Release 41,000 Hrs of J6 Cams

TUCKER: In free countries, governments do not lie about protests as a pretext to gain more power for themselves. They don’t selectively edit videos for propaganda services and then lie about them in fake hearings and show trials. But that’s EXACTLY what happened.

I’ll be having Kevin Strong, the ex-FAA employee who was at January 6th on my show tomorrow. He’s been on many of the videos youve seen. He is ready to come out and tell the world the truth about this set up sham.. This will be on

I will repeat this again: Give anons all forty thousand hours of footage and we’ll tell you exactly how many feds were embedded within the January 6th crowd in a week.

Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

—Ultra Pepe Lives Matter

Patriots: If anyone would like to help get the real story of January 6 out now that the lemmings are interested in seeing the real story with Tucker putting out the whole story of J6, please provide a first Person account of your experience on January 6 that has not been out in the public in 350 words or so. We would like to publish this in a bigger audience as part of our push to tell our side of the story in support of the WeThePatriots documentary movie. Please include pics and videos if you have them and DM me if interested in helping. —Ivan Raiklin

To: Tucker Carlson

CC: Kevin McCarthy

From: WeThePeople

Subject: J6 Truth must be restored and Joint Session Rerun with a 12A quorum

Tucker/Kevin, please consider the following J6 stories of:

1. USCP LT Michael Byrd murdering Congressman Darrell Issa’s constituent Ashli Babbitt to inform Kevin McCarthy that Byrd wasn’t “just doing his job.”

2. MPDC officer Lila Morris brutally beating and murdering Congressman Barry Loudermilk’s constituent Rosanne Boyland (Morris was later invited as a hero to the Super bowl that year) Loudermilk must fully investigate, prosecute and correct the illegal activity by the government as chair of the subcommittee on Oversight of the House Admin Committee.

3. The deaths of Kevin Greason and Benjamin Phillips by USCP/MPDC grenades exploding in vicinity of these two causing heart failure

4. Did Officer Sicknick die from a stroke resulting from blood clots that could be attributed to the Pfizer or Moderna mRNA injection? #DiedSuddenly ?

5. showcase how MPDC officer Jason Bagshaw brutally beat a petite and unarmed little woman Victoria White trapped in the tunnel by a crowd.

6. Footage of what Alexandra Pelosi (Nancy’s daughter) was doing inside Capitol and son in law Mikhiel Vos was doing outside Capitol

7. Footage of John Sullivan in and outside Capitol

8. where is the transcript of first interview of Ray Epps Nov 2021 before congress and

9. where is Terri McCullough (Pelosi Chief of Staff) transcript of interview before J6 committee?

10. The J6 Joint session lacked the necessary 12th Amendment quorum and must be redone (Congresswoman Laurel Lee chair of the Elections subcommittee on the House Administration Committee must initiate the path to do a Joint session redo with proper quorum to remedy this constitutional travesty)

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