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Monica Crowley nailed it!

The 26 bioweapons labs in Ukraine were run by the United States.

COVID-19 was manufactured in Ukraine and trafficked to WuHan where it was intentionally spread to the world.

Putin knew about the labs and that is why he invaded Ukraine. And Zelenskyy knows and is using this as blackmail to get more money.

The entire world could potentially be being blackmailed by a male stripper in stilettos.


Ht @realKarliBonne

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https://TruthSocial.com/@1000YearsOfPeace #Truth

USA Inc. DS College (University) and Public Education system is as much a scam, by degree, as the USA Inc. DS (WHO CDC) Medical Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industry – as a matter of irrefutable fact. —crp

What the “Fed’s Fears”. Why fear the inevitable especially when they have created it? You mean these self-proclaimed “omnipotent” NWO financial WEF elitist criminal psychopaths now feel powerless to revert their own agenda of mass genocide and WW economic destruction? What do “they” fear? This whole lot of megalomaniacal madness is beyond criminally insane. —crp

Moves and Countermoves but as far as I can see everything connected to “AI” is fundamentally demonic. Here we have a dialectic expressed in good and bad “AI”. It’s worth some “deeper” consideration! “AI” is fundamentally demonic. That’s the real existential problem! —crp

Re: J6 Videos. Let’s get it on already – we already know what went down. Now the evidence of it needs to be broadcast far and wide so the general public can know (see) the forensic facts. Just like 9/11. The perps are one and the same. Now is the time for full disclosure before the whole world is turned to dust in the utter madness of a Nuclear Holocaust. The perps are one and the same! —crp

Re: Bill Gates: They’re gonna kill off 80% of the worlds “excess” population come hell and high water! Anything goes…… if it contributes to the death count. —crp

Madman Zelensky is a criminally insane psychopath Neo-NAZI Clown with a totally inverted script on reality. Anyone with a bit of wisdom and some common sense can see clear through this pos. Can you see it now? —crp

These illegals are all “Enemy Combatants” (5GW Definition). These are tactical acts of war. There’s no justification for them beyond this understanding. —crp

Solution: Just delete them. There’s probably Chinese warehouses full of “bot farm” impersonator “work stations”. Their “calling card” is clear enough! Impersonator morons can’t spell with broken english repeating the same old lines cliches’ etc. etc. Just delete them! Engaging them just goes into a circular loop of utter nonsense. —crp

Hillary Clinton is the quintessential demonic-rat – the marxist monologue (her on Putin) that accuses Putin and everyone else in the world of her own psychopathic criminal insanity treason and crimes against humanity. This is logic 1:1. A hard and fast rule of this psycho political modality of deception. She is describing herself in minute detail. But oh how sick she is. Utterly disgusting and revolting. Arrest this criminal before she has the chance once again to spread her psychotic venom! —crp

Imposter Biden initiating a draft – How utterly sick. Just Arm demented psycho criminal Joe and his criminal obscenity of a son with AR15s and send to them to the Ukrainian Front to fight for their Ukrainian vested interests. How’s that for a plan? —crp

Oh poor poor Prince Harry. Maybe we should start up a collection?—crp

WEF is deploying industrial hazmat logistics as a weapon instead of guns bombs or nukes – it’s only going to get worse. Must recognize this for what it is. No accidents. All is tactical. —crp

How Ironic that these demons accuse others of their own status and crimes – The Rothschild NWO is the treason and crimes against humanity. Whoever “they” accuse is the champion of humanity. It’s a hard and fast rule of logic. —crp

The Carbon Tax is a ruse for a global financial tyranny dominated by the NWO Globalist (WEF) Psychopathic Elite. It has nothing to do with physical economy – it’s a scheme depicted in a circular financial chart. In essence it’s total nonsense. Just a scheme for Total Control of the World by psychopathic criminals. —crp

