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All things (of available knowledge today) considered it’s going to take much more than the “military” (of any special component) to resolve the demonic pandemic of evil now being publicly exposed (yet millennia old) – an evil hell obsessed with destroying (devouring) humanity along with all of God’s Divine Creation of our Naturally Living World. It’s going to require some form of Divine Intervention – but it must be in God’s time; and for this we can only believe with faith and hope. One must confront the Truth of this and be prepared. —crp

Re: JFK RFK MLK Malcom X John Lennon and at least a hundred political assassinations were committed and GHWB was instrumental to these assassinations (along with the Clintons and Obamas) and it’s now ever more clear that the CIA and the FBI were and are involved in these black ops for many decades. We can now see definitively that the CIA and the FBI have been involved in orchestrating these operations in order to control the outcome of elections and the fates of public figures. The question is: what’s to be done?


We know that CV19 with the VAX is a biological weapon deployed with massive psychological warfare with many millions of victims worldwide – one must pause to consider just what the US DoD and the US Military is tasked for if it’s not to combat such acts of war on America and humankind? —crp

The US Constitutional Republic – a “sovereign” nation is a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. So, what’s wrong with this picture? What we have now is a tyrannical government infiltrated with “authoritarian” traitors and criminals. We the People are going to have to sort this governmental travesty out! History will tell the tale…… —crp

There is nobody who is discriminated against more than the Free Thinker


What I’ve learned about Gadaffi is that he posed a direct threat to the Central Bank slave system currently implemented around the world. That’s most likely why they eliminated him. 

If you do not understand the importance of the central bank debt system, then you are missing knowledge about a key aspect of Mystery Babylon. 

This is why they would invade many countries that did not have a central bank. It’s a veil of debt pulled over people’s eyes. It’s how they illicit so much power over the masses. And the lack of understanding about this amongst the sheep shows why the word “mystery” is used when speaking of Mystery Babylon. 

People do understand that they truly live in a Matrix. 

The future will make our present reality look like a pale initiation. 

Their system is destined for failure.

Kari Lake doesn’t mince words when it comes to Katie Hobbs and her puppet masters:

“They had to rig the election in broad daylight…. that is how dangerous I am to their plan to keep this state run by the cartels…. pushing drugs across, trafficking people, trafficking children. It is absolutely appalling and this state is gonna go to hell in a handbasket if Katie Hobbs is allowed to take control.”

The US Military was and is being used by the Crown Globalists (Foreign Power) as a geopolitical device. This usurpation by the Crown Globalists is not “We” the American People or the US Constitutional Republic. “We” are being deceived used and abused. It’s time to scrap this whole MAD geopolitical insanity. The Enemy is in the gates and has been misappropriating US strategic resources. It’s time to confront the real enemy of the United States and it’s not Russia or China. It’s the Crown Globalist’s agenda for a NWO totalitarian tyranny over all the people of the earth. —crp

Looking back at the Vietnam War and the fact that it would simply not have happened had JFK not been killed by the CIA, is it fair to wonder why a lone gunman killed John Lennon as he incessantly criticized said war?

Is there a war that America has waged that was actually justified now that we know the deep state truly controlled America since at least that time?

Was John Lennon killed by the CIA for speaking out against their war?

It’s always a lone gunmen isn’t it?

Is MK ultra involved?

MSNBC contributor says bussing illegal immigrants to ‘Border Czar’ Kamala Harris’ house on Christmas Eve was “shameful” and “disgusting.”

Apparently she has no problem with the illegal aliens overloading other communities, schools, hospitals and homeless shelters.

The reproductive system would be a most obvious target for a genocidal depopulation VAX program wouldn’t you think? Um…… well, don’t think too hard. It is what it is! Prince Philip’s dying wish for the human race. —crp

But….. the J6 Committee is the “insurrection” – and is filled with a cast of enemies of the People of the United States Constitutional Republic. They are it!. Now this is clear enough to any moron with a modicum of common sense. So, what’s to be done about it? Everyone on the J6 Committee is guilty of premeditated treason. If this Nation is to survive everyone of them must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. —crp

The mRNA VAX doesn’t save anyone or anything. Duplicitous wording is so in vogue! I suppose it’s a start to public awareness. —crp



Now that the world can finally see that it was in fact the [CIA] that assassinated President John F Kennedy with attempts to perform a coup on a sitting President, I think we can put the programming term “conspiracy theory” to rest. The veil has been forever lifted on the Country and world.

