word in the simplest and clearest terms. Perhaps that’s too “complicated” for you?

Seems Truth Social Media is labeling “Sensitive Content” – why is that? Who is doing that? Tell me the Truth now!

God is Truth and Omniscience – All Knowing and all that can be known – by humans or demons. It is axiomatic to the Perception of Truth. All knowledge or the ability to know comes from God. Got nothing to do with Gurus, Ascended Masters, or Lucifer.

Correction: Seems Truth is labeling “Sensitive Content” in reaction to the Truth. Pray tell – why is that? Who is doing this labeling? Tell me the Truth now!

Go in peace child. My statement is very clear. I don’t live inside my own head. I live in the spirit of knowing (all sides of the story). Why would I need to live inside your head to know anything? That’s the very first clue……

Because it (the “unknown cause of death) is the genocidal VAX “Kill Shot”? These genocidal psychopaths don’t want you to know that so they make up exotic inexplicable stuff to deceive their victims. There is no doubt whatsoever that is it!

I don’t “believe” I know. It’s a matter of perception not belief. You can believe whatever you want. I don’t have a problem with that. You have no idea what I know – that’s simply a matter of fact. God is my Truth. I just point out the obvious to anyone with some common sense.

OK, you stay on the fence and watch the world burn. Whoever is exposing the satanic destruction of my country is my champion. Those who can’t choose between deception and the Truth are only sabotaging the future.

“Normally mortified by showing my face like this, however one of the many side effects of the Pfizer jab, I will. I have NEVER had this happen to me before. My immune system is losing it! What was in it??! Why did they do this to us??!😭 “

I recognise your bravery and your courage to speak out like this. Mind yourself and I hope you make a full recovery soon.


Follow: @Covid19vaccinevictims

The WEF WHO Big Pharma Bill Gates Anthony Fauci the human race population at large is an experimental bonanza with tremendous profits to be made promoting and cultivating disease to be exploited to the max while depopulating the planet. “They” have nothing but contempt for Human Divinity.

This (The VAX) is one of the ways big pharma stimulates future business and profits for the health care industry. Don’t mean to be crude here but “they” have been doing this premeditatedly for decades.

The CDC finally admitted that we were right this entire time. They shut down your business, they got you fired from your job, they caused prices to skyrocket and they got people to take an experimental drug…Never forget what they did.

Herr Dr. Fauci is an international criminal. There’s an international tribunal prosecuting his case. Herr Dr. Fauci is complicit world wide in premeditated and actual crimes against humanity (and other living creatures). All the complicit traitorous criminal psycho-politicians currently inhabiting Congress and the WH certainly will obstruct prosecution but by their acts you will know them!

Now where would you go to research to answer your question? Everything that’s being exposed reflects on earlier elections – to wit – all the traitorous criminals that have been occupying the Congress and Whitehouse for many many many decades now. Assassination is one of those means of control that’s been used pretty liberally in the past. There’s a whole catalog of ways and means to control and steal elections. The evidence is abundantly “out there”. I was 13 when JFK was assassinated along with many other charismatics – we scoured the FOIA materials until Bush Sr closed the door to public research on this information. You have to do your own homework! Otherwise, well the definition of willful ignorance applies.

Dr. Zev Zelenko @ZelenkoProtocol was a good, honest man who was right about everything with Covid. He was and is a TRUE HERO.

Dr. Fauci is a liar and that has been wrong about everything in regards to Covid. He is and will always be an ARROGANT MONSTER.

Thank you to everyone here for following the HERO and completely rejecting the MONSTER.

We must NEVER forget this!

Big Events World Wide are Inevitable including the ELEs that are coming. The elites are “positioning” themselves. Remember “The Flood”? (The Younger Dryas Event). Today’s psycho-politics is literally an “Evil Clown” show. Unfortunately we will need to see it through however this “Evil Clown” show presents itself to parochial realities.

The Elections were controlled before and after the CIA assassination of JFK (and so many others) – also especially evident in the Gore Jr and Bush Jr the Retard election leading up to 9/11. So, now we have an opportunity to expose the election scam fraud that’s been in play forever. It will be what it will be!

Well, unfortunately, Trump is the only show in town. This psycho political circus will play out inevitably as it must. Perhaps those who survive will be better informed by it all. Humanity is a “Storybook” mentality. What we see in current events is a story playing out. View discretion is advised!

Dr. Fauci operated in the shadows for most of his 38 years as the Director of NIAID. But once COVID was released, President Trump put him front and center for the whole world to see just how corrupt he & our infectious disease institutions were.

We experienced firsthand that the taxpayer-funded institutions that were supposed to be protecting the public, are in fact actively working to harm us via bioweapons & dangerous vaccinations.

We have President Trump to thank for exposing all of this.

Well now with Herr Dr. Fauci’s “damage done” and “mission accomplished” Herr Dr. Fauci can retire with Dark Deep State advisor status with billons in misappropriated taxpayer funds. Taxpayers can now be exterminated all in due time. Well done Herr Dr. Fauci! Next Chapter should be Nuremberg 2.0.

I was considering that very concept today. This is a trans humanist agenda as you say it’s about those who survive the jabs and that can tolerate all the perverted stuff that these jabs are putting into their bodies. Reminds me of the NAZI camps experiments that resulted in the pharmaceutical corporations currently in vogue.

I have never trusted Chuck Grassley as he has the same demeanor of public deception that characterizes Mike Pence and the rest of the criminal elitist psycho political crony crowd in Congress. Two faced with affected PR narratives for public display. We shall see!

The original Cyber Symposium was under a considerable threat alert – as I heard it – and it needed to be shut down at the last moment. Since then the 2020 Election Fraud Exposure (election fraud has been in play WW for decades now) has gained significantly more ground leading to an upcoming SC decision tba. We are in the midst of an ongoing WW3 and I don’t believe anything that’s happening is a “mistake” or an “accident”.

Deep Six all of these traitorous CNN and MSDNC MSM (CIA) Mockingbird Fake News (Liars) purveyors of premeditated and scripted Misinformation Disinformation Public Misdirection Deep State Propaganda Networks.

These WEF styled creatures are all Prince Philip’s “chosen ones” and they all know the name of his “virus” (VAX) game plan for the world (genocidal population reduction and control with his depopulation dream scheme).

Evil Filthy Cockroach (Herr Dr. Fauci even gives cockroaches a bad name) – what’s to be done with criminal psychopath like Fauci? How about 5 doses of his genocidal VAX all at the same time? There’s no way Herr Dr. Fauci or any of his demonic cronies took the VAX as they would know the genocidal facts.

Re: Darya Dugina Car Bombing.The Russians know best how to play this game on a ‘precision tactical’ level. Personally I think it’s time for “Elensky” to go “up in flames” along with many others of his ilk. Unfortunately this means that WW3 is heating up all that much faster.

See why they are picking on Dugin now?

“Alexander Dugin’s The Great Awakening vs the Great Reset is an open declaration of war against the twin diseases of liberalism and Western political modernity. Dugin calls upon the inhabitants of the Heartland to relentlessly attack, on all theoretical and practical fronts, the global elites of the coastlands, who try to impose their perverse, anti-human ideals by ruthlessly eradicating the long-standing cultures and traditions of all peoples in the world.

The demented usurper Joe Biden and his slavish Democrat acolytes are opposed by the Trumpists, who represent normal America and do not want to see their country submerged in a one-world, transhumanist dystopia.

..pitting the forces of righteous anger, those who want to preserve traditions and the true richness of human diversity, against the Antichrist and his Soros-backed minions of insidious degeneracy and evil, who want to erase all bonds and communities – down to the human race itself”

The FBI’s political targeting of President Trump is the same type of thing they did to MLK.

They always abuse their power to take down their political enemies.


The CDC is an instrument of mass deception (treason) and psychological warfare in concert with biological and chemical warfare waged against The People. The CDC is guilty of massive (genocidal) crimes committed against The People.

Increasing “Monkey Pox” cases. Doesn’t have anything to do with the gay sex community; it’s the WHO CDC MSM networks misdirection misinformation and disinformation, it’s the “VAX Pox” in reality; in other words it’s in and from the VAX itself as well as AIDS causing “adverse reactions” that can appear after many months or years later as the VAX gradually degrades the human body’s autoimmune system. All these CDC “diversions” are premeditated misdirections to cover up and confuse the public reality of these VAX “Kill Shots”.

The Enemy has infiltrated all areas of the government and the MIC. Destruction of the US Military is being engineered by this Enemy as it controls US senior positions (and US generals). The VAX are is a Bio-weapon. It is being used along with CRT (psych warfare) to destroy the US Military. How much clearer does it get?