One must wonder how this evil mess will be purged – splitting off negative vibratory patterns – God’s Love is a Static Timeless Eternal Cosmic Presence only “obscured” by evil to the human mind and perceptions – but what chaos we now are witnessing in this mix! Perception of the Truth is the essential guidance – Truth, as fundamental Truth, is a Divine Principle – so this must be realized on a personal level one way or another! —crp

Re: Zelensky – you mean this malignant evil pos criminal psycho-political clown is going to be the one to usher in World War Three and a Global Nuclear Holocaust? Get real! This is beyond utter madness. One must trust that simple common sense will prevail; if only in the nick of time. Common sense sanity must be seeing through the utter absurdity of this freak show. —crp

Flying Machines of the Gods



Reminds me of Donald J. Trump and his Flying Machine used to visit The People in myriad places in order to share critical information and knowledge of the times we are now living in. —crp

When you boil it down to this simple truth, the Ukraine situation becomes crystal clear:

The Globalists, the Satanists, Hollywood, and the Swamp vehemently support Ukraine.

Awake yet?


Speaking of Woody Harrelson:

Did you know that his dad was a CIA agent?

It’s remarkable how deeply entrenched the clowns embedded themselves within Hollywood and it speaks volumes as to why Satanism and debauchery dominate over the industry.

What kind of blackmail do they use on these people?

Why are so many celebrities connected to the CIA in one way or another?

Operation Mockingbird.


Why? Hollywood is the Quintessential Psychological Operation – The Scripts and The Actors – are CIA operatives. What could be more self-evident than this? —crp

Re: Obvious Sabotage by the NWO/Cabal. It’s not so much about Jim Willie “Juan & Trump” – it’s about “We The People”. This is about Government of The People, by The People, and for The People. The Power lies in We The People. The question is: When does We The People “step forward and claim this?” ? —crp

This is the most dangerous time in the history of our Country. World War III is looming, like never before, in the very dark and murky background. “Leadership” is solely responsible for this unprecedented danger to the USA, and likewise, the World. HOPELESS JOE BIDEN IS LEADING US INTO OBLIVION!!! —DJT

Israeli Protesters demonstrating democracy in action are now accused of “trampling democracy” – sounds so Orwellian – same thing sounding by HRC’s demonic-rats in America. Do we see a pattern here? —crp

Re: DOE on China Lab Leak. Yeah right! This is like the AIDS Epidemic was started by Fort Detrick lab monkeys that somehow “escaped” back to the jungles of Africa to bite and infect the local natives—crp

It’s so interesting that Dr. Anthony Fauci is connected to AIDS R&D as well; like a common thread that runs through both CV19 R&D and AIDS R&D. This ol’ boy has been central to both R&D programs going back for decades. And the stories they tell…..! —crp

Arizona’s election have been rigged with help of cartels’ money and Katie Hobbs should be in prison not be running the state.

Report: Preliminary findings of activities impacting Arizona’s election integrity with specific focus on the 2020 and 2022 general elections.

Join the Trump Office Telegram channel

Obviously Katie Hobbs was made an offer she couldn’t refuse. It’s her life 0r the lives of the people of Arizona. She chose her life and to hell with the people of Arizona. —crp

AI is the “Alien” threat and “ET” transformational invasion. Who ya gonna pay to stop it? This is where the advanced technology is coming from engineered to enslave and transform the human race by design. What could be more obvious than this? These are the “dark” (shadow) principalities that we the people and all natural life on earth face. The ending won’t be for everyone! —crp

How to be a leftist – just always respond with these:

You’re a racist.

You’re transphobic.

You’re a bigot.

You’re a Putin puppet.

You’re a white supremacist.

You’re a domestic terrorist.

You’re an insurrectionist.

Now lie and cry really hard.

You did it – you’re a liberal!


