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AI is the “ET” invasion mode – to “implant” and supplant human (and the Divine Genesis of) life with AI implants operated by quantum computer AI master control through quantum field dynamics enslaving the human body mind and soul. Where on earth do you think this “technology” is coming from? – through what venues? – for what purpose? AI is the cosmic “Trojan Horse” – we are living scripture! —crp

Thesis: Event – ET AI High Tech Invasion – Anti Thesis: Counter Event: EM AI High Tech Counter Networking – Synthesis: NWO AI Total Planetary Subjugation to High Tech Quantum AI Field & Networking Dynamics. —crp


The “uniparty” of psycho-political demonic-rats and rinos just hate – period. They “project” their hate onto anyone (or anything) that could publicly and legally expose their high crimes and treason. Their hate obsesses upon fabricated justifications and accusations. God is Love and Truth. Common sense can easily decipher their evil intentions and motivations. —crp

The treasonous government is tracking everyone by every index its evil agenda’s imagine. Its been doing this for decades now. The mRNA VAX is a mass genocidal concoction. Of course its now tracking the unvaccinated! —crp

EU US NATO “Dark Alliance” to “Replay” WW One & WW Two & The Cold War with all its satellite wars & now 5GW on going into war economies – a rabid mad minded recipe for total mutual destruction with total global annihilation. How brilliant! What better way to distract people of earth away from exposing & revealingly the UN WEF WHO NWO Globalist’s ongoing evil acts of treason & crimes against humanity. It’s an old playbook with a modern “high tech” twist. Are we reaching the precipice yet? —crp

Treasonous Psycho-political Criminal Psychopaths can’t admit to their premeditated crimes & treason; they can’t repent or make amends bc their destructive actions are too huge & have affected too many people’s lives. Characters like the Bush’s Clinton’s Obama’s Biden’s Pelosi’s Schumer’s Romney’s McConnel’s McCain’s and all their infiltrated DS marxist cronies have (embezzled) stolen (money laundered) so many trillions of tax payer dollars running Fed Treasury into unsustainable debts; waging genocidal wars killing and maiming hundreds of millions of people while destroying sovereign nations. —crp

Chucky Schumer is a portrait of evil – a massive criminal psycho-path and a traitor to We The People. The damage this psycho-political demon’s constituency has wrought to America and humanity is beyond incalculable….—crp

Tucker Carlson: Nobody Seems to Remember that Biden Was Deeply Involved in Nord Stream Bombing

“The Biden administration did this; that is beyond doubt — as far as I’m concerned. It was an attack not just on this piece of Russian infrastructure but on our NATO allies in Western Europe that relied on that for their energy needs.”

I am surprised the NATO allies haven’t come to their senses and turn on the Biden Administration.


Desantis BANS Trump Supporters: Kicks Laura Loomer Out OF Event!

It turns out Ron Desantis’ free state of Florida really isn’t that free after all.

Laura Loomer joins Lauren Witzke to report on Desantis kicking Trump supporters out of a book signing!

Ironically, Desantis titled his book “The Courage To Be Free”.

Trans demonic mental illness disease is a malignant marxist modality (psycho political dialectic) for destroying human genetic and cultural heritage by design – period. It is replacing social order civility with an evil premeditated hell on earth. Know your Enemy! —crp

Empirical Observations are now under “content review” and “moderation” oh my my goodness – what kind of Truth does “Truth Social” really represent? – Just asking for a friend….. —crp

Knocking out the rail transportation industry – destroying confidence in the safety of the passenger rail transportation industry. It’s so easy to sabotage rail lines! All such events are now Acts of War! —crp

Define criminal psychopathic megalomaniacal insanity? Demons. Who (or What) “dark principality” has allowed these counterfeiting criminals free reign to commit world wars with mass genocide and rule over the global economies? They were all “appointed” to the task. Take this madness to it’s source and eradicate it (whatever “it” is) once and for all! —crp

You have the keywords and all you need to do is search going back in time to at least 1913. WIKI is “out to lunch” but contains an abundance of keywords. Use logical analysis and validate sources from multiple viewpoints on every subject item or question. Develop your “links” and keep digging until you understand the answers. —crp

