All right Patriots 2022

All right, Patriots…. I KNOW many of you have lost your shit tonight. I also understand it and why.

I will be working on a major decode on all this tonight, but I want to make a couple of points to make this very clear.

1. He said, and I quote, “I’m announcing my candidacy for President of the United States….”..

Period… NO 2024 was mentioned in that statement. Please don’t read something in that wasn’t there.

2. Don’t forget people…. MILLIONS are watching this that have not been watching rallies.

Remember too, the entire World’s media is there covering it. People hearing what they need to hear that the media has not covered, to the biggest audience ever.

3. Trump announced he’s running, so they can’t arrest him.

4. Events are coming and have to happen. The focus is back on him. They can no longer silence him.

And, we know the Scare Event must happen. It’s ramping up rapidly as you have seen for weeks, and in particular today in our posts.

5. In the Original US Constitution, derived from the 1777 AOC, and as discussed here again today, Inauguration Day is March 4. We know we are going back to rhe Original US Constitution after it all goes down.

6. If our movement is freaking out…can you imagine what the [ds] is doing and how emboldened they’ll be now thinking they have more time and committing more treasonous acts for all to see?

And finally – He said in the very beginning of his speech the country will not make it to 2024. MILITARY IS THE ONLY WAY FORWARD.

Good grief. CALM DOWN.

Talk tomorrow.

Tironianae Z

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