Tulsi Gabbard is a DS (WEF) “controlled op” she’s pretty slick but she’s also a con artist for the DS. She’s spinning PR deceptive narratives that evade simple (and obvious) truths – by design. —crp

What we are witnessing (and experiencing) across the public spectrum as mass destruction events (including CV-19/VAX) is about the 5GW (Fifth Generation Warfare) in-progress. In this there are no “accidents”. These are all “tactical” Ops and they are “deadly by design”. Like, you don’t know this already? —crp


It’s a rendition of “Vlad the Impaler” (The Ghost of Khazaria returns) these Zelensky WEF creatures are sick. Very sick! —crp

The Enemy of Humanity is an inconceivably insidious thing; perhaps this new focus on AI is an example – the structured social programming to imbed “Equity” with an MK Ultra bias; where there’s no Divine or Natural Human Compassion now this enemy is manifesting itself in myriad demonic ways to be accepted as the new “Norm” – and we can clearly see many of these forms manifesting in the “News” today and in the streets turning the world of The Original People into a cosmic insane asylum. —crp

DJT sets the standard for leadership in this theater of 5GW. Without this leadership all liberty and justice would be lost. People better use their common sense and get with this last chance. It’s reassuring to know that most intrepid leaders in the world recognize the existential significance of DJT’s role! —crp

The malignant powers that be behind these geopolitical travesties have a genocidal agenda to depopulate the world; the more varieties of death and destruction is their demonic fascination. You cannot reason with these criminal psychopaths when they are hell bent on killing off 80% of the world population asap. Their touted factors of war are nothing but malignant nonsense. —crp

The CV19 mRNA VAX is a DS WEF WHO NWO genocidal protocol by design – so anyone pushing or mandating the VAX is complicit with this genocidal population control device; as well they are complicit with Crimes Against Humanity with mass personal injury and death. There’s no other story here; all the “discussions” are a smokescreen of distraction leading the public to a demented doom. —crp

Debt Slavery is the collateral for the “USA Inc.” (A Crown Colony) Fiat Petro-dollar. This is the currency of the City of London and it has ransomed the Constitutional Republic of The United States and forfeited all the intrinsic wealth of The People of America. This is what is paying for all these Crown WEF Globalist NWO Psycho-Geopolitical World Wars by design. It will continue to bleed out Americans until this Demonic NWO Travesty is stopped! —crp

Re: DeSantis and Soros

George Soros says that Trump has “turned into a pitiful figure” and then goes on to compliment DeSantis and says he will be the Republican Nominee.

Calling out Desantis for being a Deep State stooge is Not “sowing division” because clearly, WHO in their right mind that is a Real MAGA conservative wants Anything to do with someone who has been publicly endorsed by George Soros, The Lincoln Project & supports the lawyers backing Dominion?!?!

FOLLOW: @GeneralPatton17

We hear ad nauseam how America is to blame for “400 years of slavery,” but slavery in the first 150 years Q1619 to 1776U was carried out by the BRITISH. American slavery is from 1776 to 1865, so more like 90 years, and then almost entirely in the South. Significant difference!


Woke is a marxist support group for demons and the demonically possessed by whatever means. Turning human cultural heritage into an insane asylum. —crp

What we are witnessing across the public spectrum as mass destruction events (including CV-19/VAX) is about the 5GW (Fifth Generation Warfare) in-progress. In this there are no “accidents”. These are all “tactical” ops….. —crp

Don’t worry all the channel impersonator scammers sex bots and trolls will take up the slack! And believe me this psycho-malignancy is working overtime to distract and detract! —crp

Adam Schiff is a portrait of criminal psycho-political disease – a malignancy – sick. This is what he is. He’s guilty as hell of high treason and should be prosecuted as such. —crp

These People are the Experiment – in real time. None of this is “accidental”. These mass experiments (attacks) are happening all around the globe. The purpose of these experiments (attacks) will be in the proffered solutions. It’s all by design cloaked in “accidental” or “mysterious” MSM narratives. —crp

