The Red Wave is Happening

The RED WAVE did happen!

It was very important for everyone to vote, even if the ] DS] did steal the election as planned. The important factor is later the real numbers WILL come out and the U.S.Mil and several agencies were Watching in real time.

( You have to understand the U.S. mil. And certain government org. Have three most powerful computers on Earth. In Hawaii. Florida, Denver. Cheyenne mnt. [ Seized Denver AIRPORT D.U.M.B ]>White hats in Silicon valley)/////

Do you think it was just coincidence that FTX scandal broke in the middle of ELECTIONS<

What other crypto agencies are in the [ kill box]

With TRUMP running for President.. The last of the SWAMP RINOs Will be EXPOSED and those who colluded with DNC . Big tech. > CRYPTO LAUNDERING</


Personal note;

I was never angry at the current Elections

, For Two years now it’s been revealed to you that Military Operations are in place. ( Through the world.. Hence fall of UKRAINE. Money Laundering ops. Fall of ROTHSCHILDs.Fall of Nights of Malta in VATICAN.Fall of the Queen. Fall of the FIAT CENTRAL BANKING….)////

These world operations are now getting ready to center on U.S. DEEP STATE OPS.//)))


U.S. are the NEXT IN THE LINE OF SITE<[.  ]





[ CCP]

*You were WARNED the three branches of government are foreign captured operations.

and DOJ  .fbi. and 3 letter agencies are corrupt and the only way to solve the problem is….

MILITARY is the only way.

And it’s been happening behind the scenes.

And continues to loud Thunderous OVERT ops.

You are beginning to see… U.S. Officials publicly money laundering to UKRAINE and receiving the money back in donations….

( This public information dropped is very very important)//// Everything leads to MILITARY INTERVENTION…. EVERYTHING//// THIS HAS LONG BEEN THE PLAN



Shall we play a game<

_EVENT coming up<

The scare EVENT

Q The Storm Rider

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