DJT didn’t make a mistake regarding CV19 vaccinations. The entire planet is currently well into World War Three (as planned by the Crown Globalist powers that be for centuries) being fought with irregular unrestricted asymmetric warfare tactics and there was no way to stop this BIO VAX foray worldwide with deeply imbedded (MSM / CIA Mockingbird) psychological warfare. In this war mass casualties must be expected as we now see. All of this had to be exposed through real world scenarios (battles). DJT promoted and did what he had to do – sacrifices are inevitable and necessary. We are being prepared for much worse to come. It had to be done this way.

Gov Newsom is an elitist criminal psycho-path – a psycho-political pathogen. Nothing healthy about Newsom – his words are merely demonic psycho-babbling.

Well, these VAX demons would prefer 6 billion people dead from their genocidal VAX agenda but I guess 12 million dead (and counting) is good enough for starters!

IRS = Crown Globalist WEF “Bank-robbers” stealing from you and me! Welcome to the Wild Wild West!

You don’t really “take on the Deep State” – you expose it and attractive 20 something females are instinctively good at exposing these Deep State Demons as their MO is to hide behind a veneer of legitimacy when they are all illegitimate as hell.

Bill Barr is a Fake. A hypocrite and a coward. We are advised these characters are simply playing out their parts, but there is no way Bill Barr doesn’t know the facts and the truth even though he pretends not to know, like, anything really. Obviously just another pile of judicial gobbledegook with no real integrity.

Criminal Lying Clowns will be Clowns in any event. Hobbs knows she is a criminal liar and her lies can not withstand the Truth! Hobbs is The Circus as a matter of fact.

It’s all a mass distraction at the most critical time in history WTF are you all carrying on with this utterly unproductive nonsense? Whenever this chaos and distraction is promulgated there’s an evil agenda hanging around in the shadows.

I’ll take Russian State Media legitimacy over “USA Inc.” MSDNC MSM (CIA) Mockingbird Fake News and DS Propaganda Networks any day of the week.

It’s a “no brainer”!

Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke with French President Emmanuel Macron. According to the Kremlin, Putin accused Ukraine of bombing the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant, which he said could have produced a “large-scale catastrophe.” The two agreed on the need to send a team from the International Atomic Energy Agency to the location

Criminally demented mentally incapacitated cognitively impaired Joe Biden is really a worthless target – a DS “decoy” – a puppet. It’s his “handlers” who are the real enemy of the people. But we all knew that…….

Every single “drop box” and “polling station” needs to be monitored (personal witnesses) by Patriots in the coming elections.

The United States government is running the biggest child trafficking organization in the history of the world.

Re: The FBI. That would be treasonous DS agents of “USA Inc.” (A Crown Globalist NWO Corporation as the criminal psycho-political “tyranny” currently “occupying” the Capital with The DS CIA MSDNC MSM FED IRS FBI Capital Police along with all its infiltrated “FEDERAL” agencies and all their nihilistic “marxist” minions)

Russia is as it always has been an ally of the United States Constitutional Republic. Sovereign America and Sovereign Russia have a common enemy = Crown Globalist NWO WEF and their Neo-Nazi terrorists and their Agenda to destroy all sovereign nations. The Crown Globalist propaganda is an gaslighted projection / inversion of the Truth. Ukraine Neo-Nazis are the ones committing terrorist war crimes against humanity – Russian military ops are strictly tactical (professional) operations.

As I understand it this world is due for another cosmic storm of ELE’s the last time around most of the human race was extinguished in the era of The Great Flood. The Elites will exploit the general population while securing their “safe havens” while the rest of the human population perishes in the storm. One must wonder about all the human dramas that are playing out in the “last days”. I’m not worried about death. Most everyone I have known has died. My lingering question is what comes after death.

The Choice. Deception or Truth. Truth is a Divine Principle – let it be your guiding light!

The Elites have an agenda of exploitative genocide of all the “peasants” (citizens) to exploit their VAX implanted diseases sickness and eventual death. One must appreciate the depth of their evil depravities. How “monstrous” does it get?

Tomorrow, I will introduce the Protect Children’s Innocence Act to criminalize the child abuse that many call “gender-affirming care.”

My legislation would immediately make it a felony to subject children to puberty blockers or horrific “sex change” genital surgeries.

It also blocks all taxpayer-funding for these barbaric procedures, bans colleges from teaching it, and prohibits foreign aliens who commit these appalling acts from entering the U.S.


TUCKER: Euphemisms are everywhere, the latest is “gender affirming care.” What is that exactly? It is the sexual mutilation of children. Boston Children’s Hospital alone performed 65 double mastectomies on children. They bragged about it on YouTube

Soros-backed Massachusetts U.S. Attorney Rachael Rollins issues official statement threatening Americans who are against the genital mutilation of children being done at Boston Children’s Hospital, calling such opposition a “hate crime”

Whatever it is it’s in the VAX; a side effect or “adverse reaction” of the VAX. All the rest is psycho-political theater.

The “Government” is supposed to be “We The People”. Unfortunately Judge Reinhart’s “Government” represents the traitors and criminals who have infiltrated the “Government” (under false pretenses) and are the on es who are guilty of all the crimes and treason that they “judiciously” project onto their psycho-political targets.

“Permanent” Washington Elite are Traitors and Criminals – in short “Psycho-Politicians” – They have all betrayed their Oath of Allegiance to the United States Constitution and they have betrayed their Oath of Allegiance to the American People. This much is obvious but there is so much more that is hidden. Expose them all for their high crimes. Question is what agency of government will prosecute these traitors and criminals?

BREAKING: CNN hack Brian Stelter says he is departing the network after it canceled his show “Reliable Sources” Good bye to this little squeaky puke!

Say goodbye to this little squeaky puke!

Some “agency” made Allen an offer he couldn’t refuse. It’s all for show. This demonic-rat “agency” is as criminal as criminal gets. It “projects” its crimes onto its psycho-political targets in “gaslighted” rants in order to smear them and as well to misdirect and deflect public media attention away from itself. This is how this DS malignancy works.

WEF – Announced it has recruited hundreds of thousands of “information warriors” to control the internet, policing social media & forums for “misinformation” & conspiracies which will then be shut down.

You will only know what they want you to know.



Joe Biden and Merrick Garland have weaponized the DOJ and FBI against their political opposition. This is what happens in third world countries, it isn’t supposed to happen in America.

Claim your gear now:

Stop pretending we have some sort of representative form of government in this country. We do not. What we have is a corporate government crime syndicate.

Yep. Now the Fed gov is denying adding 87,000 new armed IRS agents who are employed for one specific purpose: to attack you.

Where are the Obstruction Of Justice charges for election officials who destroyed ballots and deleted Election Management Systems?

How many of the people breaking windows and instigating on January 6th were hired or set up by the government?

How many of them were Antifa?

“They” only been telling you about this for 2000 years. Now we gonna see the light? It’s here and now. This is what is happening…

There is nothing more sinister than the Crown Globalist UN WEF WHO elitist agenda for the world. Nothing – including the Chinese who have been victims now for centuries…..

Treasonous Liz Cheney is a self-deluded elitist criminal psycho-path-politician which means in other words she’s ‘bat sh..t crazy’ – the problem is that these criminal psycho types think it’s The People who are as crazy and as willfully stupid as She is. An Abe Lincoln she is not…..

Tonight we all celebrate the END of the Corrupt Cheney Dynasty, which turned everything it touched into death, destruction, and corruption.

Bye bye! 🇺🇸

Proof that Antifa was behind 1/6 and no one else. Ray Epps was the FBI ring leader and Antifa were the foot soldiers

🇺🇸Join Us👉 @SGTnewsNetwork

They’re going all in on Trump being the ring leader of an increasingly dangerous domestic terror group and January 6 2021 was only the first of many supposedly coming attacks.

The problem is only the people still left inside their echo chamber are buying this.

The Whitmer kidnapping plot was an FBI special dirty trick and everyone knows January 6 was too. With a little help from their Ukrainian Nazi clients.

⚡️NUNES: “Congress is going to have to completely dismantle this entire wicked web that’s been spun over these many years…These people are psychopaths. And an end needs to be put to them.”

We need to #DefundTheFBI #FBIDEN #FBI-DEN



The CDC finally admitted that we were right this entire time. They shut down your business, they got you fired from your job, they caused prices to skyrocket and they got people to take an experimental drug…Never forget what they did.

SoCal area LA area etc. we are told there’s 8 mos of fresh water left for 40 million people living in this area. Restrictions being implemented on homeowners. Lake Powell & Lake Mead along Colorado River running dry as a bone. No one is being informed or prepared by the psycho-political powers that be or their mainstream mockingbird media. We are rapidly reaching the proverbial “precipice” & “point of no return”. That’s pretty clear to those that know what’s really going on.

Tucker just went SCORCHED earth on vaccine harm and VAIDS.

If you didn’t fall for the greatest personal psyop in history, pat yourself on the back.

Follow me @Emerald_Robinson

— Pfizer CEO: “by 2023 we will reduce the world population by 50%”

Schwab: “You are a purpose driven company”

Who will arrest these two men and set up a citizens court to try them for charges of premeditated mass murder?