So this happened and almost no one in media is talking about it. @UncoverDC

Townhall The trial court judge in Kari Lake’s election lawsuit predictably threw out her case on Saturday, putting on a sham trial that on the surface looked fair to the general public that doesn’t know any better, but to legal minds was a travesty of justice. Share on FacebookShare on Twitter

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Here’s some of the damning evidence that was introduced in AZ during the Kari Lake trial:

Bombshells dropped during Kari Lake’s trial, revealing how corrupt Arizona elections actually were

The judge is complicit with the crimes and treason. Just passing the buck. The overwhelming evidence is clear enough to any reasonable moron. Some DS “OGA” made him an offer he couldn’t refuse! That much is certain. —crp

By now, it is a matter of public record and open source evidence that SARS-CoV-2 and the so-called “Vaccine” are a bioweapon.

Collectively, along with the treatment protocols, they constitute acts of biological WMD attacks, war, treason, homicide, and more.

If DeSantis’ grand jury uncovers any less than this, then it will have been nothing other than political theater — no different than Trey Gowdy’s Benghazi “investigation” or any other “opposition” party theater.

If the Governor’s grand jury follows the facts, Florida has no choice but to treat the federal government as an enemy to the constitution in every legal sense of the term.

We, as a nation, are under attack.

Any politician, elected official, bureaucrat, jury, sheriff or other law enforcement official who refuses to do everything in their power to prosecute is complicit. —Stew Peters

Graham is a “twist and turncoat” traitor and a loser. Graham’s war with Russia is in his head. Perhaps a psychiatrist could fix it…..

Kari’s Lakes case is far from over. She said at the outset she would appeal any ruling all the way to the US Supreme court if necessary.

The next step is filing with the Arizona Supreme Court. I would expect a motion for an injunction to be filed immediately. Given the time frame of the swearing in of the new Governor, her case should be expedited. Keep your powder dry.

The longer this process runs on (from one dismissal to the next) the more time these demonic-rats and rinos have to cover their treasonous tracks. It realistically appears that all the judges along with the entire judicial system is irredeemably compromised by criminally “normalized” treason. US Elections are degraded to a psycho-political spectacle by which the vote counting is controlled by covert ops deep state agencies that just play MSM psycho games with the public mind. —crp

The judge in Kari Lake’s election case did not rule in her favor.

She will now appeal his ruling.

Net worth before running for President:

Trump- $4.5 billion

Obama’s – $3 million

Clinton’s – $480,000


Trump- $3.2 billion

Obama’s – $70 million

Clinton’s – $120 million

Yet the media wants you to care about Trump’s tax returns?!

Take these damn masks off so one can see who they are addressing. These masks are an obscenity. They do not protect anyone from anything and hinder natural breathing. How about we make the common denominator about common sense for a change? —crp

Marc Elias is a criminal who perverts the law in favor of criminals and supports treasonous characters – Marc Elias is complicit with high crimes treason against the American People and their Constitutional Republic. It’s time all of these treasonous criminals to be arrested prosecuted and sentenced for their endless list of crimes high crimes and treason. —crp

Corruption run amuck. And who’s to stop it? Trillions of dollars of money lining the pockets of complicit criminals and traitors everywhere. Everyone in Congress that contributes to passing this demonic “government funding bill” is complicit with this treason. —crp

There’s a multitude of “Dark Web” players interested with and involved with Zelensky and the 5GW war games playing out in Ukraine. With the US Senate passing the 1.7 Trillion Dollar USA Inc. Mega Lottery – there’s a whole lot of interested partners (criminals and traitors) expecting their commissions, kickbacks and payoffs from with-in between the lines of this 4000 page financial irregularity. Every member of Congress signing off on this is criminally complicit to the level of high treason. —crp

It becomes clear after the UFO Disclosure “official story” cover up that the CIA FBI MSM “official story” (lies) – that FBI “investigations” are to discover all the forensic evidence and all the witnesses that expose and debunk their “official story” and to sequester (censor) that evidence (“just the facts”) and get rid of these witnesses (eliminate) this is their MO. Their “official story” is the big lie – exemplified by the JFK deep state CIA FBI assassination “Warren Commission Report” and the “9/11 Commission Report” along with all the other objects of their Orwellian styled manufactured MSM propaganda and mass mind control. This is the malignant fantasy world (Matrix) we are living in. —crp

To sum up what happened yesterday:

The uniparty swamp showed the world who they truly are by parading around a man who is helping politicians line their pockets with blood money, who is in bed with Neo nazis, and who is attempting to push us towards World War 3.

