Some Speculation 2023

3 Executive Orders + plus the modelling of when Abraham Lincoln was President. There were 2 Presidents.

1 on TV and 1 real one.

The Art Of War – Sun Tsu

The major thing here to understand is the 1871 Act of England that was placed on America illegally & Unconstitutionally by Secret Societies. This has controlled our world.

America thought it was under 1776 Constitution but since 1871 it has beem ruled by the British CROWN

Yellow Fringe on Flag = Crown/Maritime Law.

All Govts/Leaders have had Military force them so they would sign off GESARA LAW. That was taken an Actioned at The HAGUE, International Court of Justice.

We now do a Transition to Gesara

POTUS would write Transition to Greatness.

120 day period to have new blockchain elections. Electing new people 10% the size that we currently have.

This Transition will be GLOBAL MARTIAL LAW.

Many 3rd world immigrants from 1st world nations will head home to build and rebuild their nations under good govts. For the people.

Think China have 50 Ghost Cities.

Think 7 Kingdoms.

For instance USA, Canada, Australia & Pacific Islands will have certain deals in place, being a Kingdom.

Once this all done, everyone will breed like Rabbits, then think about what Elon said within about 10 years we will become inter-planetary species.

Venus/Mars etc.


It just occured to me. DECLAS has to happen under Joe Biden. This whole time I was thinking that Trump would return then DECLAS would begin. That is not true. The house of cards falls under the Biden regime. Their attempt to cover it up leads to Nuclear war where Trump holds the Nuclear football and prevents a global nuclear destruction event. During the height of it all, and after the full exposure, where the Deep State are front and centre in positions of power with the spot light pointing directly at them, and when Trump is vindicated, then Trump can come back as the saviour of Planet Earth, and rigthfully as the President. Trump is either reinstated at the demand of the people based on the evidence presented, or depending on the events and how long it takes, he comes back as 46 after winning the ‘theatrical’ 2024 election against Michelle Obama. It’s all event driven. My point is, the collapse and DECLAS happens under Biden, and it has already begun. This is the Storm. The exposure brings the False Flags, the False Flags are the Storm. We must walk through the darkness to get to the light.

—Ghost Warfare

I agree πŸ’―, and they as a whole , used a bioweapon virus, that was released, conveniently during an election year, to scare people ,in order to vote by mail and stay home from FEAR instilled by THIS rogue government. In addition, they brought in drop boxes for ballot dumping/ stuffing, harvesting, early voting etc… Voter rolls never cleared with dead people able to cast a vote is unthinkable! All of this, with the use of manipulated voting machines, voter suppression, shadow banning, election cyber interference,etc cheat…. They conveniently selected their puppet they hid away in the basement( the entire campaign), as their chosen fraudulent winner! It was Shameful , illegal and outrageous! Completely unacceptable! It was all planned , since they never thought Killery Clinton would lose in 2016 …. President Trump delayed their NWO Globalist depopulation control agenda when Killery lost! So they had to make sure 2020 wouldn’t be a repeat of 2016! Not one REPUBLICAN Governor did anything about it but allowed it all to happen! Their silence was deafening! They are all a disgusting disgrace! They failed the American people for a Free Fair HONEST election! This is what we call the “UNI- PARTY!” No one took any initiative to defend President Trump, knowing full well he won unanimously in a landslide victory! All TRAITORS! …All of them are indeed “”complicit”” to the RIGGED STOLEN ELECTION of 2020 and all are guilty of TREASON! President Trump Won . They deliberately deprived him of his rightful Presidency and it needs to be overturned and DECERTIFIED immediately! Fix 2020

America First… MAGA πŸ™πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²πŸ™πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²πŸ™ —DJ Patriot

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