Projection Gaslighting (1)

Projection Gaslighting. The Infiltrated Enemy of The People and The US Constitutional Republic (not democracy) deploy this marxist psycho-political technique incessantly (i.e. Saul D Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals) To Mind Control the Public Mindsets using Depth Psychological Programming with DS (CIA scripted narratives) Propaganda and Deception – the #1 device of which is incessant bare face lying and just “making stuff up” in order to deceptively control The People. Lying is their MO. Lying to The People is what “They” do. Censorship of the Truth and Forensic Facts is what “They” do.

Projection Gaslighting. The Infiltrated Enemy of The People’s US Constitutional Republic deploy this marxist psycho-political technique incessantly (i.e. Saul D Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”) to Mind Control Public Mindsets using Depth Psychological Programming w/ DS (CIA scripted narratives) Propaganda & Deception #1 device is incessant bare face lying & “making stuff up” to deceptively control The People. Lying is their MO. Lying to The People & Censorship of Truth & Facts is what “They” do.

The MSDNC DS Mockingbird MSM Fake News with Demonic-Rats and RINOs

These are Traitorous Marxist Psycho-Political Criminals acting as infiltrating proxies for the Crown Royals Globalist Elitist UN WEF WHO NWO Satanic One World Government Tyranny over all The People on Earth.

What’s considered “Top Secret” (“So Secret”) to the “Deep State” (Crown Globalist NWO Cabal) is any official (or unofficial) document that reveals and exposes Deep State agents crimes and high crimes against the US Constitutional Republic. It’s that simple. FBI on a fishing op to see what’s in DJT’s closet of secrets that will reveal the treason and crimes that the FBI and DOJ (and CIA) have been committing against The American People.

☝️☝️☝️ The way the Deep State thinks, the President is just some temporary asshole puppet who does what he’s told. The unelected Deep State bureaucracy is the real power behind the office of the President.

So it’s all been a game of make-believe to this point.

Up until TRUMP.

A President doesn’t really have any true authority to declassify their deep dark secrets. That’s what this raid is about.

All the chatter about empty folders and seized clothes Miss the point.

Focus on the EMPTY SAFE.

They were led to sincerely believe Trump had something stored in that safe and they wanted it back.

Whatever it was.

What was it?

These Biden creatures knowingly lie about everything right into the public faces expecting their lies to be perceived as facts. Their patent contempt for The People knows no bounds.

And as one remembers the MSDNC Demonic-Rat’s (and RINOs) Satanic Election Stealer’s Presidential Inauguration ceremony was a replica of The Third Reich NAZI ceremonies. This is Joe Biden’s Presidential Psycho-Political (NWO) motif. Now we have a raving NAZI styled “dramatizing psychotic” threatening violence against US (The American People). Absolutely disgusting!

They (MSDNC Demonic-Rats & RINOs) “project” who and what they really are onto their political opponents and the American public as a marxist (dialectic) psycho-political “technique” with gaslighted “Wrap Up Smearing” and with lies and deceptive deflection of public attention away from public detection of their own treasonous crimes and high crimes which are hidden behind a smokescreen of “Secrets of State” and pseudo “official” classifications.

Kash discusses the absurdity of Merrick Garland telling employees at the DOJ not to contact Congress to discourage whistleblowers.

“Anyone employed by the US government can go into Congress… and say I am a witness to fraud, waste and abuse.”

Just think about how desperate they are right now. There are so many patriots coming forward to report corruption that the head of law enforcement had to tell the entire DOJ to keep their mouths shut.

In other words, we are winning. BIG!

Joe Biden, you said, “there is no place for political violence in America, period.. we the people must say, ‘this is not who we are.’”

The left is the party of violence.

Your party owes a debt to society for many killed & over $2 billion in destruction of American communities.


What is the name of America’s most Radical Domestic Terrorist Violent Extremist Group (RDTVEG) that has done the following:?

Armed Robbery of the Winter White House and James O’Keefe of Project Veritas to seize material that would implicate themselves (the named RDTVEG)

Assault, Battery and Kidnappings of Roger Stone, Peter Navarro, Steve Bannon.

Witness intimidation of General Flynn, George Papadopolous, Carter Page, Roger Stone

Contempt of the FISA Court.

Attempted murder/assassination of a midwest Governor.

Terrorism/assault/battery of Dr Simone Gold, and all arrested for excercizing their 1A inside a federal building.

Parental abuse/intimidation at school board meetings and obstructing an official proceeding as well as first amendment brutalization.

Intimidation of a private companies to censor Biden criminal Syndicate laptop crimes, facilitating the sale of illegal substances and products causing the genocidal death rate and maiming of those coerced into the forced consumption of these murderous products. (Face toilets, PCR tests, Clot Shots)

Obstructing an investigation into the above mentioned Biden/BigTech/Pharma facilitated crimes by coercing those same companies to divert attention and resources towards Ukraine and bribe Ukraine for destruction of evidence related to the Hunter Biden corruption that the legitimate president was investigating.

I’m sure I missed a few others.

What the Joe Biden mob consider as “democracy” is the freedom of the traitorous criminal psycho-political MSDNC Demonic-Rats and RINOs “elite” (class) to commit treason crimes and high crimes against Americans and The Republic with impunity in accordance with their NWO WEF WHO Marxist Agenda 2030.

Yeah but they are such a nuisance – so annoying cluttering up the channels. I had one agreeing with me about how pathetic he (assume it was a he) was but he needed $500.00 I guess to get something to eat! “They” are getting paid to do this…

Joe Biden’s WH Press Sec Karine Jean-Pierre. What’s to be made of this inverted piece of script eh? She’s warning publicly American Patriots & Constitutional Conservatives are now considered “terrorist” enemy threats to “Our Democracy” & “Our Freedoms”. What she means by this “Our” is an “inversion” of “Our” in that “Our Democracy” is MSDNC Demonic-Rats stolen election “democracy” & illicit “freedoms” of MSDNC Demonic-Rat Criminal Elitist’s freedom to commit treasonous crimes & high crimes with impunity.

Marxism “commissioned” by Crown aka Globalist NWO (Plan for Global Governance by Counterfeiting “Elite”) a seditious psycho-political “blueprint” for infiltrating & overthrowing sovereign nation states by implementing a Communist State in denigration & replacement of any Sovereign Constitutional Status. Deployed against Russian Royal Family and Russian State; further to initiate World War 2 (designed by MI6) to take over all of Russia; then China and many other states WW incl. the USA. This is what Marxism is; and what we see in current events. It’s a Satanic Operation.

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