You’d be hard pressed to find a more potent display of their true character than this.

It’s like you’re watching a movie designed to wake up and activate the sleeping masses but that’s just me.

Jewish leader of a foreign country has our nation’s top “leaders” raise up his foreign flag in our nation’s capitol in front of our own flag.

This is what conquering nations do when they defeat your nation in battle. America is a tax and defense colony for foreigners.

The Ukrainian crisis was deliberately provoked by the deep force the world to carry out the Great Reset reforms, in particular the so-called ‘technological transition’ & the ‘green shift.’ It is the second stage of the globalist technocrat coup, after the pandemic farce —bsp

Whiners have nothing to lose but their souls. They have nothing in the game and obviously don’t have a clue what’s really going on. As you say whiners are aiding and abetting the enemy and are similar to the leftist demons and libturds who whine and dine on emotional pomposities. —crp

The “Great Reset” back to the Original US Constitution and Bill of Rights with a genuine Constitutional Financial System as postulated by America’s Founding Fathers – One Nation Under God – that’s the “Great Reset”! Bring it on! —crp

Entertainment and distraction are for the fools. This is how they keep the rest of the population mind controlled and manipulated. Focusing all that energy and attention on things that don’t matter.

Missing VAERS Reports: CDC Are Covering Up the Scene of a Crime

“Dr. Ealy has confirmed, & (Jessica Rose as well), that CDC, has removed 32,000+ records of myocarditis and pericarditis from the VAERS database between Sep & Dec 2022” -Naomi Wolf

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The spending bill includes $410 million “for enhanced border security” in Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, and Oman.

Meanwhile America’s border is wide open with over 2 million illegal aliens entering each year.

“List of Republicans supporting the massive unreadable omnibus bill”: They all want to go home for the holidays at the expense of the Citizens and the Nation. Criminals and traitors one and all. There must be a reckoning for the New Year in 2023! —crp

Sure that’s right. The FBI is a criminal psycho-political Agency and is doing just fine discrediting itself. Misinforming the American public is the FBI’s stock and trade. We expect the FBI to project their treasonous conspiracies onto anyone who would expose them. There is no question about this! —crp

All you need to know about the WHO’s Tedros. CV19 was an artificial orchestrated pandemic designed to usher in the mRNA VAX. There is no good from the mRNA VAX. It’s not designed to do anything good. To say more harm than good is not logical when it’s 100% harm. The mRNA VAX is designed to do permanently bad things to the human body’s natural immune system and deteriorate a person’s condition of health. —crp

Drunken Nancy’s House of American Enemies is an utter obscenity; as it hosts and features criminal obscenities from around the world with NAZI Zelensky as a clear example. —crp

The Enemy is in the gates and has infiltrated most of the key positions of state stealing the American Citizens blind through congressional treason with premeditated destruction of The People’s future generations by design. —crp

It’s all coming out now. CIA admits to using human masks that are so good that you can have a face to face conversation with someone wearing masks and you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

Swampy Omnibus Bill Includes:

• $45B for Ukraine

• $3.6M for a Michelle Obama Trail in Georgia

• $3M for LGBTQ+ Museum in New York City

• $2M for “Great Blacks in Wax” Baltimore museum

• $1.2M for LGBTQIA+ Pride Centers

• $1.2M for services for DACA recipients

• $477K for the Equity Institute in RI

Re: “Senate Republicans truly do hate their voters”. They always bs their voters and do the bidding of other masters, “secret” masters who are the enemy of the people. —crp

Government Bribes: Total Malfeasance by the White House and HHS

“The COVID Community Corps program, which is a massively funded multibillion-dollar White House and HHS-funded program, had dollars freely flowing to all

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Well of course the Demonic-Rats (and RINOs) with Nancy’s J6 Op that set the obscene standard of imprisoning (political prisoners) aka entrapment of “Peaceful Patriots” and without serving their legal rights with due process – now justifying addressing DJT with in a similar manner. We are dealing with an enemy that doesn’t recognize the US Constitution or Bill of Rights as representing the legal standing in any case – despite these demonic traitors betraying their oath of office. —crp

Mitch McConnell hates his own country’s voters and is a small, vindictive man.

Elon Musk confirms the FBI was paying other social media companies to censor Americans.

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Elon Musk confirms the FBI was paying other social media companies to censor Americans.

