Election 2022 (3)

Kari Lake doesn’t mince words when it comes to Katie Hobbs and her puppet masters:

“They had to rig the election in broad daylight…. that is how dangerous I am to their plan to keep this state run by the cartels…. pushing drugs across, trafficking people, trafficking children. It is absolutely appalling and this state is gonna go to hell in a handbasket if Katie Hobbs is allowed to take control.”

But….. the J6 Committee is the “insurrection” – and is filled with a cast of enemies of the People of the United States Constitutional Republic. They are it!. Now this is clear enough to any moron with a modicum of common sense. So, what’s to be done about it? Everyone on the J6 Committee is guilty of premeditated treason. If this Nation is to survive everyone of them must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. —crp



Townhall The trial court judge in Kari Lake’s election lawsuit predictably threw out her case on Saturday, putting on a sham trial that on the surface looked fair to the general public that doesn’t know any better, but to legal minds was a travesty of justice. Share on FacebookShare on Twitter

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Here’s some of the damning evidence that was introduced in AZ during the Kari Lake trial:

Bombshells dropped during Kari Lake’s trial, revealing how corrupt Arizona elections actually were


Kari’s Lakes case is far from over. She said at the outset she would appeal any ruling all the way to the US Supreme court if necessary.

The next step is filing with the Arizona Supreme Court. I would expect a motion for an injunction to be filed immediately. Given the time frame of the swearing in of the new Governor, her case should be expedited. Keep your powder dry.

The judge is complicit with the crimes and treason. Just passing the buck. The overwhelming evidence is clear enough to any reasonable moron. Some DS “OGA” made him an offer he couldn’t refuse! That much is certain. —crp

The longer this process runs on (from one dismissal to the next) the more time these demonic-rats and rinos have to cover their treasonous tracks. It realistically appears that all the judges along with the entire judicial system is irredeemably compromised by criminally “normalized” treason. US Elections are degraded to a psycho-political spectacle by which the vote counting is controlled by covert ops deep state agencies that just play MSM psycho games with the public mind. —crp

The judge in Kari Lake’s election case did not rule in her favor.

She will now appeal his ruling.

The Bogus J6 Committee has no standing. They are doing Drunken Nancy’s “wrap up smearing” thing – putting all their “projected” bogus claims into the MSDNC controlled MSM and Social Media to feed their public’s delusions of their criminally inverted reality —crp

The 2020 (and 2022) election was so rigged and stolen that is plain for everyone to now see. As an American citizen, I want a full and complete investigation done immediately. If people committed crimes, especially of sedition or worse, treason, they must be held to account. —Gen Flynn

Kari Lake’s attorney is dropping red pills:

“This case is also about a secret censorship operation set up by the government that would make Orwell blush. You have the federal government creating an election misinformation reporting portal specifically for state and local election officials which ties them directly with social media companies like Twitter and Facebook and allows the election officials to immediately flag and take down information to censor people that they find objectionable. This is a secret operation. This is an affront to the first amendment. There is evidence in the record that these officials, such as Stephen Richer, were participating in it during the campaign.”

But then there’s Dominion – certainly a major “foreign actor” in elections worldwide. That is the BOE MI6 UN WEF WHO – Deep State players are all “foreign actors” if the Truth be told. —crp

Elon Musk tweeted Twitter is both a social media company and a crime scene.

The FBI has their hands all over this crime scene. It’s only a matter of time before they are dismantled. They are one of the tentacles working for the Kabal.


List of FBI/CIA Agents Still Employed at Twitter

1. Kevin Michelena – current Twitter Sr. Corporate Security Analyst. Ex FBI Intelligence Analyst 12 years

2. Doug Hunt – current Twitter Senior Director. Ex FBI Special Agent 20 years.

3. Mark Jaroszewski – current Twitter Director Corporate Security/Risk. Ex FBI 20 years.

4. Douglas Turner – current Twitter Senior Manager, Corporate and Executive Security Services. Ex FBI 14 years. Ex Secret Service 7 years.

