FROGS 22-11-16

Patriots and Frog Family

Ok many are upset that PRESIDENT Trump announced he was running for president last night. Now wanna read why you shouldn’t be so upset? I frog double dare ya not to be upset after reading thru even some of these points.

• The U. S. Military High Command administered an oath of office to President Trump on January 19, 2021, extending his term as the elected chief executive officer of the American republic. That term continues in effect today and is renewed every three months.

• Under the 1807 Insurrection Act that President Trump signed in January 2021, Trump turned the govt over to the US Military.

• In a report published on January 13, 2021 entitled “Globalist Election Thieves Are Now The Hunted”, this was stated: “President Trump, with the lawful aid of federal military and intelligence capabilities, has discovered the treasonous actions which undertook to steal the presidential election and the two Senate seats of Georgia. Regardless of party, any person who knowingly aided and abetted that objective faces a serious criminal indictment. These actions appear to be concerted action in the nature of insurrection. President Trump may have signed a declaration invoking the Insurrection Act after receiving an investigative report compiled under an executive order signed in 2018 to protect against election fraud. The insurrectionists hope to evade capture and prosecution by accusing Trump of their crimes and capturing him before they themselves are arrested. That is a risk to Americans, but very unlikely to be the outcome.”

• Since that report of January 13, 2021, several additional reports published have reiterated evidence and conclusions that America is in a state of insurrection. Martial law has been invoked and continues to be administered by the Military High Command at present, even though no formal announcement has been made to the public.

• Oooo now here’s some mighty interesting info: “As POTUS on Tuesday by the DoD which happens every three months, under the 1807 Insurrection Act President Trump signed in January 2021, turned the govt over to the US Military.  General David Berger is the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Commandant of the US Marine Corps and one of the Marshalls of the Martial Law.  General John Hyten, USAF is another Marshall. 

• President Trump has a secret govt since the CCP has paid trillions of dollars in bribes to control the USA and the fraudulent election. 

• Mike Pompeo was arrested for accepting bribes from China as was Kamala Harris (or double) and Joe Biden (or double) and Jill Biden for treason.  They are wearing ankle monitors.  The real Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were tried years ago in military tribunals and convicted and executed.  They were replaced with doubles as were the Clintons and others who were executed after being convicted of treason. (We knew this!)

• Think logically (and strategically) on this point. Why did Trump announce he was running for President when he is already president…millions of folks worldwide were watching. Many sheep heard for the first time what we all have come to know. In essence, Trump is forcing the media to cover him. Is that not brilliant??? The Msm was refusing to cover him or his rallies unless they could put their negative spin on it.

• A sitting president can not be arrested. Announcing he is running for president (optics) prevents the Deep-state from arresting him. (Another brilliant play by Trump).

• Events are enroute and have to happen such as dams and other sites blown; stockmarket collapse; WW3 scare event. The focus is now back on Trump. They can no longer silence him.

• We know we are preparing to go back to the original US Constitution but not just for the USA… worldwide.

• If Trump’s base is freaking out, can you imagine just how the deep state is now celebrating? They will continue to flaunt their treasonous acts without worry. (Yes, another brilliant trap set by Trump )

• Now do you understand why Q repeatedly said “Military is the only way?

• Finally remember this is a movie and many things must be done for “optics” to wake up the sheep.

Its now time to have faith and Trust the plan… trust in Trump and the White Hats…more importantly put your trust in God for this plan is brilliantly flawless and flawlessly brilliant. So let’s just watch it all play out now. This is the “action adventure” portion of the movie. So now as Twitter’s American Patriot has posted “Do you feel you are at the Precipice? Then you know we are there. Strong Patriots. WATCH what is next. BIBLICAL. You will remember this moment forever.”

Frogs… there is so very much going on right now. We are no longer on the defensive…we have taken over the offensive. We are winning…we have won!!! So its time to buckle up and load your weapon…the only weapon we have ever needed….TRUTH….and let’s get back to doing what we have become so damn good at…keeping the enemy off balanced and confused. Its time my family. Its time that we show them all that we have evolved into the fiercest warriors…let your frog become the lion that has been held deep down inside of you. Yes we ARE Flynn’s F.R.O.G.s and will always remain Fully Reliant On God. Its time to rise up and let the enemy feel our ROAR. The White Hats are delivering their punch to them. We are one of Trump’s hidden trump cards. They never saw us coming. Stand strong! Stand tough..stand united. We got this!!! YOU got this! Show NO fear. Never let them have that power to enslave us again! ROAR BABY ROAR!!!

Love and a louder voice to all. Lets go team! Lets enjoy what the coming day has in store. We are one day closer to the finish line.

Mar ❤️❤️❤️ 11/16/22

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