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Psycho-Criminal Demonic-Rats (and RINOs) = Serial Liars = Psycho-Politics = Marxism (by design) = Premeditated Deconstruction with an ever incrementally creeping social and political Destruction of Constitutional Sovereign Nations. Lying to The People is their art of Psycho-Political Science; and Lying to The People is also the very definition of Treason! —crp

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The MAJORITY of Primary Care Physicians offered the Covid Death Jab sometime during the past two years, literally playing Russian Roulette with their patient’s lives.

You DESERVE trusted, individualized care from providers who share your values.

You Deserve a Dissident Doctor!

That’s why Stew Peters and The Wellness Company have teamed up to bring you treatments and products based on science – not political science.

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The Bogus J6 Committee has no standing. They are doing Drunken Nancy’s “wrap up smearing” thing – putting all their “projected” bogus claims into the MSDNC controlled MSM and Social Media to feed their public’s delusions of their criminally inverted reality —crp

Dr. Zelenko on March 21st, 2022:

“The demented puppet in the White House is a threat to all humanity”


There is no good from the mRNA VAX. It’s not designed to do anything good. To say more harm than good is not logical when it’s 100% harm. The mRNA VAX is designed to do permanently bad things to the human body’s natural immune system and deteriorate a person’s condition of health. —crp

That Government of the People, by the People, for the People shall not perish from the earth! The People must act fittingly on their own behalf.

The 2020 (and 2022) election was so rigged and stolen that is plain for everyone to now see. As an American citizen, I want a full and complete investigation done immediately. If people committed crimes, especially of sedition or worse, treason, they must be held to account. —Gen Flynn

New from John Solomon:

Back in November 2017 –

The DOJ used grand jury subpoenas against Republican House Intelligence committee investigators (including Kash Patel) who were looking into FBI/DOJ Russiagate abuses.

These would have been approved by Rod Rosenstein.

The subpoena against Nunes investigators would likely have been issued under the guise of a leak investigation.

The benefit to the DOJ and FBI would be that this allows all communications, including those with Nunes and other Republicans (including Trump WH), to be swept up.

The investigators turned their resources against those who were exercising their oversight powers. Third world stuff.

Zelensky is a compulsive pathological liar and a war monger – lies to incite more war – is killing his own population by the hundreds of thousands while the West supplies him with the weapons and munitions to do it. —crp

The J6 Committee Principals are guilty of everything they are projecting on DJT. Exactly and so much more! With the J6 Committee we are looking at its calculating cold blooded psychopathic treason. The J6 Committee has nothing but criminal contempt for the American People. —crp

The January 6 Committee voted unanimously to refer to the DOJ the following charges against President Trump:

1) Conspiracy to defraud the United States

2) Conspiracy to make a false statement

3) Obstruction of an official proceeding

4) Providing aid, support or comfort to an insurrection.

Yet it is the J6 Committee Principals that actually and factually committed:

1) Conspiracy to defraud the United States

2) Conspiracy to make a false statement

3) Obstruction of an official proceeding

4) Providing aid, support or comfort to an insurrection.

Imagine that! Demonic-Rats total “inversion” of reality demonstrating utter contempt for the American People —crp

Re: J6. It was Nancy Pelosi’s attack on The People with complicit Capital Police and FBI planted operatives and agent provocateurs and with a complicit congress of J6 demonic-rat and rino “lawyers” – all of whom are guilty of treason and high crimes. —crp

“What was the FBI doing planning January 6th for a year?” – Kash Patel }

Kari Lake’s attorney is dropping red pills:

“This case is also about a secret censorship operation set up by the government that would make Orwell blush. You have the federal government creating an election misinformation reporting portal specifically for state and local election officials which ties them directly with social media companies like Twitter and Facebook and allows the election officials to immediately flag and take down information to censor people that they find objectionable. This is a secret operation. This is an affront to the first amendment. There is evidence in the record that these officials, such as Stephen Richer, were participating in it during the campaign.”

The “Left” is a raging rioting mob of psycho-political zombies. There’s not a genuine or intelligent thought coming from any of them. Cold Fusion Energy does not belong to this pack of psycho-political zombies – but rather is a tribute to the advancement of pure science and technology apparently now unsuppressed by the zombie’s “Powers that Be” as a matter of fact. —crp

Adam Schitt is a compulsive pathological liar. That’s his claim to fame and personal wealth. Lying to the people is a psycho-political art. Lying to the people is Treason. —crp

“THREAT TO DEMOCRACY” is the Radical Left Democrat’s new chant. Like RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA, before it, and all the rest, it is a total Disinformation HOAX & SCAM. They are the ones who are the REAL THREAT TO DEMOCRACY. Remember, the Democrat’s policies are destroying our Country, they “stink.” DISINFORMATION & WEAPONIZATION of “Justice” is all they’ve got, but someday it will all come back to haunt them. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! —djt

It’s obvious the reason gives for getting the vax and boosters is a lie. The question is why is lying? And, what is the real reason for compelling the vax and boosters in this way? We can see this is about population control and genocide. What’s that got to say about —crp

More Americans—but still not nearly enough—are learning that the FBI and Big Tech treat literal Terrorists with more dignity than the average Republican voter. The FBI is colluding with Big Tech to flag, censor, and defame Americans who believe in America. They also don’t prevent terrorist attacks or child trafficking.

