Brazil (BRICS+) 2022 (2)

The Brazilian Military just completed their election analysis and reported that there were no election anomalies. The DS tentacles run deep everywhere. What will the US military do even though we know that they know everything. This is a DS game that’s playing out no matter what the general consensus. Election fraud perpetrated by the same treasonous principals is everywhere. We know who they are. So, now what? —crp

Brazil military finds no evidence of election fraud, dashing hopes of Bolsonaro supporters

As riots ERUPT in Brazil, the military has now stepped in and gotten involved.

They plan to release ALL of the evidence of the fraudulent election.

I’m seeing various states like AZ having issues as well. I mean even the lotto machine had issues last night.

Clearly our elections are going to have issues.

The left have to cheat to win and if they do this time big honestly I think Jan 6 might be overshadowed with a much bigger riot probably the one the size of the Brazilian ones if the left screws us all over again.

Stay safe and peaceful folks.

Already getting reports from people that various NC counties have voting machines that are down. Call the Board of Elections. Do NOT let them get away with this! —Peter Boykin

BOMBSHELL REPORT: Brazilian Leaders and Military purportedly Planning to Release EVIDENCE OF A CORRUPTED ELECTION within the week.-GWP

🇨🇳 Now BRICS unites Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. A number of other countries want to join the economic bloc, including Argentina and Iran. The Chinese Foreign Ministry said that several more countries are “knocking on the door” of the BRICS – these are Indonesia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. The bloc of leading developing countries continues to expand its economic and political influence. —George News

Brazil 🇧🇷 The people are calling for the military to save them from a corrupt Globalism sponsored government who stole an election.

This one isn’t going away.

—Kennedy TV

Tucker Carlson: The CIA has been interfering in the Brazilian elections for more than a year, pressuring the office of President Jair Bolsonaro not to question the elections.

Look: Bolsonaro vows to ‘follow the Constitution’ but DOES NOT concede. Many people in his administration have given signs of beginning the transition, but the president has not.

We know FOR A FACT, that’s not a theory, that Military has audit firms looking into the vote. Internet BUZZ says it will surface in one or two days. THIS IS NOT OVER.


Brazilian Patriots Rise up for Bolsonaro and Surround Military Command in Rio De Janeiro

This demonstration at Duque de Caxias Palace is one of many protests erupting across Brazil.

Brazilians don’t want to live under the boot of the World Economic Forum and refuse to accept Lula as their leader.


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Mike Lindell just said 5.1 Million votes stolen from Brazilian President Bolsonaro through voting machines

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About May 2022 of this year…

🇺🇸❌🇧🇷 — CIA director urged Bolsonaro to stop doubting Brazil’s voting system – report

The CIA director William Burns urged Jair Bolsonaro to stop questioning his country’s voting system, it has been claimed, amid growing fears the Brazilian president might refuse to accept defeat in this year’s election.

Polls suggest Bolsonaro, a far-right populist famed for his adulation of Donald Trump, will struggle to secure a second term when about 150 million Brazilians head to the polls in October to choose their next leader.

Bolsonaro’s leftist rival, the former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, is currently in pole position, and will formally announce his candidacy at a convention in São Paulo this weekend.


So they knew in May of 2022 about the DS plans to steal the Brazilian election (on election night no less by electronic means) they knew this was the DS plan. Just as in the 2020 election. —crp

The people of Brazil are not taking kindly to stolen elections.

The mainstream media refuses to report on these massive protests in support of Bolsonaro.

As of now, he has yet to formally concede.

We the People stand with Brazilian Patriots.



Truckers and farmers taking cues from the Canadians, blocking roads to protest against the thieving Kabal puppet president.

All hell is going to break lose. If the cops stand down, Lula has no protection, except the military. And if the military stand down, he’s screwed. Lol 😂

Unlike the Canadians, the Brazilians are super aggressive and they don’t have a problem with escalating this fight. You’re fighting for your life and the future of your kids, how is it this not going to be violent?

BOOOM! Huge demo planned for tomorrow in Brazil outside Country’s main military HQ demanding they intervene over sham election.

Where were the Canadians when Turdeau stole their elections?? They need to take cues from the Brazilians.

Brazil 🇧🇷 Military is welcomed by the people in Rio de Janeiro. #Bolsonaro

]The world is watching. 🙏❤️🌎

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