5. Patrick G. – current Twitter Head of Corporate Security. Ex FBI Special Agent 23 years.

6. Karen Walsh – current Twitter Director – Corporate Resilience. Ex FBI Special Agent 21 years.

7. Russell Handorf – current Twitter Senior Staff Technical Program Manager. Ex FBI 10 years.

8. Michael B. – current Twitter Senior Corporate Security Manager. Ex FBI 23 years.

9. Vincent Lucero – current Twitter Senior Security Manager. Ex FBI Special Agent 22 years.

10. Kevin L. – current Twitter Corporate Security Manager. Ex FBI Special Agent 25 years.

11. Matthew W. – current Twitter Senior Director of Product Trust, Revenue Policy, and Counsel Systems & Analytics. Ex FBI 15 years.

12. Claire O. – current Twitter Senior Corporate Security Analyst. Ex FBI 8 years.

13. Bruce A. – current Twitter Director, Corporate Security. Ex FBI 23 years.

14. Jeff Carlton – current Twitter Senior Manager. Ex FBI & CIA Intelligence Analyst 3 years.

🔗 Source

Patrick Conlon, head of Twitter’s Elections & Crisis Response revealed in the #TwitterFiles as pushing to remove conservative content, was one of the former Obama-era officials responsible for the unmasking of @RealGenFlynn!

Conlon was the director of the White House Office of Intergovernmental Affairs (OIA).

Prior to his term at Twitter, Conlon worked in intelligence for the DOD.


h/t Chris M

General Flynn explains how we fix our elections, and it starts at the county level:

“People in counties have the responsibility for our election systems. If you accept money from the state or you accept money from the federal government for machines….. and you take that, and you take the money that comes with it, then guess what? Then they own you…..

Every county can run its election their own way. Just don’t take the money from the state or federal.”

I joined @CharlieKirk today to discuss the voter disenfranchisement that occurred at the hands of Maricopa County officials this election.

What they have done is evil. It is vindictive. And according to the Attorney General it is illegal.

The AG’s office has outlined a litany of allegedly illegal violations of Arizona election law.

This election must not be certified until an exhaustive investigation and complete adjudication of the issues has been permitted to occur.

“The timing of the release of the Hunter Biden laptop report was impeccable. You could use the report by Marco Polo to research people who were running in the midterms. Friends linked to Maricopa told me before the results came that the primary reason for the steal was to hinder investigations into Biden, which makes sense because we can do a lot with the majority in the House.”

Watch my portion of today’s MG Show here:


Rule of thumb: if it is anything demonicratic or rino mob it stinks with fraud. Seek and ye shall find it! —crp

It the election “malfunctions” are orchestrated and stage managed demonic-rat malfeasance to sabotage the vote. No two ways about it. This obvious treason must be investigated and prosecuted everywhere it’s found – in all areas affected. —crp

Nothing to see here, it’s just Clark County Commissioner Jim Gibson getting caught on a hot mic saying he “doesn’t give a shit” about the public comments from voters right before certifying their own fraudulent election here in Nevada.

James B. Gibson – District G. ccdistg@ClarkCountyNV.gov (702) 455-5561

Bolsonaro just filed a legal challenge to the election results that alleges votes from some of the machines should be invalidated.

We know the election was stolen.

Let’s pray that the world finds out.




Mike Lindell on Arizona. He is right about the Demonrats not being able to certify this election. They are certifying their own deaths. Lol 😂

Oh I love watching this sting operation unravel as the Left digs themselves a bigger hole. Everything was caught on video on how the theft took place. No judge is going allow this election to be certified. If they do, then they are in on it. Checkmate. This is what you call 5D chess.


Apparently Western-style “democracy” is less than 10 agitators pushing a foreign-sponsored agenda on 70 million other people…

We’ve been lied to about EVERYTHING.

No more.

They can’t stop it.

Monday. 5 PM ET.


I forget…… when was election day? (when all the votes are counted without days and weeks delays) Where are all the belated MSDNC demonic-rat votes now coming from? This is obvious scam especially since all MSDNC demonic-rats know how to do is scam The People (citizens) and cheat the system. —crp

Next time a Democrat screams “Voter Suppression!” kindly remind them a Democrat appointed judge refused to keep the polls open a few more hours in Maricopa County after 20%+ of polling places experienced severe malfunctions that disenfranchised thousands of conservative voters.