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It’s truly amazing…once you are awakened, once you see all the lies and learn all the truth, it is very hard if not totally impossible to ever go back to what we once believed was our “normal”. When this war is over we get a clean slate to create a whole new world. Patience and believing are essential. Its actually very exciting for me although at times exasperating.

Ask yourself “How did I get here?” then “Why am I here?” (answer it factually starting w/ conception & birth). There are an “infinite number” of worlds & dimensional realities in The Universe. Earth circa 2022 is just one of them. The cosmic factors of “our” entanglements are being fully displayed in the context of “our” human relationships. The evil self appointed “elites” now dominating current events are unfathomable & incomprehensible to humanity’s common sense. Go figure it!

How “convenient”! All these treasonous criminal “elites” posing for their “mass mind controlling” social “norms” modeling & promoting all the WEF WHO tools for their population control and controlled depopulation “Agenda 2030”. Just do what they do and you’all will be “safe” (meaning dead) eventually.

CTCL is Zuckerberg funded.

It’s run by Obama’s election fraud engineer, David Plouffe, who wrote a book called A Citizen’s Guide on Beating Donald Trump. The book is basically about how they prepared to “win” in 2020.

Does the Chinese interference revealed by TTV take on a different tone now?

Konnech – CTCL (Plouffe/Zuckerberg/Obama) – China – FBI. This is bigger than 2000 Mules.

It almost definitely goes all the way to Obama. The “former president” coordinated with a foreign adversary in a time of war to seize control of the most powerful country in the history of the world.

These treasonous Crown Globalist Criminal psycho-political “Elite” (Crown Royal Aristocracy) have been running this cover story “Public Relations” scam & con (positioning themselves as some kind of public “democratic” heros) for centuries now. They have infiltrated themselves into official and entertainment history as the “Good Guys” when in fact they are the real “Bad Guys” of generic history.

Confirmed: At Least 20 Undercover FBI and ATF Were Embedded at Capitol on Jan. 6 Along with Several Undercover Capitol Police Agents

“The Afghanistan disaster of exactly one year ago was the most embarrassing, incompetent, and humiliating event in the history of the United States. Not the fact that we left, I was the one that got our soldier count down to 2 thousand in preparation for leaving, but the way we left, taking the military out first, 13 dead soldiers (with many badly injured), leaving many Americans behind, and giving the enemy over 85 Billion Dollars worth of the best military equipment in the world. So Sad!” —DJT

He gets a pass because he’s an FBI “operative” – and agent and as such is entitled to be “above the law” – that is when the treasonous criminal imposter administration – this criminal psycho-politics controls the law as it sees fit.

I’m not sure how often your typical IRS agent faces scenarios that require them to fire on a fellow American with deadly force, but apparently the Biden administration anticipates this being a more frequent occurrence than in the past. Why else would they need 87,000 new IRS employees while ordering another 750,000 rounds of ammunition … Continue reading “What is Biden administration trying to tell us with its recent violent actions against nonviolent Americans and hiring of 87K militarized IRS agents? – Leo Hohmann”

via Olive Tree Ministries – Headlines

Scammers are godless creatures that have no common sense; no moral conscience or ethical sense of consequence. In short – self-deluded little malignant criminally insane psychopaths (aka marxists; a nihilist’s wet dream) willfully ignorant as sin – they are in fact a human virus infecting the social order with their disease.

As far as I can see the UN WEF WHO CDC NIH Johns Hopkins with all the MSDNC MSM Mockingbird CIA DS “Mind Controlling” MK-Ultra scripted propaganda and fake news and social networks are, every one of them, premeditated liars and cons with a genocidal hidden agenda. They’re all guilty as sin of mass public deception with high crimes against humanity and treason.

Neil Oliver: ‘We are no longer being treated as individuals entitled to try and make the most of our lives – but as a barn full of battery hens, just another product to be bought and sold – sold down the river.’

I’m sorry to say, but whoever gives into the monkeypox false narrative is a lost case. This is a continuation of psychological warfare and domestic terrorism. Biden administration, WHO, Gates, Dustin Moskowitz, cdc, fda, nih, the whore media and many others are complicit in crimes against God and humanity. They represent the collective primordial serpent. My advice is to do the exact opposite of what is being recommended.

Obama, you and your forked tongue should know that the God of Israel has a Devine reckoning for you. We know that this is your third term by proxy through the demented jester biden. I will rejoice in your global downfall. I ask everyone not to threaten, scare, any of the obamas. Please let God deal with these serpents.


The CDC has quietly changed their position on the mode of transmission for their fake, PCR diagnosed Monkeypox… From sexually-transmitted disease, to “sexually transmissible“

This puts it in the category as Dr. Jane originally said, as the common cold and other generally contagious illnesses

Let’s keep it straight. This is not a gay, sexually transmitted disease. It’s actually very difficult to catch unless you enjoy breaking open varicella orthopox pustules and burying your face in the liquid inside of them.


If whatever it is fits the MSDNC MSM Propaganda model then it’s a sure bet these psycho-actors are doing a false flag op. It’s a stratagem as old as the hills. Real Patriots are not that stupid nor are they criminals. These models are DS staged “Photo Ops” (staged w/ agent provocateurs) to demonize their psycho-political targets in the public eye. These “players” are staging deadly scams & cons; make no mistake about it.

The Fourth Amendment:

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Crossing the Rubicon:

Rep. Louie Gohmert warns that most republics only last 200 years and compares what’s happening right now in America to the fall of Rome. He says the only way to fix it is to hold the criminals accountable.

“We are too close to the end of this nation as a constitutional republic, unless we can hold to account the people that have brought us so close to the edge of losing our republic.”



Black Lives Matter has strong ties and origins to China. A communist plan since 2016 to infiltrate our borders as well as our culture through the Marina company.

Their goal? “To make the USA ungovernable”

“The FBI gas a long and unrelenting history of being corrupt. Just look back to the days of J. Edgar Hoover. In the modern era, nothing has changed except that it has gotten far worse. Look at Comey, McCabe, Strzok and lover Lisa Page. Check out the brilliantly written but damning I.G. Reports. See what they were willing to do in order to get Crooked Hillary Clinton elected (they failed), and got caught! They spied on my campaign, pushed the FAKE Dossier, and illegally used the FISA Court. The Inspector General said the FBI acted with “gross incompetence and negligence.” I was fully vindicated in the Russia, Russia, Russia SCAM, the “No Collusion” Mueller Investigation, Impeachment Hoax #1, Impeachment Hoax #2, and all else. NOW THEY RAID MY HOME, ban my lawyers and, without any witnesses allowed, break the lock that they asked us to install on the storage area that we showed them early on, which held papers that they could have had months ago for the asking, and without the ridiculous political grandstanding of a “break in” to a very storied, important, and high visibility place, just before the Midterm Elections. The whole World was watching as the FBI rummaged through the house, including the former First Lady’s closets (and clothing!), alone and unchecked. They even demanded that the security cameras be turned off (we refused), but there was no way of knowing if what they took was legitimate, or was there a “plant?” This was, after all, the FBI!” —DJT

“The RAID was Politics, the Midterm Elections, and 2024. It’s another form of Election CHEATING – That’s all the Radical Left Democrats know what to do. They use the FBI & DOJ to try and dirty up their opponents, but the people of our Country are wise to them like never before. Be careful what you wish for!” —DJT

The Book of Revelations is now well in-progress its imagery is manifesting in today’s scientific terms and The Tribulations last 7 years. All I can suggest is we haven’t seen anything yet! Things are going to get crazier and crazier over the coming months and years….. I thank God today for being alive at this time in order to witness the Truth of this!

The only script these demonic-rats & rinos have and the only imagination these criminal psycho-political traitors have is seen through their gaslighted projections where they accuse their political targets of the very high crimes and treason they themselves are actively guilty of. Since these psycho-paths control the MSM they simply script the daily fake news with these spurious allegations in one sense to deflect public attention away from themselves.

Incoming intel: Trump is going to be indicted under the Espionage Act. Bogus documents will be inserted into the numerous boxes of loot that the corrupt FBI stole from Trump’s private residence. A media circus will commence, far larger than any of the “RussiaGate” fiasco we’ve already witnessed. Trump will be railroaded in a completely rigged show trial. One of the key goals in all this is to provoke America’s patriots into an armed uprising in order to justify the Biden regime calling for UN occupation, which will bring in communist Chinese troops wearing UN helmets. This is how the invasion plan is being morphed right now, according to my sources. An armed uprising is EXACTLY what the regime wants to make happen.

God gets angry from time to time dear Nancy. God is Life Truth Love and Wisdom. What are you dear Nancy? What can elitist career criminals like you expect when the Truth is Revealed? Time will tell all!