Abolish the FBI.

Must be all those “enemy insurgents” coming across the Southern Border. War on power grids, food processing centers – these “illegals” are the enemy’s resource for all kinds of terrorist actions. Where’s the DoD? Seems they are the ones orchestrating these black ops! —crp

Major food corporations use tissue from aborted babies to manufacture flavor additives in processed foods

Since most of today’s processed food lacks flavor, companies like Senomyx are hired to develop flavors on their own

Every time you purchase mass-produced processed “food” from the likes of Kraft, PepsiCo, or Nestle, you’re choosing, whether you realize it or not, to feed your family not only genetically engineered poisons and chemical additives, but also various flavoring agents manufactured using the tissue of aborted human babies.


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Defense from what exactly? The enemy is inside and storming all the gates six ways from Sunday – so just what is the DoD doing with all that money exactly? —crp

Her Alcoholic Despotic Criminal Highness Mrs. Grotesqueness Elitist “wrap up smearing” Nancy Pelosi (along with her treasonous psycho-political royalists and sordid cronies) has now held the House, Congress, and American Citizens hostage long enough! It’s time for “real change” based on the original American Constitutional Republic and its philosophy of Divine Providence. Let’s go America! —crp

Don’t worry it’s all just a massive social experiment and the Chinese people are the front line guinea pigs. I mean, just to set the record straight minus all the day to day mass media drama. What you see is what you get! —crp

“You take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you, so even for a practical, supposedly hard-nosed businessman, he’s [Trump] being really dumb to do this,” Sen. Chuck Schumer’s (D-NY) #FBI #DOJ #CORRUPTION disband FBI now!

Well that was the whole point wasn’t it – to lower human life expectancies. That’s the WHO Agenda. The VAX “works” that is to say it is designed to be a mass murdering device and it “works” hooray! —crp

Well Ol’ Mitch is “one of them” and that’s all you would expect. It’s going to take a longer time to “drain the swamp” as this infiltrated treason has been creeping into the works for centuries now. —crp



BREAKING: FTX Founder arrested. Now arrest everyone who took his laundered money!!!

Kevin McCarthy next? read here for the evidence:

Biden’s Non binary nuclear waste official Sam Brinton fired after stealing luggage.

You can’t make this stuff up.

It’s almost like they are trying to red pill people on purpose.

I wonder if there are any Twitter files showing collusion from Twitter to take Parler off the App Store and have Amazon no longer host the app?

This is an invasion!

America is not a serious country anymore.

The Mexican police escorted their buses to our border, so that means Mexico is actively assisting in the invasion of our country and the Biden admin is breaking our laws enabling this invasion.

And the Mexican Cartels, which are international crime organizations, are profiting by tens of billions yearly trafficking these people and illegal deadly drugs into the U.S. killing Americans daily.

I would NEVER allow this. EVER.

I would designate the cartels terrorists and swiftly move our military to the southern border to protect our states and our people from the cartel terrorists.

And I would warn Mexico.

Stop assisting the cartel terrorists with the daily invasion into our states and poisoning of Americans for profit.

But Biden is weak.


With the information released from the Twitter Files, the DOJ should already be preparing to prosecute people who formerly worked at Twitter for election interference, 1st amendment violations of speech & press, and child pornography, but the DOJ is nothing but a political arm of the Dem party and is now weaponized against the right.

The DOJ is no longer trusted to fairly uphold and enforce our constitution, laws, and justice system because of their far left political bias.

Republicans must use budget/approps to gut & restore the DOJ.