The “Rot” has been stealthy infiltrating for hundreds of years. It’s up to The People and their Constitutionally Elected Leadership nationwide to clean this “Rot” out to its core. This is an Epic process; not an “overnight sensation”. Let’s Roll with it! —crp

Katie Hobbs is a traitorous cheating lying criminal “Enemy of The People”. Excellent credentials for a MSDNC demonic-rat. —crp

HOW IT’S DONE: Over 3 Million Brazilians Protest Election Fraud – Bolsonaro to Annul the Steal!

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “To eliminate cheating, I will immediately demand voter ID, same day voting and only paper ballots.”

Channel: @JFK_TV

The focus should not be on retribution per se, it should be on disclosure of all the facts related to this treason and where all this leads to the source of this treason. After that the public can do with these criminals what they want….. —-crp

MARICOPA COUNTY, AZ: The Chairman of Maricopa County, Bill Gates, came out a month and a half ago saying the [GOP] has to lose. This is the guy running our elections

How much of the IRS-Ukraine-FTX-DNC money made it into Arizona? Needs to be investigated! #ArrestThemAll

President Trump once told us, with the military standing behind him, that power was being given back to We the People.

I still believe that.

It may not be happening as fast as we’d like, and at times it may feel like all hope is lost. But I still have faith that we will win in the end.

More people are awake than at any other point in our history, and these elections will certainly open more eyes to how corrupt and rigged our system is.

So stay in the fight. This is far from over 🇺🇸


It is likely to assume that if the “military” (so called “white hats”) acted upon all the more than obvious evidence of orchestrated election / voter fraud committed by the Real Enemies of The Nation and its People; and act in the most timely fashion – the MSDNC with their malignant demonic-rat and rino psycho-criminal zombies will wantonly riot in the streets across the country causing untold mass mayhem and murder in The Nation’s Cities; one way or another this is inevitable but now so many of The People have woken up to this existential forensic reality they’re better prepared for that inevitability. It’s being stated the “The Military is the Only Way” (final option) and it must act to secure The Nation; and the The Time to Act is obviously Now! —crp

Did you know that under Arizona law, a voter may correct a rejected mail-in ballot due to a mismatched signature up to five business days after the election (Nov. 15, 2022)?

Alaska, Nevada and Arizona and any other state still tabulating their elections are an embarrassment to the Nation. The fastest way to uncover this gross incompetence fomented and facilitated by career politicians like Mike Pence, Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy, Paul Ryan is with a #SpeakerTrump

I’m projecting Kari Lake, Joe Kent, Mark Finchem, Abe Hamadeh to win unless they do not declare victory by Monday night because on Tuesday they will be able to fully steal the elections as everyone will be diverted to the Trump Announcement and Mikey Pence’s psyop campaign to promote his book on Tuesday. We are running out of time in the court of public opinion and if they slow roll through Tuesday they will have stolen the House, Senate, Arizona and NV and any remaining steals that can steal like Alaska with Murkowski. —Ivan Raiklin

US tax dollars went to Ukraine in the form of military and humanitarian aid. Ukraine partnered with FTX and invested heavily. The Founder/CEO of FTX was 2nd largest donor to Democrat Party, PACs and candidates, second only to Soros. FTX was the intermediary for money laundering.

Channel: @JFK_TV

A MAGA congressional candidate from TX lost 34,000 votes in 24 minutes.

Reports of this happening all over the country.

Blake Masters (R), Candidate for Senate, Arizona joined Tucker to discuss the state of the Arizona Election

Blake Masters: “… so people, when they got to a machine and the machine didn’t work, they were told to just drop their ballot in a secure box ‘We’ll count these later’. Turns out, Maricopa County in at least two occasions mixed up those uncounted ballots with ballots that had already been counted. So it’s a giant disaster… I think the most honest thing to do, at this point, would be for Maricopa County to wipe the slate clean…and do a fresh count…”


Demonic-Rats didn’t “win” anything – they cheated and they stole it (in plain sight) and they’re getting away with this treason. Demonic-Rats and their Pet Rinos are on George Soro’s payroll. You can bet on that! —crp

This election finagling is in your face in all these “strategic” locations – the premeditated and orchestrated election fraud evidence is overwhelming. —crp

The media is purposely attempting to psyop maga into hopelessness and despair.