Even if the FBI found LEGIT & ACTIVE (18-month old 🙄) NUCLEAR CODES in these boxes, the UNANNOUNCED RAID upon the PRIVATE RESIDENCE of a FORMER SITTING PRESIDENT (and current GOP FRONTRUNNER) who was OPENLY & ACTIVELY COOPERATING with an existing National Archives subpoena is STILL the most EGREGIOUS, HYPOCRITICAL and BIASED OVERREACH in over 250 YEARS of AMERICAN JURISPRUDENCE. 😤💯

These treasonous Crown Globalist UN WEF WHO marxist demonic-rats and rinos are criminal psycho-paths with a lifelong bloodtrail of crimes (probably labeled by them as “above top secret”) that they can never reconcile or justify and are being exposed for all the world to see. They are criminal psychotics and their criminal minds will concoct myriad psycho-political plots which in any final analysis can only be described as criminally insane.

I presume you all been paying attention to what’s going on with the EU and NATO – just a coincidence? These Obamaesque demonic-rats are pushing the bubble for a U.S. Civil War knowing full well that such an event will pull in and involve all the major players in the world i.e. BRICS and Associated Nations of the BRICS Alliance. Such a Civil War = World War.

It’s all in the family with these criminal psycho-political elites. It’s a Mafia Mob Country Club where they all “Know” each other.

The Mar-a-Lago raid confirms the failure of the January 6th Hearing. They tried to get him for that and all they produced was second-hand gossip. Now it’s on to fantastic tales about nuclear codes and the Espionage Act. Pathetic! Predictable! And even to a point, entertaining!

So, let’s see now, “The First Arrest Will Shock the World.” Looks to me like the “First Arrest” meant here is the “Arrest of President Donald Trump” (should be Obama or Clinton); but alas – it’s Trump! And now there’s even murmurings of an Assassination or “Capital Punishment” for President Donald Trump. Seems the Evil Ones are about to light the proverbial fuse……

I didn’t say anything about a Q quote. This idea has been reiterated over and over from many sources. I’m just saying that we expected this most significant arrest to be of Hillary or Obama but the way it looks right now how ironic that was it might be Trump. I say bring it on and lets get into “Discovery” because discovery is the Awakening….

“Obstruction of Justice is the same PHONY felony charge that I’m fighting as a January 6th defendant.

Now the FBI wants to pin that same charge on the duly ELECTED President Of The United States.

What a disgrace!” — Alex Sheppard

“While the media has done its best to direct our attention to things like the present war in Ukraine, this battle that the Hosts have identified is not about any particular country. It is a battle for who will be in control of the entire planet and everyone and everything on it.” —Sara/Adonna/Oriole OT News Celestial Way

Return the “Masks” to the bandits. Now the mask wearing reveals either complicit stupidity or complicit criminality.

Dr. Naomi Wolf: The CDC Finally Admitted The Vaccinated And Unvaccinated Have Same Protections

‘The last year and a half of the President and CDC saying go ahead and create a two tier discrimination society, the unvaccinated can kill you…that all vanished into thin air, oops sorry, you’re fine’

‘I sent that to my mum and said please send it to all of my extended family so that they can stop discriminating against us, after a year and a half’




Substack | Twitter

Rep. Good: “There is no climate crisis. It is a hoax.”

Wow 🔥🔥


Rep. Lauren Boebert: “You are sacrificing American families at the altar of climate change. You’re using the power of the federal government for armed robbery.”


These Obamaesque demonic-rats are pushing the bubble for a U.S. Civil War knowing full well that such an event will pull in and involve all the major players in the world i.e. BRICS and Associated Nations of the BRICS Alliance. Such a Civil War = World War.

The standard demonic-rat marxist Gaslighting “Inversion” Projection of their own high crimes and treason. It’s a psycho-pathological “circular logic” (they don’t know any other way to think) over and over. Psychotic. Whatever crimes they “promote” that Donald Trump has committed – it is their own crimes projected upon their political targets. One for one. Pretty insane isn’t it!

They want scrub-out and erase any record of Donald Trump’s Presidency. Collect it up and black it out. This is how these treasonous psycho-political criminals think. It’s these types that have infiltrated all levels of political power and who feel that they are the ones controlling this power. “They” are a “type”. This type of person.

This Joe Biden Impostor Administration MO – Lies. Lying about everything and just making stuff up. Lying is a dialectical dynamic for the marxist geopolitical “Transformation Age”. And that’s “Tranny” within any context! What would you expect. Whatever these MSDNC MSM Mockingbirds say one can reliably assume that whatever it is – in reality it is – the opposite. That’s how Marxist Dialectic ideology works. Simply put – lie about everything.

The Fake News is the enemy of the people. Why even bother saying this?? The narrative is being spun. They have NO SOURCING that says what happened at the FBI is related, and YES people ARE RIGHTFULLY INFURIATED on social media, todays version of the town square.


They locked us down, forbade us to visit family, destroyed our businesses, shut down our houses of worship, kicked our kids out of school, muzzled us, force vaccinated, gaslighted, shamed and humiliated us, started race wars, burned food sources to initiate global hunger, created inflation and high gas prices- 💉😷 🔥 🏫⛽️

and now, right before the midterm elections, for a few months they want to make all better-

Don’t fall for it.

This November, VOTE THEM OUT!!!



Jesse Watters: “Nancy is up there saying ‘No one is above the law.’ She’s fresh off insider trading, her husbands been crooked for the last 3 decades, she flies her son over on a government jet to Asia to cook up lithium deals, electric car battery deals.”


Why does the IRS need so many new full-time employees? Why does it need a six-hundred-percent budget increase? It’s all part of the administration’s ongoing efforts to squeeze the American middle class. The Free Beacon notes that according to “a Congressional Budget Office analysis,” the new behemoth IRS “would result in more than $200 billion … Continue reading “IRS: Gestapo in the Making”

via Olive Tree Ministries – Headlines

They don’t want your money — they can print money. They want your land, your gold, + your kids. Catherine Austin Fitts forewarns of the agenda for your real assets.

Join: @RevealedEye

Why even think about it? This is what the FBI does as SOP – they infiltrate peaceful groups and their agent provocateurs incite violence, they raid politically targeted citizens and plant fake incriminating evidence. Over and over and over again; and they get away with it. Defund the FBI IRS and the FED; and the CDC.

FBI Director Chris Wray issues statement in an effort to intimidate Americans who dare criticize the FBI for their Bolshevik raid and political gangster tactics: “Unfounded attacks on the integrity of the FBI erode respect for the rule of law and are a grave disservice…”

The Fake News is the enemy of the people. Why even bother saying this?? The narrative is being spun. They have NO SOURCING that says what happened at the FBI is related, and YES people ARE RIGHTFULLY INFURIATED on social media, todays version of the town square.


How sick is sick! AG Garland is a quintessential sicko. Everyone knows who the bad characters are from traditional stories and now Hollywood Stage plays Radio TV and Movie characters and plots. We all know what evil is. The Bush Clinton Obama Biden Impostor Administration clearly exhibit the quintessential evils and they all should be regarded the real world villains in the epic stories of humanity.

Godless Marxist DS MSDNC MSM (CIA) Mockingbirds Faked News (scripted by Treasonous Demonic-Rats and RINOs Fake Narratives and Criminal Acts) might consider themselves to be insidiously diabolical and clever when all the while they are just really really stupid psycho-political-ego-maniacs who somehow feel entitled and enabled to run amuck. They have no logical or ethical or moral standards – they are just criminally insane creatures projecting their malignant evil intentions upon The People of The World.

And read LICENSED TO LIE: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice available at

They have been suppressing access to this book since I wrote it. It’s true, it names names, it’s 5 star reader-rated on Amazon. Everyone needs to know what Obama and others have done to us.

Mainstream media: Hundreds of thousands of Americans have been killed by the Covid-19 vaccine. Unbelievable this is coming from Fox News.


Let the blame game commence😂 Senior U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) officials are blaming FBI Director Christopher Wray for the recent raid of former President Donald Trump’s home in an apparent attempt to take pressure off U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland.

The Deep State is desperate now. They know they’re going to lose their carefully crafted control in the upcoming midterms. They just raided President Trump’s home without just cause and this will 100% boomerang on them. They may have planted fake “evidence” within the material they gathered, to frame President Trump yet again. Do not be alarmed. This plot too will fail.

I predict the Deep State’s next move will be a false flag event, designed to frame President Trump and his patriots.

Stay vigilant and remember- we are the party of law and order.

May God protect President Trump and all of you.




So, the FBI Raid on DJT’s home was bait to set a precedent – as we know the Gaslighting DS MSDNC (MSM CIA) Demonic-Rats (Marxists) & RINOs (Traitors) “Project” (Inversions) their own high crimes & treason onto their psycho-political targets; so these Enemy Acts will rebound upon them in the (near) future courts & tribunals. Never interfere with an Enemy that is “self-destructing”! Sounds like the best “Plan” to me!