That’s a good one “divorced from reality….” oh yeah. Divorced from who’s “reality” specifically one might ask? This utterly ignorant “Biden” press creature represents everything that’s divorced from reality – that is – Logical Reality, Common Sense Reality, Constitutional Reality, Scientific Reality, Analytic Reality, and “Real Reality” with a capital R! —crp

The leading cause of death by far and wide is the medical establishment itself with wrongfully prescribed medical treatments and prescription medications. So, “legalized” euthanasia just contributes to this leading cause of death in Canada or wherever. —crp

There are real major crimes being committed – crimes and treason with overwhelming evidence and the preponderance of common sense that the SC and DOJ refuses to consider – ongoing administrative and political crimes and treason that will inevitably destroy the American Constitution and Way of Life. Roe v Wade is a circus act in place of the most critical existential issues before the courts. —crp

Big Pharma cares about it’s Tyrannical WHO population control and depopulation Agenda just as they strip their patients (victims) of “their money and possessions” – this is in fact a process of Medical Cannibalism. A very ugly picture on the whole! —crp

Re: Ari Emanuel. Portrait of a a criminal psycho-politician. ADL is as criminal as it gets. All these criminal demonic-rats know how to do is lie. Lying, cheating, and theft of the public trust is their entire psycho-political stock and trade. It’s time to get rid of all these treasonous vermin! —crp


On October 23, 2022, The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, in partnership with WHO and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, conducted Catastrophic Contagion; a pandemic tabletop exercise at the Grand Challenges Annual Meeting in Brussels, Belgium.

These are the same organisations that played out Event 201 almost three years ago to the day.

Catastrophic Contagion simulated a new Enterovirus originating near Brazil. The virus has a higher fatality rate than COVID-19 and disproportionately affects children.

Lessons from the exercise: “Countries should prioritise efforts to increase trust in government and public health; improve public health communication efforts; increase the resiliency of populations to misleading information; and reduce the spread of harmful misinformation”


Well it’s a dirty job but somebody’s got to do something to depopulate the world right? We know they are all criminal psychopaths and traitors problem is the DOJ is also infiltrated with complicit criminal psycho-political agents so then who’s going to take these monsters to court prosecute and deliver some legal justice? This is the question. —crp

All these criminal demonic-rats and their pet rinos know how to do is lie. Lying, cheating, and theft of the public trust is their entire psycho-political stock and trade. It’s time to get rid of all these treasonous vermin! —crp

The fact that “controlled opposition” exists requires that both sides of the opposition are under control. It necessitates an inherently false narrative to be pushed by those on all sides of the opposition.

It also means that the people correctly interpreting reality are outside the control. They are the uncontrolled opposition. If the opposition is controlled, then there is no actual opposition, it’s all just an act, marketing an agenda. Fiction vs reality.

Good luck with that. The SC is stacked with feckless useless caricatures beholding to the treasonous criminal psycho-political Deep State. They won’t even look at the most compelling evidence for whatever spurious justifications. —crp

The most-peer reviewed Cardiologist in history, Dr. Peter McCullough, shared my work on the NIH emails and asserts that C19 is man-made.

We are inching closer to public acceptance of the vast biological criminality carried out WITTINGLY by the Deep State to create a medical police state.

Soon, the Twitter Files will reveal the DNC influence to censor facts about C19, in particular the origin of C19.

Because once the public realizes C19 was man-made, and the NIH/WHO lied… the game is over.

This clip of Lara Logan comparing Fauci to Nazi Doctor Mengele is aging like fine wine.

The world will soon learn the truth on an uncensored Twitter. Boom.

Robert Kennedy Jr: ‘Anthony Fauci Blocked Early Treatment to Create a $98 Billion Vaccine Industry’

The Unvaccinated Are the Envy of the World Right Now

“The people declining the vaccine are the ones that have the most critical thinking, the most discernment — the strongest minds and bodies around us. They’re the last people that need psychiatric medication.”

-Dr McCullough

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MediaHarbinger’s Daily Ten years ago, had you heard of Klaus Schwab? How about Yuval Noah Harari? Were you tracking them even five years ago? Of course not. Today many are aware of this crowd and their one-world intentions. A lot of our readers understand this is the true shadow government.  Share on FacebookShare on Twitter

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We Made It Up!”: Dr. Paul Alexander Says the CDC Had No Science Behind Social Distancing Rules.

“[Dr. Redfield] looked at me and he chuckled and he said, ‘Science? There is no science. We made it up!'”

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Bill Gates, Johns Hopkins, & the WHO Just Simulated Another Pandemic

The same people behind Event 201 just completed a desktop simulation for a new Enterovirus originating near Brazil. The virus has a higher fatality rate than COVID-19 and disproportionately affects children.

Full video

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The World Economic Forum is now calling for millions of cats and dogs worldwide to be killed in an attempt to reduce the “carbon footprint” that they produce as a result of eating meat.

