Dr. Jane Ruby 2022

The reason things went the way of the Democrats and their communism is BECAUSE OF THE FAILURES AND CORRUPTION OF THE FILTHY RINO REPUBLICANS

They sold us out, they sold us down the river, I told you in 2017, there is no difference between the establishment GOP and the institutional Left

Republicans watched as Americans lost their businesses.

Republicans sat silent as babies and children were injected with a bioweapon poison.

Republicans sit by and watched Americans suffer and die.

Republicans sat quietly, while our country was taken over by Marxists

Make no mistake about it, and that includes you Ron Johnson, and you Rand Paul, and you Jim Jordan, and all the rest of you bastards, who sat silently, ran a few dog and pony shows, and then ended up sending out a donate card.

May you all meet your justice and your karma.

About 2012 Convergence

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