Extortion 17 – The biggest betrayal of our military by a president in US history. Barack Obama killed 30 Americans soldiers, including 17 Navy Seals (all team 6 guys) total on this day. It was calculated, intentional and is still being covered up to this day.

They know…

They ALL know.

There WILL be justice one day.


Fauci is talking about the WEF WHO CDC NIH takeover of the U.S. Health Care Industry and funneling funds throughout the system in support of their genocidal population control bio-weapons pandemics hoaxes – i.e. paying hospitals for their scandemic “deaths” promoting genocidal hospital protocols that kill along with genocidal VAX program that incubates a host of diseases in its victims.

Mel K “The Globalist Hostile Takeover” is now up on and Jim Willie “Behind The Scenes Of The Financial War” is going up Friday while Juan O Savin during the weekend! A huge line up folks. is where you get REAL information, not MSM hogwash. We dive deep into the dark underbelly on the war with the deep state..See you there.

Kash stands by his original position that President Trump won’t be indicted. As Commander-in-Chief, Trump was the ‘unilateral classification authority.’

“Obama still has tons of classified documents at his house & he should. He’s a former President. Same with Bush!!”

This is the same BS that the J6 committee did. They hide facts that common people wouldn’t have knowledge of and pretend DJT committed a crime. Next!

PS – The statute that Marc Elias is pointing to doesn’t apply to the POTUS 😂

The “elderly” are most susceptible to the mind controlling MSDNC MSM Mockingbird Gaslighted Fake News Scripted Propaganda and it is the “elderly” that are the most vulnerable as they have been brainwashed for decades to trust the MSM and the DS scripted News and Public Information. The “elderly” can’t embrace the idea that they are being deceived.

The FBI is in possession of evidence related to the current President of the United States, who ran a pay to play scheme with his crack smoking son while vice president. Of course, both have never been raided. They are Democrats.

@AmericanExceptionalism 🇺🇸

It’s a game of chess – all in the moves. These keystone cop styled FBI zombies (means they can’t think logically for themselves) have precipitated the final events and as well their own demise!

It was only a matter of time…….

These criminals and traitors project their own crimes and treason onto their (marxist) psycho-political targets one for one total inversion because the only imagination these criminals have presents in the context of their own crimes and treason. This is all they know and how they think!

Exterminating 6 billion people is all in a day’s work to Herr Doctor Fauci – Fauci exhibits a clear definition of what is a psychopath like NAZI doctors who experiment on prisoners in their concentration camps. This is what Fauci represents today.

HUGE DEVELOPMENT: Report Shows FBI “Had Personal Stake” in Mar-a-Lago Raid – Agents Were After Spygate Documents Trump Was Holding That Likely Indicted FBI

“What took place Monday, and long before, was an unprecedented infringement of the rights of every American citizen. Scam after Scam, year after year, it is all the Radical Left Democrats really know, it is their lifeblood – they have no shame. Our Country is paying a very big price!!!” — DJT

Rep Perry filed articles of impeachment against garland yesterday & FBI seized his cell phone 1 HOUR later w/o warrant.

This whole thing is an obscene abuse of power directed by AG Merrick Garland personally.

And its a pattern with Garland. Remember declaring parents at school board meetings to be terrorists?

Merrick Garland thinks he’s Yuri Andropov. #AmericanKGB

JUST IN – FBI refused to hand over the search warrant for the raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago and kicked an attorney off the property.


What is happening to President Trump isn’t new. This political persecution started in the Obama White House, and we all know this is just President Obama’s third term!


General Flynn warns that the “Washington, DC Cabal” might try to cancel the November elections, which he says is “probably the most consequential election in our nation’s history.” 👀

The Pelosi’s like the Bidens Obamas Clintons and Bushies and their puppet traitors in Congress all have Foreign Insider Trading investments banking on the demise of the US Constitutional America and Americans. All are Criminal psycho-political DS agents guilty of high crimes and treason. So be it!


“The attack on President Trump’s privacy yesterday is disgraceful and a disgusting stain on the history of this nation,” said Arizona Freedom Caucus Chairman Jake Hoffman. “The DOJ, now as an overt arm of the Democrat party, shamelessly targets Republicans for partisan gain, yet refuses to hold accountable those responsible for burning down American cities, terrorizing Supreme Court Justices’ children, or anyone even remotely close to Joe Biden (aka ‘The Big Guy’) such as the disgraced Hunter Biden or Crooked Hillary Clinton.”

Amidst this heinous attack on the 45th President of the United States by the FBI, Joe Biden and the Democrats have purchased $700,000 in ammunition for the IRS in 2022 and are now looking to add 87,000 new IRS agents so they can go after the common citizen also.

“Let me be clear, if they will do this to a former President, there is nothing they won’t do to the average American,” Hoffman said.

Read the full statement above.

This is an important clip from Jesse’s show tonight. Listen to what Tulsi Gabbard says. This kind of blatant abuse was happening your entire life. It was just happening behind the scenes.

Don’t you see what’s happening here? Only once this evil is exposed to the masses can it finally be dealt with. This is one step closer to our victory. It’s everything that Q predicted. They are showing the world who they’ve been this entire time and no honest person can deny it. This is awakening.

“An abuse of power that’s not even being hidden anymore. It was happening behind the curtains…it is out in the open. Broad daylight. Blatant abuse of power. Targeting political opponents. Targeting those who dare to dissent. And attacking our most fundamental constitutional right and freedoms.”

Impostor Joe Biden is a criminally demented mentally incompetent cognitively impaired literally incoherent DS puppet – utterly incapable of a rational thought or worry.

FLASHBACK: In 2017 Chuck Schumer threatened Donald Trump for going after the federal bureaucracy, “If you take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you.”

BONGINO: How many freaking times are we going to let the FBI interfere in our elections? Banana Republic? We’re beyond a Banana Republic. At-least Pravda didn’t pretend to be anything but state apparatchiks

The FBI’s MO is to frame an “Official Story” (MSDNC MSM Mockingbird Fake News Narratives) for which their time worn “premeditated investigations” (raids etc) staged upon their psycho-political targets, where they “plant” evidence, and aggressively get rid of “inconvenient” facts and witnesses.

If these FBI agents and DOJ lawyers were dumb enough to try to plant something on the premises of Mar-A-Lago and then claim they ‘discovered’ it during their intrusive search that went far beyond the warrant they had, they likely ended up doing it on camera.

Good on the Trump staff for standing their ground and refusing to turn off the security cameras.

The George Bush Sr. Doctrine. Goes into effect! It’s a wonder ages old precedents of assassination (throughout history) here we might qualify “Crown Elitist Globalist” precedents – it’s a wonder that Donald Trump is still alive today! One is tempted to consider that there are “Things” going on behind the scenes amongst these Royalist Elites complicit with “Deep State” workings.

Do you realize yet that your government is at WAR with you? The #FBI is a rogue terror cell that targets political opponents while protecting the REAL criminals like Hunter Biden and Hillary Clinton. The #IRS is being massively expanded to unleash TAX TERROR against American conservatives, Christians and Trump supporters. Censorship continues to worsen, and the DOJ considers all real Americans to be “extremists” who should be criminalized and prosecuted. The military is purging all true patriots, leaving behind obedient woketard grunts who will fire upon fellow Americans. And the Biden regime is meticulously dismantling America’s food supply, energy supply and transportation infrastructure.

Got the picture yet? You have been targeted for termination. And no, the feckless GOP isn’t going to do a damn thing about it.


Judge who approved FBI RAID on Trump is linked to Serial Pedophile Jeffery Epstein!


It looks like this Judge’s career is over. He just exposed himself and weaponized the DOJ, and FBI to go after a “former” president who has a track record for taking out pedophiles.

This movie is getting better. 🥳

The FBI got an illegal search warrant. Secret Service was told to stand down. FBI went into the safe without Trump being on the premise. They waited until he was not there, hmm I wonder why. Because they probably couldn’t handle him if he was there. The FBIs are a bunch of cowards with badges and guns. A waste of tax payers’ money.

The Treasonous MSDNC MSM Mockingbird (CIA) Fake News with Demonic-Rats & RINOs are criminal psycho-political sickos. Treason is defined as betrayal and deception cons of the Crown Globalist Orwellian Nightmare exposed. The FBI FED IRS CIA are all Crown Agents hell bent on destroying America, The Constitution, and The American People Conservatives and Patriots. This should be obviously and abundantly clear to anyone with any Common Sense.

MSDNC (Crown) MSM Mockingbird Gaslighted Fake News Projection Inversion Liars are at it again. Know them for their lies and scripted DS Propaganda. This is what they do!

“If your enemy is secure at all points, be prepared for him. If he is in superior strength, evade him. If your opponent is temperamental, seek to irritate him. Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrogant. If he is taking his ease, give him no rest. If his forces are united, separate them. If sovereign and subject are in accord, put division between them.”