You obviously don’t know very much about ancient, classical, or American history. There’s no quick fix for that. You have all you need to know. The resources with the Internet are overwhelmingly abundant. Go for it…… That’s all I can say. My comments are steeped in several decades of research and participation. All I can say is the answers are all “out there” for you to discover. —crp

We are confronted by many “channelers” promoting their telepathic contacts (communication line) with Other Dimensional & Extraterrestrial principalities (as with the prophets of myriad scriptures) I don’t doubt in accordance by my personal experience with contacts; yet in this The Truth of it is fair game and logical in light of the present time reality (geopolitics etc.) – but, I would like to know details of these beings life bearing logistics – in their “ships” – on their remote bases; within earth’s solar system. Like how do they live?; what do they eat?; how do they breathe?; how are their life support system environments maintained?; what social order of their “people” manufactured their space bearing apparatus etc. We only seem to be in contact with some kind of “royal elite” with “royal perspectives”. What are the basic operational details of their supporting civilizations? Such details are invaluable to earth’s popular concerns. —crp

A Rising block of nations is said to be Anti “US” but in reality that is “USA Inc.” (a DS Crown Corporation) and not the Constitutional “US” United States of America (or The American People) “We” are not the Crown’s Colonial Proxies. This shouldn’t be confused! It’s the Crown’s MSM and Press that insinuates that it’s the “US” that’s doing these things but in reality it’s the Crown (City of London) “USA Inc.” (Colonial Proxy) that’s doing these things while “scapegoating” The Americans. —crp

Demonic-Rats (DS NATO WEF RINOS Zelenskyy etc.) lie about everything; these psycho-political demons invert reality and project their own crimes and treason onto their political targets to deflect the real facts about themselves. 1:1 this is how these criminal psychopaths think and what they say and do. —crp

The House Oversight Committee has been in talks with 3 Hunter Biden whistleblowers just this week.

They’re also reaching out to new whistleblower Gal Luft, who has been arrested in Cyprus on what Luft calls a “politically motivated extradition request by the US”. Luft is an Israeli think tank executive that worked with Hunter as an advisor to the Chinese energy conglomerate.

James Comer: “[These whistleblowers] wanna tell their story, and we’re gonna give them the opportunity to tell their story.”

Channel: @JFK_TV

In yet another display of Biden losing his touch with humanity, he started laughing at a mom who lost not one, but TWO sons to a fentanyl overdose. Disgusting. Rebecca Kiesling had two sons who thought they were taking Percocet pills, but they ended up being laced with fentanyl. As a result, the two young men died as a result fentanyl crossing into our country. Biden, of course, blamed Trump. And he laughed about it. When our children die of fentanyl, Biden laughs. When are children die at the hands of drug cartels, Biden laughs. Biden is allowing these drug cartels to roam freely in our country. This must stop.

—Eric Thielman

It’s shocking that Joe Biden laughs at mothers of children who have died of fentanyl poisoning.

What’s funny about Americans dying from fentanyl, Joe?

The families who have lost loved ones from fentanyl aren’t laughing.


According to this Maher statement this guy is suffering from some form of intellectual dementia – bc what he’s saying is just crazy stuff cosmetically rendered to sound intellectual. His whole elitist crowd is suffering from a similar intellectual disease. It’s become unintelligible in the realities of the present time. —crp

With AG Garland up is down front is back inside is out evil is good lies are truth and black is white. That’s his “equity” law in point of fact. —crp

Wind Turbines are an environmental disaster – along with lithium battery powered vehicles. —crp

Normalising a genocide calling it “sudden adult death syndrome”…

“Greta Dyrmishi, 24, was working as crew member for Air Albania when she died

Ms Dyrmishi was travelling from Albania to Essex in December when she fainted

A post-mortem found her cause of death to be sudden adult death syndrome”


Anything is “superior” to a mRNA VAX that doesn’t give immunity to anything but in fact insidiously promotes disease injury and death; and pure fresh uncontaminated water gives the best immunity overall! —crp

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