They wants to introduce an international policy that would require most pet owners to euthanize their animals and instead of dogs and cats, they recommend keeping turtles, snakes and reptiles. Emma Thompson even suggests that owners eat their pets!

Every time the elite thought they were smart, they destroyed dogs and cats, only for that “smartness” to return to them like a boomerang in the form of mice and rats, which spread the PLAGUE.

I wonder whether the elites will guard our house and hunt mice and rats? I doubt it.


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But then there’s Dominion – certainly a major “foreign actor” in elections worldwide. That is the BOE MI6 UN WEF WHO – Deep State players are all “foreign actors” if the Truth be told. —crp

Klaus Schwab and World Economic Forum is now coming for your pets…

Your dog is too much of a burden for the world… all in the name of “climate crisis”…

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‘We Murdered People’: Remdesivir Was and Still Is Being Used as a Death Warrant for American Citizens

“It [Remdesivir] was so deadly that the World Health Organization itself pulled the drug from consideration for Ebola treatments,” denoted Dr. David Martin.

“We let that publication of information in 2018 fail to inform our decision in the spring of 2020 — when Anthony Fauci, Ralph Baric, Peter Daszak, and others made the decision that we should inject Remdesivir into patients with COVID. We knew we were going to kill people — that’s premeditated murder — we knew we were going to do it. And we went along with it anyway.”

Full Interview:

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Evidence indicates Biden Admin prioritized WNBA’s Griner over Marine Paul Whelan, despite claiming otherwise. Stealth edited report and commentary from Marine’s family and attorney indicates that Russia offered both as an option.

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Elon Musk tweeted Twitter is both a social media company and a crime scene.

The FBI has their hands all over this crime scene. It’s only a matter of time before they are dismantled. They are one of the tentacles working for the Kabal.

List of FBI/CIA Agents Still Employed at Twitter

1. Kevin Michelena – current Twitter Sr. Corporate Security Analyst. Ex FBI Intelligence Analyst 12 years

2. Doug Hunt – current Twitter Senior Director. Ex FBI Special Agent 20 years.

3. Mark Jaroszewski – current Twitter Director Corporate Security/Risk. Ex FBI 20 years.

4. Douglas Turner – current Twitter Senior Manager, Corporate and Executive Security Services. Ex FBI 14 years. Ex Secret Service 7 years.

5. Patrick G. – current Twitter Head of Corporate Security. Ex FBI Special Agent 23 years.

6. Karen Walsh – current Twitter Director – Corporate Resilience. Ex FBI Special Agent 21 years.

7. Russell Handorf – current Twitter Senior Staff Technical Program Manager. Ex FBI 10 years.

8. Michael B. – current Twitter Senior Corporate Security Manager. Ex FBI 23 years.

9. Vincent Lucero – current Twitter Senior Security Manager. Ex FBI Special Agent 22 years.

10. Kevin L. – current Twitter Corporate Security Manager. Ex FBI Special Agent 25 years.

11. Matthew W. – current Twitter Senior Director of Product Trust, Revenue Policy, and Counsel Systems & Analytics. Ex FBI 15 years.

12. Claire O. – current Twitter Senior Corporate Security Analyst. Ex FBI 8 years.

13. Bruce A. – current Twitter Director, Corporate Security. Ex FBI 23 years.

14. Jeff Carlton – current Twitter Senior Manager. Ex FBI & CIA Intelligence Analyst 3 years.

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Patrick Conlon, head of Twitter’s Elections & Crisis Response revealed in the #TwitterFiles as pushing to remove conservative content, was one of the former Obama-era officials responsible for the unmasking of @RealGenFlynn!

Conlon was the director of the White House Office of Intergovernmental Affairs (OIA).

Prior to his term at Twitter, Conlon worked in intelligence for the DOD.

h/t Chris M

Elon Musk tweeted: Twitter is both a social media company and a crime scene

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General Flynn explains how we fix our elections, and it starts at the county level:

“People in counties have the responsibility for our election systems. If you accept money from the state or you accept money from the federal government for machines….. and you take that, and you take the money that comes with it, then guess what? Then they own you…..

Every county can run its election their own way. Just don’t take the money from the state or federal.”