— Sun Tzu, Art of War

The Regime wants you outraged at Vladimir Putin for his anti-democratic, “thuggish behavior” so you’ll be too distracted to notice how America under Joe Biden has devolved into a Stalin-esque Political Dystopia.

Your enemies aren’t in Moscow—they’re in Washington DC.

100 FBI Agents Raided the Home of President Trump

Americans are going to hate the FBI after this event.

Haven’t the FBI gotten enough lawsuits on their hands? Are they seriously looking for another lawsuit?

I take it this corrupt and criminal organization didn’t learn anything from the illegal raid of James O’Keefe.

The Americans should demand the dismantling of this organization.

This raid should put into perspective exactly what The Regime plans to do with their 87,000 new IRS Agents. Are you paying attention yet?

What the FBI has just done is make it open season to forcibly investigate past and current presidents. It may be their biggest foible yet.

Its time to start regarding FBI Agents as what they ARE: Enemy Combatants.

The rule of law institutions we have in America no longer work for we the people, they work against us. We have so many government reforms that must be made. I’ve been talking about this for a long time now and after today’s outrageous raid on DJT’s Mara Lago residence, we know exactly where to start…let’s get DJT back in power and Make America Great Again 💪🏼🙏🏼🇺🇸

Executing a warrant against ex-POTUS is dangerous. The apparent political weaponization of DOJ/FBI is shameful. AG must explain why 250 yrs of practice was upended w/ this raid. I served on Benghazi Com where we proved Hilliary possessed classified info. We didn’t raid her home


The Crown Globalist systematic infiltration (marxism) and corruption (criminal psycho-political traitors) does MSDNC MSM Mockingbird Fake News Gaslighted Projection accusing its political targets (and anyone who acts to expose them) of their own crimes and treason against The People and Constitutional Republic. This is a rule etched in stone. Gaslighted Projection is their MO. These Demonic-Rats and RINO’s are the real Enemies of Our Nation.

Re: FBI Raid on President Trump’s Home. Who is in charge of the FBI? Christopher A. Wray – Now what does that tell you about Christopher A. Wray? The FBI is a psycho-political operation at the beck and call of the MSDNC Marxist Demonic-Rats & RINOs. The FBI is The Enemy of The People and the Constitutional Republic. And what power exists to Stop The Criminally Treasonous FBI? Or the Armed IRS? They are in the same utterly corrupted camp.

The Crown Globalist WEF U.S.A. Inc. (Crown Corporation) Financial Gestapo. Just like in the “Days of Old”!

Ukraine is the center of an international money laundering op. These billions and trillions are allocated under official covers agreed upon and approved by related interested parties.

Yep – there’s actually a war going on and we’re all part of it. This war has myriad fronts.

Green Energy: The Greatest Deception in Modern History

“Child slavery in DR Congo. Every single electric car relies on the cobalt that these children are mining. How green.”

— Maajid Nawaz

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Rumble | Substack | Truth | Gettr

Plenty of Dads larp about “if something ever happened to my daughter…”

Something is happening right now. They’re drugging her to make her infertile & insane, while brainwashing her into becoming a whore.

And you’re going to work to pay for it, then sitting on the couch drinking beer.

I say if it looks like a duck walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it’s either a duck or a demonic-rat. Conservatives and Patriots must unite and work together in the cause of saving the Nation. Infighting is instigated by malignant third parties that desire to sabotage the cause. These are now obvious indicators.

The “Greenies” want to put the human race back into the feudalistic days with a significantly reduced and mind controlled population. One might be inclined to ask “who the hell these “Greenies” think they are?”. Demonic Psycho-Paths comes to mind – these “Greenies” are malignant crazies obsessed with their own insanity.

Let the bankrupt FED and U.S.A. Inc. (a Crown Corporation) pay for it. No sweat. Both these “operations” are unConstitutional and Illegal – except who’s going to prosecute this? Congress is an Enemy of the People now. That shows you how far the enemy has infiltrated since 1776. This corruption must be excised by The People. Whatever it takes!

This Phil guy whatever is obviously a “chaos merchant” – (thats from the “Dark Side”) and that’s how they operate. The guy’s been “outed” – just make it permanent in your mind! This malignant creature doesn’t deserve any more attention…..

Let’s get something straight. “Monkey Pox” and whatever is “In The VAX”. It is an “adverse reaction” to “The VAX”. The Gay Community and their Bath Houses in NYC notwithstanding. That’s a sideshow being promoted by the WHO CDC NIH (and Johns Hopkins). Seems to me people should understand what’s really going on by now! Especially X22. “Monkey Pox” is “In The VAX”. All this chaotic narrative is a “smokescreen” for this fact.

How about the drought in the Southwest with Lake Powell and Lake Mead with the Colorado River running dry – estimated 8 months of water until the sources become toxic pits. This is on my mind as I live in SoCal / LA. I think the realistic picture is one of cataclysmic change and hopefully the Principles of the American Constitution as well as the Christian Ethic prevails once the full extent of the damage is done? Life in the future will be very different from the life we “evolved” from. There is no going back to those “evolved” times – the world can never be the same.

When will the Military Act to Defend The Constitutional United States that “they” all took an Oath to Protect? Is Military Intelligence just stupid? These criminal psycho-political (marxist) operators have been and are hell bent on destroying the United States of America. This is what Enemies of State do. WTF is the DOD for?

The IRS is an UnConstitutional Criminal Syndicate. Set up by the Criminal International Bankers (Rothschilds et’al) to stong arm UnConstitutional Taxes on The People as an “extortion racket” for the Crown’s DS Cabal.

Anyone with a mindset to laugh at God is malignantly ignorant – willfully stupid and fundamentally a miscreant zombie. I mean if that’s the way one chooses to be they must suffer the consequences.

General Flynn warns that the “Washington, DC Cabal” might try to cancel the November elections, which he says is “probably the most consequential election in our nation’s history.” 👀

Join: Donald Trump Office

I don’t think DJT had any other choice – and I don’t think DJT originated The Plan he’s just abiding it. These WEF WHO Monsters must be exposed. They have far more dangerous devices to hand. One must walk the line and tread this evil plot carefully

The purpose of NASA projects is to to “seed” and “integrate” exotic technologies – all the rest is a stage play – a movie for public consumption. Rocket Transportation has been so obsolete for millions of years. The Moon is “Posted” territory “Private Property” and “No Trespassing”. We all have been living a live action “Hollywood Movie”.


⚠️In 1994 – 160 Nations Agreed to Reduce the World Population to 800 Million by 2030 – CLASSIFIED VIDEO – JUSTICE IS HERE

Subscribe: @Dan_Scavino_Channel

Nancy Pelosi’s “Taiwan Visit” is not an blunder per se – it is a criminal psycho-political gambit. Pelosi must be arrested and interrogated within an inch of her life and then she must be sentenced for her catalog of high crimes and treason.

Trump now openly talking about Satanic rituals. Anons know.

Notice how the Great Awakening slowly removes the veil and shows the world that we are living in a spiritual war. Evil exists. But God is moving mountains. And He’s awakening millions.

The WHO CDC NIH (and Johns Hopkins) is the “Disease Industry” # 1 on the US Stock Exchange. Curing disease is counter-productive. The Free VAX cultivates ever more disease(s) and bigger and bigger multi-trillion dollar profits for the “Health Care Industry” – the biggest “con job” in the history of humanity!

Covid Jabs Killing Families is the whole object of the Covid Jabs. The Truth of this pandemic of Covid Jabs is coming out in populations across the globe.

Christopher Wray is a member of the DS criminal psycho-political syndicate. His life is “on the line” and truth has no place in this malignant sphere of influence. In short a traitorous coward.

The Obama Justice System has Weaponized the American Legal System. We are seeing the evil effects of this all across the country. The People must be waking up to this more and more by now!

“You are of your father the devil, and your will is to do your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks out of his own character, for he is a liar and the father of lies.” (John 8:44)

The real deaths are also part of the hoax – false flags – crisis actors appearing at different scenes and locations. We have seen the evidence of this a number of times now. Alex Jones is being persecuted for telling the Truth! Shows you once again where this DS Tyranny is at!

Can you imagine the depth of deception that the WHO CDC NIH and Johns Hopkins daily posting on their latest disease. This is psycho-politics in the extreme exploiting the people’s faith in MDs RXs and the Health Care Industry which profits by creating and extending diseases – whatever is their latest “Monkey Pox” (it’s in the VAX) as originating in the Gay Community Bath Houses in NYC. Can you just imagine the evil imagination of these demons? Shows you all you really need to know!

Sensational development in Israel! Influential Jewish top scientist identifies monkeypox as a result of Covid vaccinations!

Prof. Dr. Shapira recognizes the deceit of science and the deceit against the people.