“USA Inc.” (DC DS) is a Crown Proxy – it’s this entity that “engineers these wars” – The Crown has been hell bent on destroying Russia for hundreds of years. The Constitutional United States of America does not support a war with Russia through the Ukraine – in fact we traditionally consider Russia an ally in the fight to deconstruct the Crowns NWO globalism tyranny. Just wanted to clarify who really started this world war upon Russia. It’s not the Americans. —crp

These DS players are all telling lies. For example their latest disinformation regarding Russia. This is psy-op psycho-political Twilight Zone 5GW fabricated bs. These people think The People are stupid and that The People will believe any bs the DS puts out. They’re all lying and dementedly committed to their past lies “narratives” and crimes. Pretty simple really . —crp

This demonstrates some of the 5GW ways and means – revealing how this World War is being fought. There are no “accidents” here to fore. These catastrophic events are all “tactical”. —crp

Former MSNBC host and radical liberal Keith Olbermann calls for the “destruction of the Republican party” and calls for an “economic civil war” to “starve the red states into submission”.

In the name of “equity” American schools are abolishing gifted and honors classes. Wokeness is at war with merit, excellence, and success and they won’t stop until everyone’s equally poor, equally dumb, and equally docile.—Charlie Kirk

VACCINE WARNING: U.S. Doctors warn the world to stop taking the Covid Vaccines, they are toxic, lethal, ineffective and must be stopped. They damage the brain, heart, liver, bone marrow, fetus, causing harm in the human body leading to injury and death.

Follow: @Covid19vaccinevictims

USA Inc. speaking – you know the DC DS Crown Colony – Royal WEF Elite Globalists.

Who’s whispering in Kamala’s ear? She’s a psycho-political puppet – incapable of thinking anything rationally coherent for herself. Who’s her puppet master? —crp

It would be refreshing to illuminate that it’s not Putin per se but the Russian High Government many of which are more aggressive in their stance about what is currently going on. Putin is a beacon of rationality moderating this situation – if the “West” takes out Putin then they will be confronting a much more aggressive bear! One would think the West propagandists are duly aware of this. —crp

Imposter Joe Biden is a criminally demented cognitively impaired mentally disabled psycho-political freak show. No question about it. A 100% fraud. —crp

Of course FEMA is in cahoots with the WEF WHO 5GW genocidal agenda. All these catastrophic “events” clearly demonstrate “especially by their timing” that they’re being orchestrated. —crp

This is one of the ways and means of the current 5GW WW3 is being fought. Precipitated catastrophic events disguised as “accidents” or “Acts of God”. As of now anything goes as “tactical” and imagination is the limit! —crp

I’m a CE5 from 1965. It’s a continuing story. What’s happening here is psy-op nonsense – a distraction and deception “imagined” by the Deep State (DS). This is so obvious especially when you know the Truth (even experientially) of the Real Story! The “Fakes” are so obvious is sickening….. —crp

The general population has been deliberately kept in the dark about UFO and “Space Aliens” reality which goes back in Earth history at least 500,000 years (most recently); and it may very well be that this “presence” has actually been here on Earth long before and long after the genesis of homo sapiens. What we demand from “government authorities” is the whole Truth about this so humanity knows just where it now stands. —crp

The Feds are tracking anyone who is resistant or non-compliant with the Feds criminal tyranny over the people. The Feds are entirely Anti-American in every respect. So, of course they are tracking anyone who is an American Christian Conservative Rational Logical Common Sense Constitutional Patriot. That shows you who the Feds are. The Feds are the Enemy of the Sovereign American Republic. —crp

If “Space Aliens” are the Threat” then we should just hang it all up and surrender. If that’s what you think. I don’t think “Space Aliens” are the threat. I think the real threat is more like psycho political criminals and traitors in our midst. So called “Space Aliens” have been around since before the genesis of homo sapiens. The demons that Klaus Schwab represents are the threat. Nice & tangible for those who want to take this threat seriously. —crp ps: pray tell Truth Social – so what’s wrong or “incorrect” about this posting?