Lying Psychopaths of a feather flock together….. Lying to the public is their Alma Mater. —crp

The CV19 Mad VAX genocidal “jabs” are doing what they do – making people sick maimed and dead (by design) and there is no “benefit” whatsoever in that. The idea that the VAX Kill Shots provide any form of benefit is only monetary benefit for its malignant manufacturers – Big Pharma etc… —crp

Adam Schitf… is a portrait of a lying criminal psychopath in kind with rest of this psycho-political ilk in congress. These are obviously enemies of The People. It’s time to send them all to hell. —crp

Demonic-rats party is deploying 5GW orchestrated mass mainstream social media psychological warfare divide and conquer to completely destroy the US Constitutional Republic and American Cultural Heritage. This is their platform disguised as serving “democracy’ and the public interest. Totally malignant obscene abstraction. —crp

Luciferian billionaire David Rockefeller states that controlling the world population growth is the Elite’s top agenda. He thinks him and his rich iIIuminati bIood cuIt buddies have the right to mass murder most of the population to have the planet to themselves.

Join @TrumpTeam45

“The people who are under the age of 50 who took the vaccine now have a 49% HIGHER mortality rate.”

These malignant slimy WEF “elitist” psycho-politicians are a real piece of work! All the twisted inverted distorted repulsive things they have to say (about others) is a direct reflection and exact description of themselves. This is how they understand politics. The Art of (Public) Deception is their entire MO and all the while they are making their personal fortunes by stealing from the Public’s Trust. —crp

Gee, I wonder why? Is it because of her “commissions” and “kick backs” one my suppose? Mad Max is as malignantly psycho-criminal as it gets!


All cause hospitalization and all cause mortality were higher in the vaccinated group than the placebo group in the original Pfizer clinical trial.

They lied when they said the mRNA shots stop infection and transmission.

So it doesn’t stop infection or transmission and you are more likely to get hospitalized or die if you take it, but sure keep ignoring the data that doesn’t fit the narrative and put all your faith in Big Pharma.


And what about Herr Dr. Fauci’s wife eh? A psycho-psychiatrist setting the public genocidal memes. Let’s look into her as well……

WEF wants you to have only 8 new clothing items per YEAR.

Shoes are to count as 2.

No cars.

No meat, fish, eggs, dairy of any kind…only bugs.

hmmmm…i think they have yet to grok that the discussion on their insane shit ain’t over.

Question: why did only the people that went to the hospital die of “Covid”? Why weren’t they dead in the streets or found dead in their homes?

Answer: They we’re murdered.

The demonic-rats (and rinos) cheat and cheat until they “win”. They are getting away with it all over the place with no respectable agency to shut these psycho-political-criminals down. There must be an ultimate “unprecedented” solution if there’s to be any real solution at all. —crp

Only in America can you lose your primary by 38 points, co-chair an unconstitutional congressional committee, and poll at 3 percent for president, then be named a finalist for “Person of the Year.”

—Charlie Kirk

The demonic-rat and rino MSM “Fake News” diversions are insidiously premeditated contortions of the facts in any fraudulent statements that these criminally treasonous marxist psycho-political malignants make intended to skew the public mindsets with scripted bias and cognitive dissonance. Social chaos is their stock and trade. —crp

Sounds good when you say it. The Joe Biden Team represents an Agenda that has no ethical or moral standing – whatever it takes to achieve their Agenda. Prosecuting these criminal psychopaths is paradoxical because they do what they do (for their Agenda) regardless or any moral ethical or constitutional preambles. This is just the nature of their evil. —crp

There is however a khazarian mafia masquerading as jewish going around accusing others of antisemitism when in fact they are anything but semitic. Psycho-criminals to their very core! —crp

Lying Obama is the love child of Frank Marshall Davis and Stanley Ann Dunham. Back in the day. Both CIA. Everything about Obama is a lie. It’s time for a reckoning! —crp

Dr Jordan Peterson On The imminent Social Credit System . . .

“It will be a miracle if we escape from that. You just can’t imagine how screwed you are. It’s way worse than anything Kafka ever imagined. Once the machines can lock you out, you are in such trouble, and we’re speeding towards that with an immense lack of care.”

This video . . .


You Tube


Re: J6. It was Nancy Pelosi’s attack on The People with complicit Capital Police and FBI planted operatives and agent provocateurs and with a complicit congress of J6 demonic-rat and rino “lawyers” – all of whom are guilty of treason and high crimes. —crp

Since genocidal “depopulation” and a WHO World Wide Medical Tyranny to exert full spectrum control of the world populations is Herr Dr. Fauci’s MO. Not a matter of “responsibility” but a matter of an agenda of premeditated mass murder – where the only accidental cause is getting caught and exposed for his diabolical plan. —crp

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