Your rejection of their black pills is a proverbial middle finger to the establishment.

Become a rebel in the best way.

A rebel that refuses to let go of hope.

Fraud Treason!

Delaware County Pennsylvania. Camera 7. Woman filling in blank ballots and stamping them! A Uniformed Officer

standing right there watching!

Channel: @JFK_TV

WE WON! Pelosi is gone, we take Congress and, if we can stop their very obvious CHEATING, will also take the Senate. Big Victory, don’t be stupid. Stand on the rooftops and shout it out loud! —DJT

Don’t buy the MSDNC DS MSM Mockingbird “Kool Aid” (perhaps laced with LSD) Things are not what they appear to be. The demonic-rats and their pet rinos cheated again big time and many eyes were and are watching. They had to cheat because cheating is all that they’ve got. Now that cheating needs to be addressed for what it is = Treason! —crp

TUCKER: Democrats drag out election results in order to count convenient ballot harvested dumps filled with enough votes they need to win

The premeditated election / voter fraud – the experiential evidence is overwhelming. Obviously! I mean it’s so obvious “officialdom” must be living in some malignant Twilight Zone literally. It’s an utter insult to human common sense dignity and integrity. These election players represent the real criminals in this nation and on this planet! And, it seems they’re all getting their briefings and MO’s from a common source. —crp

The Brazilian Military just completed their election analysis and reported that there were no election anomalies. The DS tentacles run deep everywhere. What will the US military do even though we know that they know everything. This is a DS game that’s playing out no matter what the general consensus. Election fraud perpetrated by the same treasonous principals is everywhere. We know who they are. So, now what? —crp

Let’s take a hard look at the Red Wave Syndrome and expectations. The Truth of this is that it is a Government of The People, By The People, and For The People. This means that it is up to The People to reclaim their Constitutional inheritance. It’s not up to Donald Trump to “Save The People” – it’s up to The People to save themselves. Donald Trump is providing Constitutional leadership to that end. If The People don’t feel that a Red Wave was in effect then it’s up to The People to take action to resolve their expectations. Reclaiming The People’s Republic is up to The People. C’mon People – let’s get it on! —crp


Fraud sweeps America as voting machine errors, halted voter counts, and other problems sweep the nation during 2022 midterm elections.

America is falling apart from the inside!

Former Trump surrogate, Tana Goertz, joins to expose the tactics of the Democrats that lead to lying, sweeping elections. Our system is rigged against us, by the people in power against us!


Whether Kari Lake for AZ governor wins or loses is beside the point. AZ has been ground zero for massive demonic-rat election fraud and this current election is no exception. The election fraud is obvious. The now adage is that if the 2020 election fraud is not prosecuted then 2022 or 2024 doesn’t matter – these demonic-rat election fraudsters are still controlling election outcomes. All I can say is Kari Lake better win! And the demonic-rat election fraudsters must be prosecuted for their treason. —crp

Kash Patel addresses the doomers:

“It’s ridiculous. The mission for 2022 was stop the Joe Biden agenda and we are on the verge of doing that.

Congress controls the money. The Senate controls the appointments & the budgeting process – and we are on the verge of capturing that, and the Dems know that…

So Laxalt’s gonna win. That gets us to 50 or 51, and then we’re gonna have the Georgia runoff.

So, that’s it! We did it! In an off-cycle year.”

BOOM! Stay in the fight, Patriots 🇺🇸

—Kash Patel

The Joe Biden Syndrome = Malignant Delusional Criminal Dementia anyone? —crp

The ConInc and MSM programmers are going to try to convince you that last night was a loss, a disaster for MAGA and for Trump.

Don’t you let them.

They want you demoralized, angry, and depressed so that you don’t recognize the wins we got last night and the momentum that we have.

They’re telling you that it’s “time to move on from Trump.”

