Top of the List 08-2022


Scammers (impersonators) are godless creatures that have no common sense; no moral conscience or ethical sense of consequence. In short – self-deluded little malignant criminally insane psychopaths (aka marxists; an ego’s nihilist wet dream) being willfully ignorant as sin – they are in fact a human virus infecting the social order w/ their malicious psycho-pathological disease. If you see a channel sending a Direct Message, It’s spam/fraud/phishing. Block User and Delete.

What’s considered “Top Secret” (“So Secret”) to the “Deep State” (Crown Globalist NWO Cabal) is any official (or unofficial) document that reveals and exposes Deep State agents crimes and high crimes against the US Constitutional Republic. It’s that simple. FBI on a fishing op to see what’s in DJT’s closet of secrets that will reveal the treason and crimes that the FBI and DOJ (and CIA) have been committing against The American People.

Joe Biden’s WH Press Sec Karine Jean-Pierre. What’s to be made of this inverted piece of script eh? She’s warning publicly American Patriots & Constitutional Conservatives are now considered “terrorist” enemy threats to “Our Democracy” & “Our Freedoms”. What she means by this “Our” is an “inversion” of “Our” in that “Our Democracy” is MSDNC Demonic-Rats stolen election “democracy” & illicit “freedoms” of MSDNC Demonic-Rat Criminal Elitist’s freedom to commit treasonous crimes & high crimes with impunity.

Mentions in Biden’s speech:

China: 0

Crime: 0

Inflation: 0

Fentanyl: 0

The Border: 0

Charlottesville: 1

January 6th: 2

Insurrection: 3

Donald Trump: 3

Extremism: 7

Violence: 10

MAGA: 13

Republicans: 16


Yeah but they are such a nuisance – so annoying cluttering up the channels. I had one agreeing with me about how pathetic he (assume it was a he) was but he needed $500.00 I guess to get something to eat! “They” are getting paid to do this…

How can you recognize a Direct Message? The first time it’s sent by the scammer, it has “ADD CONTACT” and “BLOCK USER”

Here , The channel, The Prisoner’s Record, is sending a member a personal message (PM) or direct message (DM). Channels cannot send a Direct Message to a user. It is fake!


“I have sworn upon the altar of god, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.”

~ Thomas Jefferson

Seems all the unconstitutional alphabet agencies are all Crown Globalist WEF NWO operatives. Common Sense dictates they all should not only be abolished but these operatives need be prosecuted for treason crimes and high crimes against We The People of the United States and The World.

God is all there really is, everything else is a delusion. Ockham’s Razor to a “T”! And all you really need to know…..

Just another twisted narrative by a DS psycho-political MSDNC Mockingbird; and, just what you’d expect!

There is absolutely “No Benefit” from this genocidal VAX Kill Shot. It’s a 100% liability physically and psychologically. This VAX is doing exactly what it is genetically engineered to do: make people insane diseased sick maimed and dead. And, it’s working just as we can see, and what we see is a tyranny of premeditated genocide. “They” can spin this anyway to the moon and back and it still is what it is as a matter of real world forensic facts.

Now I’m finding more and more I’m being blocked from posting comments on very interesting channels and sites. These are channels and sites that are aligned with initiatives that I’m in support of – but certain items of the Truth seem to be “inconvenient facts” needing to be “censored” even by those so passionate about the Truth – which makes for a very paradoxical situation. This is a psycho-political arena on all sides as it’s a Deep State political battle that’s playing out for which Truth is about accessory facts!

What’s considered “Top Secret” (“So Secret”) to the “Deep State” (Crown Globalist NWO Cabal) is any official (or unofficial) document that reveals and exposes Deep State agents crimes and high crimes against the US Constitutional Republic. It’s that simple.

Appears “The Enemy” has captured the leadership of all the United States Military. The bioweapon genocidal VAX “Kill Shot” is a patent symbol for “The Enemy Within the Gates”. What’s next?

Killing the kids was part of Herr Dr. Fauci’s plan. Herr Dr. Fauci is a thoroughly premeditated scum of the Big Pharma Industry and the WEF/WHO Agenda 2030 for the world. Diseased Maimed and Death are all dynamic parts of Herr Dr. Fauci’s plan.

Well, after all this is said and done Donald J. Trump’s gonna have a whole lot of explaining to do over the genocidal VAX “Kill Shots” that he is taking all the credit for in his “Operation Warp Speed” initiative. “Operation Warp Speed was a public–private partnership initiated by the United States government to facilitate and accelerate the development, manufacturing, and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, therapeutics, and diagnostics. Wikipedia Now what are we to make of this?

With an honest media, the American public would be most advanced, well-educated group of people on the face of the planet.

The media is absolutely the biggest threat facing America.

There is absolutely no benefit from this genocidal VAX Kill Shot. It’s a 100% liability physically and psychologically. This VAX is doing exactly what it is genetically engineered to do – make people insane diseased maimed and dead. And it’s working just as we can see.

But but but….. Durham’s got it all anyway. Right? FBI and EO just exposing themselves by these actions. Problem is there’s no uncorrupted body with any power to leverage in prosecution of these traitors and criminals who are now controlling the CIA FBI DOJ the FED and its IRS. Where is that just power going to come from? Still a mystery!

Now the Satanic Crown Globalist WEF WHO “Royal Elites” (directorates) want to spade and neuter the human population just like “They” do with domesticated animals and pets – (all of God’s Living Creations). This is precisely what we see!

Alex Jones is just having a “period” – you’ll have to forgive him…….

Well now with Herr Dr. Fauci’s “damage done” and “mission accomplished” Herr Dr. Fauci can retire with Dark Deep State advisor status with billons in misappropriated taxpayer funds. Taxpayers can now be exterminated all in due time. Well done Herr Dr. Fauci! Next Chapter should be Nuremberg 2.0.

I have never trusted Chuck Grassley as he has the same demeanor of public deception that characterizes Mike Pence and the rest of the criminal elitist psycho political crony crowd in Congress. Two faced with affected PR narratives for public display. We shall see!

The original Cyber Symposium was under a considerable threat alert – as I heard it – and it needed to be shut down at the last moment. Since then the 2020 Election Fraud Exposure (election fraud has been in play WW for decades now) has gained significantly more ground leading to an upcoming SC decision tba. We are in the midst of an ongoing WW3 and I don’t believe anything that’s happening is an “accident”.

Increasing “Monkey Pox” cases. Doesn’t have anything to do with the gay sex community; it’s the WHO CDC MSM networks misdirection misinformation and disinformation, it’s the “VAX Pox” in reality; in other words it’s in and from the VAX itself as well as AIDS causing “adverse reactions” that can appear after many months or years later as the VAX gradually degrades the human body’s autoimmune system. All these CDC “diversions” are premeditated misdirections to cover up and confuse the public reality of these VAX “Kill Shots”.

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