Substack | Twitter

Mad Scientist Anthony Fauci Resume

• Created the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

• Created Covid.

• Created multiple Influenza strains.

• Has pushed an experimental, and dangerous vaccine on society – including children.

• Has pushed masks and segregation on society – including children.

• His recommendation of Remdesivir/Ventilator has murdered thousands of Covid patients.

• It is now known he oversaw countless unneeded, and quite frankly – sadistic experiments on dogs and other animals. • Has purposely withheld effective, safe, and proven treatments against Covid.

• Conducted experiments on HIV Positive Foster Children in NY.

Anthony Fauci is the second coming of Joseph Mengele. This man is probably the most prolific serial killer in history.. Future Proves Past.

There were 4,563,770 reports of injuries in Pfizer post marketing data.

This is just Pfizer through April 2022.

I’m seeing so many post boost as the severe adverse events appear to be dose dependent which is corroborated from a consortium of colleagues.


The CDC is extremely devious. One must look behind the curtain to see what the CDC really means and what they are actually doing.

American Overdose Deaths from Illegal Drugs like Fentanyl in 2021—108,000

Worldwide Monkeypox Deaths in 2022—5

Which one do you think The Biden Regime is prioritizing as a public health emergency?

China cuts ties with the treasonous imposters who have implanted themselves in USA Inc. which is a Crown Colony. These impostors need to be tried for high crimes and treason and “dispatched” accordingly. These criminals are the ones giving America a bad name.

BIDEN BORDER CRISIS: NYC and DC Mayor furious over illegal aliens being bussed into their cities through Biden’s Open Border, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin denies National Guard assistance.

BILL MELUGIN: Kari Lake officially wins GOP primary for Arizona Governor. She is winning all 15 counties in the state. There was controversy obviously with what happened in Pinal County on Tuesday night where they ran out of ballots for Republican voters in over 20 precincts and the Elections Director has since been removed

‘Kari Lake just declared WINNER of Republican Primary in Arizona. She will be a GREAT GOVERNOR!” —DJT

Adam Shitty Schiff is a treasonous psycho-criminal who makes up lies and more lies to smear his psycho-political targets. He’s guilty as sin of high crimes & treason; and must be dealt with accordingly.


1. Classification: People are divided into “us and them.”

2. Symbolization: People are forced to identify themselves.

3. Discrimination: People begin to face systematic discrimination.

4. Dehumanization: People equated with animals, vermin, or diseases.

5.Organization: The government creates specific groups (police/military) to enforce the policies.

6. Polarization: The government broadcasts the populace against the group. <– WE ARE HERE

7. Preparation: Official action to remove/relocate people.

8. Persecution: Beginning of murders, theft of property, trial massacres. el

9. Extermination: Wholesale elimination of the group. It is “extermination” and not murder because the people are not considered human.

10. Denial: The government denies that it has committed any crime.

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Dick Cheney is a war criminal. Mr. 9/11 himself. He must be tried for high crimes and treason and “dispatched” accordingly. There is nothing but lies coming from the Cheney’s – lies and Gaslighted Projections of their high crimes onto their political targets.

Lee Harvey Oswald was a patsy.

This Life Magazine was the smoking gun, but many believe it was altered.

Why did JFK Jr. call Joe Biden a Traitor?

There are over 2,000 Documents that have not been released to the public.

It’s been 58 years, what are they hiding?



Another eye witness testimony of the ballot shortage in Pinal County specifically targeting Republicans.

“They said if you want to vote Republican we’re out of ballots.” 👀

“I know people that did not get to vote because they were turned away but they had other things to do and they couldn’t come back.”

It’s almost like they are terrified of Kari Lake and her promise to hold people accountable?

Joe Biden’s Financial Gestapo (IRS) armed and ready to attack conservatives and patriotic citizens – to steal their every penny and hard earned savings. What you see is what you get!

These malignant MSDNC RINOs & Demonic-Rats are an utter disgrace to the human race. Psycho-Political Criminals & Traitors one and all. They all project their own crimes and treason onto their political targets also to direct public attention away from exposing their own high crimes & treason. It’s a very simple equation really!

On the contrary – the MSDNC MSM Mockingbird Fake News and Election Fraud (orchestrated in myriad forms on myriad “fronts”) was not only Nationwide but Worldwide as well; orchestrated by Crown Globalist NWO elitists networks to deceive the people of fair and honest elections. Indeed this orchestrated election fraud is indeed nationwide!

JUST IN TIME – to “legally “ delay the Nov election : “As monkeypox continues to surge in the United States, the Biden administration plans to declare a public health emergency, perhaps as soon as Thursday, according to a federal official familiar with the discussions.”

These “pandemic” emergencies are cultivated IN THE VAX. They are latent “adverse reactions” to the VAX. The VAX is a pre-packaged potpourri of diseases that will systematically “unfold” from within. This should be clear enough by now. All the real data show this. This is a long planned WEF WHO Agenda to “control” the human population with genocidal “AIDS” inducing mRNA vaccines. Monkeypox is the latest viral boogeyman on the scene!

Criminal Psycho-Political DS Puppet Joe Biden’s Tyranny of Taxation without representation is reminiscent of why Americans declared Independence from the Crown (Now the Crown Globalist WEF WHO NWO) in 1776. Treasonous Joe Biden et’al is a Worldwide Criminal Syndicate with an Agenda to enslave The People to a High-Tech Neo-Feudalistic Globalist Corporatocracy .

Breaking: Pinal County Elections director is out.

He is responsible for the inexplicable ballot “shortage” that targeted Republicans.

Panic in Arizona.

We need an investigation immediately.

Another eye witness testimony of the ballot shortage in Pinal County specifically targeting Republicans.

“They said if you want to vote Republican we’re out of ballots.” 👀

“I know people that did not get to vote because they were turned away but they had other things to do and they couldn’t come back.”

It’s almost like they are terrified of Kari Lake and her promise to hold people accountable?

They stalled the vote for Kari Lake specifically to see if they could prevent her from getting in. I think she won by too large a margin and now they are wondering what to do. What will their contingency plan be? Because they know Kari will go after them viciously they can’t just do nothing.

Panic in Arizona.

What the Treasonous “Left” is doing to Conservative Constitutionalists and Patriots is repulsive!

In regards to the midterm being cancelled, the [DS] is panicking, they know if they lose the midterms it is game over for them. This doesn’t mean we don’t vote, we vote like we have never voted before, united as one and in mass we bring on the red wave. They know this is coming.

Lets take a look a the [DS] and what they done in the past

“911 was used to get us into the middle east (Afghanistan), violated our rights with the patriot act

[FF] Mass shooting is used to confiscate weapons from the people

The Pandemic was used to control the people, push the vaccine, cheat in election to remove trump

Riots were used in 2020 to defund the police, create chaos

Jan 6 fake insurrection was used to stall the vote count and coverup the real insurrection on Nov 3

New covid variant, monkeypox, blue states declaring medical emergency, push for masks, same playbook as before, push vaccines, setup for riots, and cheat in the elections

The question is what is the [DS] going to do during the midterms, the [DS] is desperate. Will they create riots, terrorism, national emergency to cancel the elections so there is no red wave?” —X22

As the entire world watches & waits for Maricopa County to make their next move, let’s review how the Maricopa County Recorder, Stephen Richer, reacted after the 2020 election.

It’s hilarious that he invokes Mark Finchem in this panic-ridden rant, because Finchem just won the primary and will be the next AZ Secretary of State.

These crooks have been digging their holes deeper & deeper over the past 2 years and now there is no way out.

Bottom line is that these people know they are going to jail when Kari Lake is governor.

Maricopa County Election Fraud (aka MSDNC Demonic-Rats & their RINOs Damage Control) procedures are blatantly in effect with post election day counting ballots delayed for days while they figure out how to scam the voting system – again! Same “trend line” scam as the 2020 Election fraud that was committed nationwide.

All the MSDNC Demonic-Rats and RINOs do is lie and cheat. That’s their marxist MO. They lie to cover up their criminal and treasonous anti-American agenda. The Crown Globalist NWO is “dialectically” opposed to American Constitutional Values. “They” have staged and cheated in all elections for decades now while they infiltrate their “selections” (NWO Agents) into all facets of the government and establishments at all critical levels. This is what we know for a fact!

Problem I have with X22 is the consideration that these presentations are telling the Deep State Operators what the Patriot Operators are doing because the Deep State Operators have fallen into the Patriot Operators Plan for all the reasons given. Now these Deep State Operators have all the money and their Think Tanks and AI Game Planning tools at their disposal. So, it kinda makes me wonder and speculate on a much bigger picture! One that isn’t spoken about by either side but yet is inevitably there.

There is nothing Constitutionally legitimate about the U.S. Congress such as it is….. It reflects only infiltrated elitist syndicated criminality and treason.