5GW Psy-Ops is definitely the name of the game! We know that it is operationally playing out in all the events we’re experiencing today. It’s “Full Spectrum” insidious with myriad means. —crp

5GW is going on – that’s what! Focus in on the “common denominator” – we know the war is in progress. We know the war is being waged from within weaponizing myriad unconventional means. One’s imagination is the limit. What we are seeing are acts of war in a variety of the most insidious means. —crp

One does not want God to do anything – one is an instrument for God to do God’s works on earth as it is in heaven. So to speak. One is God’s human instrument of manifestation. One “realizes” what One is created by God to do. —crp

“While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are\ eternal.”

– 2 Corinthians 4:18

Truth Social Moderating Content. Blocking Common Sense content. Blocking Fact based content. Imagine that! Apparently Truth is whatever Truth Social considers Truth to be. The question is why? There’s really no difference in this difference! Just my opinion of course. —crp

Telegram has a whole spam trolling sex bots impersonators malignancy factory working overtime! They are social media disease – all you can do is block and delete. They don’t respond to logic or reason. —crp

AI is a Satanic device that makes these elitist creeps feel like they are gods. Little gods – like Bill Gates. This represents the enemy of God’s living creation as well as the enemy of humanity and the enemy of every thing good in this world. —crp

AI is Satan’s device. At least the way it’s being cultivated here – it has a demonic “purpose line” (script) – and it should be recognized for what it is! —crp

We see the same Royal Elitist Principalities that have ruled the world fomenting & cultivating all the “world wars” for their geopolitical agenda over centuries & millennia for a New World Order are beyond temporal justice – they have a genocidal agenda to reduce the human population by 80% and they care not what humanity thinks & they care not what humanity does to resist or any societal or economic chaos that ensues. They will continue until they are stopped. What is the real solution? —crp

As we observe despite what Joe Biden says in his specially crafted SOTU address we know that Joe Biden lies about everything; and here again while taking false credit with his abysmal record of deceptions is now making “empty promises” to the public that we know his administration won’t keep; in fact whatever Joe Biden says in reality it means the opposite. Joe Biden is systematically destroying America by design and that will continue until he is removed. —crp

My opinion is that if Trump had declared that he was the rightful president back in 2020 and started having the traitors rounded up, the country would have exploded with fury and chaos. There would have been a civil war, which is what the enemy wanted. The plan that Trump and the military have implemented is so breathtaking in scope and genius that only God could have designed it and breathed it into existence. There is just no way any human could’ve been this brilliant. I believe they have been taking out the traitors, Communists, satanists, and child traffickers over the course of time since 2016. How could they do this and not alarm the public? Replace them with 2.0’s. I don’t understand how it’s accomplished, but I think it has happened and is continuing to happen. Absolute genius. Thank you, God. 🙏🏻 —Keys

The thing is that the alt news and social channels with some pseudo patriotic insider info stating that all these DS criminals and traitors are already in “Gitmo” or have been judiciously executed – suggesting that all their characters are replaced by improvisers who are just carrying on with the current script as part of The Plan. Psy-Ops are ongoing from all directions and one’s perspective is caught in their grip. No doubt about this! Just saying…… —crp

Execution is way too easy a way out for these disgusting DS (Crown) psycho-political demonic creatures. They must be imprisoned for the rest of their despicable lives (under public observation) while writing up their factual memoirs detailing all the forensic facts of their crimes high crimes and treason. History must know all the obscene details of their actions along with all the names of those complicit with their treason. —crp

Satanic Criminal Insanity is running amuck totally! We must assume that all these “authorities” have been psycho-pathologically insane the whole time – they obviously know nothing real and have no common sense whatsoever. —crp

“The whole world’s brainwashed!”

Check out our newest book, The Citizens Guide to Fifth Generation Warfare (5GW). It is as informative as any book you’ll ever read and may, quite possibly, save your life.