That “Election Deniers” cost the GOP, and we should have run more “moderate (weak)” candidates.


The ConInc and MSM Establishment want to take us back to the UniParty days.

That’s NEVER going to happen.

The Red Wave was real and you were part of it.

To stop the Red Wave, they had to cheat and pull extreme stunts.

Right now, it looks to me like GOP takes the House and Senate remains split 50/50. Lake might yet win in AZ, Finchem, too. Do you think they will just forget about Masters? No way.

Do you think 2024 is going to be a smaller red wave than last night? Not a chance.

—Just Human

We will have plenty of time to point fingers in a few days. Kari is about to win and it looks increasingly likely Blake does as well based on Maricopa drops breaking heavily his way. All eyes on Arizona. Let’s go! }Charlie Kirk

As riots ERUPT in Brazil, the military has now stepped in and gotten involved.

They plan to release ALL of the evidence of the fraudulent election.

Ric Grenell says that the data shows a red wave in Arizona.

Let’s go Patriots.

“I am absolutely confident that Kari Lake will be governor of Arizona, Abe Hamadeh will be the Attorney General of Arizona, and I believe that we are on the cusp of seeing Blake Masters completely upset the East Coast media… We will then have a Republican controlled Senate…

This is based on the data…

They couldn’t believe how many election day votes they had… the Republicans have been winning those votes by overwhelming margins.”


While in certain ways yesterday’s election was somewhat disappointing, from my personal standpoint it was a very big victory – 219 WINS and 16 Losses in the General – Who has ever done better than that? —DJT

A lot of Republican candidates and willfully blind campaign managers that refused to believe that our election system is rigged, have an opportunity before them.

If yesterday didn’t wake you up, nothing will.

Every victimized candidate has an opportunity to challenge certification of their election.

In New Mexico in particular, our machines are illegal under black letter law.

Stop running a race with your eyes closed and in fear.

Your elections were stolen.

If you can’t even muster the strength to say it, you had no business leading anyone in the first place.

—The Professor’s Record

If you’re feeling angry, it’s understandable. It’s hard watching another election be stolen.

Consider this:

Yesterday, there was a red wave. Patriots did their part and voted in historic numbers. Even some democrats voted for conservatives.

We all knew there would be cheating. But this time people were watching and recording it all.

Now comes the long, gruelling battle to expose the cheating and make it known to the public.

—Praying Medic

Question is: “is DeSantis really a DS takeover?” The DS is a psycho-geo-political operation that instigates and plays both sides of every apparent conflict or World War. Conflict (war) is the DS MO for “restructuring” the world according to the DS NWO Agenda. So, this is a good question! —crp

The steal in full on in AZ, CO, GA, & PA. We got word last night that all the machines were down and they were telling voters to go to other locations. The Election Day turn out was 4-1 Republican

Re: AZ DS Election Fraud. Hey, the DS only had to cheat Kari Lake by 32,000 fraudulent votes – piece of cake! Katie Hobbs is obviously a loser and there,is no way she got the votes. —crp

The words of Abraham Lincoln to honour the soldiers that sacrificed their lives in order “that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth” were spoken at Gettysburg, but these words apply as well to the countless soldiers that died for the cause of democracy in the following 150 years.

The National Guard has over 2,200 cybersecurity experts watching our elections right now🚨-is this oversight in conjunction with Space Force that President Trump keeps talking about?

The Dems are cheating, we see it. In Arizona machines are broken, Pennsylvania ran out of paper, states like Connecticut are counting ballots very slooowly. We see you. So does the military. This time they will, God willing, catch them all.

Praying 🙏



NG Election Cyber Security


Until the massive 2020 Election Fraud is “repaired” and those agencies responsible for the 2020 Election Fraud are publicly exposed disclosed prosecuted and sentenced (for obvious Treason against the Republic and its Citizens) massive Election Fraud will continue. These psycho-political criminals represent the NWO International Crime Syndicate which is the direct Enemy of our Constitutional Republic. It’s as simple and complex as that. They are doing it again because this lying MSM and cheating Dominion must be shut down. That confrontation still lies before US. —crp

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