DESANTIS: They would shame people for even leaving their house… The Public Health establishment wouldn’t let people even bury loved ones. Then when the George Floyd riots were happening they wrote a letter saying we don’t believe rioting is bad for Covid. But if you’re protesting lockdowns…then you can’t do that. And that’s when I knew these people are a bunch of frauds

Trouble is it wasn’t “a mistake”. It was and is deliberate – long planned and researched means of human extermination. Let’s not mince words here. We are talking about Eugenics and Genocide – an Agenda for systematic “Human Depopulation”.

“I refuse to let the people who support genital mutilation of children, political persecution of their enemies, and the abolition of fossil fuels to call us “extremists” for opposing the murder of unborn babies.” —Charlie Kirk

Re: More $ More IRS. More MSDNC Criminal Impostor Clinton Obama Biden Regime “Unconstitutional” Financial Gestapo. The DC Criminal Syndicates are all protecting their treasonous interests (and their multi $ millions) all the while stealing everything they can from The People and Future Human Generations.

Dr. Esvelt ADMITS the Flu Vaccine Is ‘Terrible’ — Says There’s ‘No Justification’ for Unnatural Experiments

“Flu vaccines are terrible, usually, because we often guess wrong.”

“As soon as you make a change that would not occur in nature, then it becomes dangerous because that is something that a more pathogenic mutation could be inserted … There’s no justification for doing that because nature is not going to come up with it.”




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In a secret uniparty system… how do they usually make sure you can only elect someone “they” control?

Rig the primaries. This is a big part of the secret to how they got away with it for so long.

(free wisdom for the dumb people saying primaries don’t matter)

DESANTIS: You talk about these young kids getting “gender-affirming care” but they don’t tell you what that is. They’re actually giving very young girls double mastectomies, they want to castrate young boys. That’s wrong. So we’ve stood up and said you can’t disfigure 10, 12, 13 year old kids. These doctors need to get sued

INCREDIBLE: Democrat Senator Michael Bennet (CO) admits he makes investments based on legislation that’s being negotiated in the Senate

“I’m not buying or selling any stocks based on [the reconciliation bill] because we don’t know where Senator Sinema is going to be.”

Treasonous Nancy Pelosi’s J6 is a criminal elitist psycho-political (marxist) operation which has no judicial or Constitutional merits whatsoever. A “Kangaroo Court” styled MSDNC MSM Mockingbird Fake News “Show Trial” spectacle to deceive The People.

These Satanic Crown Globalist “Elitist” (appointed aristocrats) creatures and their WHO minions regard the people (humans) as overpopulating cattle and pests. These Satanists are cultivating myriad ways and means to their “full spectrum” control over and their systematic depopulation of targeted human populations.

So why is Nancy Pelosi and her husband (insider trading) so interested in Taiwan Chips that they would want to instigate a war with China?

No – I am not going along with the monkeypox BS. No – I will not stay silent while Americans rot in jail without being convicted of a crime. No – I will not avoid election fraud because you want the space/freedom to cheat. No – I will not cower in fear of being labelled something I am not regardless of what it is. No – I will not accept children, men & women are trafficked/raped/sold/enslaved while you pretend it’s “more human”. No – I will not pretend fewer people are dying as you savage the soveignty of our homes, our bodies & our nation. And no – I will not cower or hide or lie in fear of political persecution. I will not pretend there sre more than two genders, or that God is not real. Not now – not ever.


Suspicious stuff happening in Arizona election tonight…

I was not allowed to vote at my polling location because they ran out of Republican ballots and they were only letting Democrats in.

We were forced to drive another 10 miles out of town, many chose to go home.

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‘The Mask Is a Symbol of Slavery’: Holocaust Survivor Vera Sharav

“It means you’re not a free person; you are obedient to some higher authority.”

“It says a lot of the negative things that then enable someone to decide, ‘This one we put out for the greater good.”

There’s always a higher purpose and reason why these Satanists do what they do, and it’s never for the greater good.

They always inform the public ahead of time about these evil luciferian globalists’ plans using the fictional movies, cartoons and books as a mass mind control tool to make the population more accepting of planned future events.

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The problem with criminal psycho-political elitist psychopaths like Nancy Pelosi and her assembly of “swamp creatures” is they can never recant or repent. They are utterly committed to their evil ways. So, at this level of the game they will play all their malignant godless miscreant cards until there is nothing left to steal from The People. Their entire Marxist MO is about psycho-political mass deception. And we know who their Satanic masters are. This has become self-evident!

We are talking about Nancy Pelosi the Criminal Psycho-Political Drunk that staged J6? How about Nancy Pelosi’s political prisoners who are all innocent patriots that she has framed imprisoned and persecuted for peacefully demonstrating over the MSDNC’s 2020 Election scam / fraud? What a blatantly malignant hypocrisy is this?

Chinese defence ministry:

“Targeted military operations will be launched in response to #Pelosi’s visit to #Taiwan.”

JUST IN – Governor Newsom declares state of emergency in California over #monkeypox.


The WHO CDC and John Hopkins with their mass disinformation and mass mind control MSDNC MSM Mockingbird Fake News are spreading a whole catalog of “authoritative” nonsense which results in pseudo medical word salads of and for public discussions. This is what we expect. For starters everything they are stating so “authoritatively” is a basket of lies with false statistics to back the lies up. So much malignant confusion abounds. One can “believe” whatever they want. The social climate is ripe for such mass deceptions. — CRP

CDC = Cruel Death Conspirators

FDA = Fear Death Advocacy

NIH = Nihilism Idolatry Hypocrisy

WHO = World Homicide Organization

FAUCI = Fraudulent Arrogant Ugly Cruel Imbecile

GATES = Grotesque Arrogant Treacherous Evil Sociopath

Vladimir Zev Zelenko MD


Neurological disorders are only just getting started; Bell’s palsy, brain fog are the early onset signs

Dr. Chris Shaw;

People I know can no longer navigate, unable to walk, can no longer do maths

These are signs of early onset neurological disorders which have not yet fully developed





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TUCKER: Since the day Biden took office he has systematically politicized and weakened the U.S. military. General Mark Milley out there telling Congress that soldiers need to learn about ‘White rage’ otherwise they’ll be unprepared for combat. Firing Navy Seals because they won’t get the vaccine, drag shows on military bases. The point is humiliation and degradation. No one should be surprised recruitment is at record lows. A woke military, it’s a joke.

One must pity the New Yorkers that have to put up with this criminal “Obama Styled” political psychopath.

Getting rid of loose ends and incriminating evidence of the real DS 9/11 operation. The “official” lies go on and on……

The Earth is ripe and past due for its cosmic seasonal “NELE” events – now perhaps a grand finale “ELE”. The perennial “Secret Societies” (and cults) orbiting around the Crown Globalist NWO Elitist Tyranny know this “ELE” is imminent so it’s their planned World War Three with no holds barred now well in-progress playing for whatever will be left of humanity as well as all life on Earth. To these Satanic creatures whatever they stage for mutually assured destruction it will be all the same in the end. Might as well use the existing world populations for their monstrous (NAZI like) experiments and let all hell breakout as the End of the World is the End of the World by any other name to these demonic Satanists!

We are in a world war. Psychological Warfare (i.e. MSDNC MSM Mockingbird Fake News) mass mind control plays a major part (psycho-politics) as well as NBC and Scaler Warfare. Mass casualties (including from The VAX) are inevitable. One must choose their sides and battles most wisely. The technological components at play go far beyond conventional mindsets.

Nancy Pelosi is a psycho-criminal drunk. We are in comic book land here. The entire world knows that Pelosi is a psycho-criminal drunk. So….. it will be treated with according theatrics.

MSDNC Demonic-Rats (and rinos) lie for a living. They deploy (Marxist) psycho-politics and mass media deceptions (propaganda) as their political MO. This is what they do. When they promise anything that appears to be in the public interest it’s guaranteed to be a con and actually the exact opposite – time and time again – and one would think common sense would shut these traitorous psycho-criminals down!

The most fundamental premise of human reality, regardless of one’s belief in an “implanted” sense of preprogrammed ego-centric self-significance, is that the human race exists such as it is just as it is. Human idiosyncratic emotional drama is really just an arbitrary sideshow as there doesn’t seem to be anything enduring about it. Our World is God’s Creation within which human arts of artificial manifestation are intuitively “imparted” from God. Religiously speaking one is intuitively aware that these works are inspired or “gifted” by and from God and not from one’s ego-centric self. In this we are “called” to worship pray and “manifest” in recognition of this Divine Truth.

A basic premise of human reality, regardless of one’s belief in an “implanted” sense of preprogrammed ego-centric self-significance, is the human race exists such as it is just as it is. Human idiosyncratic emotional drama is a sideshow with nothing enduring about it. Our World is God’s Creation within which human arts of artificial manifestation are intuitively imparted “gifted” from God; not from one’s ego-centric self. Religiously we are “called” to worship in recognition of Divine Truth.


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