WEF NWO Control of the food production processing and supply. A Tactical Part of “their” Agenda: for Full Spectrum Control of the World’s Populations. —crp

Once these Demonic Crown DS UN WEF WHO NWO Globalist “elitists” gain control of the food supply they will dictate what the people will eat; and that means bugs. Political Prisoners will eat bugs or starve to death for example. Bugs will be served in schools with adaptive programming. There will be Fast Food Bugs on the ticket. This is what “they” are now manifesting for real! —crp

Ivan Raiklin | The Constitutional Process for a Contingent Election to Remove Biden

Now that Biden has proven once again that he and the rest of the leaders in the Executive Branch are agents of China (with the one week authorization for Balloon Spying to take place), the States must remove him and this lawless executive branch that is ruining our nation with Conniving Racist Training (CRT), Death Jabs, Mutilation Training. They have no concept of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Arizona must take the bold step this week to hold a joint session legislative vote to reclaim its 11 electors for President and Vice President. It’s time!

One must wonder what the Ukrainian Commanders are doing with all the dead and wounded. The idea of a “no retreat” most likely means no Ukrainian Forces left alive. The old Khazarian military (Crown Mercenaries perhaps) policy – no retreat no surrender no one comes back alive in the case of defeat. A very deeply rooted psychosis in effect. —crp

Mao forced his citizens to get rid of old thinking, old habits, old culture, and old customs. If you didn’t abide the Red Guard came after you. This is exactly what the left is doing today with woke culture replacing everything. Liberal Democrats AreTheProblem

The US is not headed into a “recession” it’s headed into a catastrophe of unprecedented proportions. You’d think the so called “official” authorities would be fully aware of this. You’d also think that some genuine common sense would be brought to bear. These psycho-criminals are just playing games with the public mindsets. A WEF social / economic catastrophe is on the horizon which includes mass depopulation. The only question remains what to do about it. —crp

I’m surprised the alternative “real news” media took the “Chinese Balloon” bait aka mass media distraction – the question is Deep State “slight of hand” is distracting public attention away from what? Here’s a clue – It’s not about “Chinese Balloons” …… —crp

We are now told the reason this “Chinese” balloon wasn’t shot down is because it’s not a “Chinese” balloon actually it’s a Deep State “project” surveilling patriots and patriot militia groups? These are the “signs” of the “times”! 5GW more intensive psy-ops. Expect anything. The more bizarre the more intense the psy-op 1:1. Know the Enemy for what it’s projecting! —crp

The DS Destroys “Chinese Spy Balloon” and evidence by sinking it in the Atlantic Ocean. Wouldn’t want it coming down over land because the mfg label says “Made in USA Inc.”. It’s a DS 5GW Op. A distraction from what? —crp

I’d like to know how the press was informed that this “Chinese Balloon” was from China? Does it have “Chinese” markings? Did the US DOD see “Chinese” markings through a telescope? Did China alert the US DOD that these “weather” balloons are coming from China? This whole things is a Psy-Op Distraction. Distraction from What? —crp

The Chinese Balloon situation is a disgrace, just like the Afghanistan horror show, and everything else surrounding the grossly incompetent Biden Administration. They are only good at cheating in elections, and disinformation — and now they are putting out that a Balloon was put up by China during the Trump Administration, in order to take the “heat” off the slow moving Biden fools. China had too much respect for “TRUMP” for this to have happened, and it NEVER did. JUST FAKE DISINFORMATION! —DJT

It’s getting uglier by the day. The treasonous “Clinton/Obama” styled demonic-rats and rinos malignant corruption is showing its ugly head throughout the Senate and DOJ (and state and local “affiliates”) – with the insidious abuses of “their” infiltrated enemy powers of state. Anyone with common sense and moral values is being deeply offended by this demonic obscenity. God bless the Constitutional Patriots and Warriors, but this malevolent evil psycho-criminal insanity is bordering on the incomprehensible. It’s now a felony and a violation of “National Security” to expose their crimes? What’s next? —crp

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