Fraud Alert Short Form

23 0309 0310


Fraud Alert: “I will never DM you” —The Real Channels

Don’t worry all these malignant channel impersonators scammers sex bots and trolls will take up the slack! And believe me this psycho-malignancy is working overtime to distract and detract with misdirections. Anybody you know? —crp

ps: you belong here child:

Only a “juvenile delinquent” could be this stupid. This is your future worldview…

Solution: Just delete them. There’s probably Chinese (and DS) warehouses full of “bot farm” impersonator “troll farm work stations”. Their “calling card” is clear enough! Impersonator morons can’t spell with broken english repeating the same old lines cliche’s etc. Just delete them! Engaging them just goes into a circular loop of malignant nonsense. —crp

Telegram is infested with spam farm trolling sex bots impersonators malignancy factory working overtime! They’re a social media disease, a malignant cancer; all you can do is block and delete. They don’t respond to morals ethics logic or common sense reason perhaps because they’re all mindless little psycho-criminals..


Warning! Scammers impersonators “distractors” trolls and psy-op bots are the scumbags of the universe. Here we are involved in the most critical time in human history faced with existential psycho-political threats to the future of the human race and here you are – the con artist and for what? What is the reward for being scumbags of the universe? What’s your excuse – are you a criminally malignant moron? —crp

Know the Enemy by their scams……

Bottom line is I have no interest whatsoever in chatting with you. No interest in DMs. And, I suspect no genuine channel has any interest in DM or chatting with me. I’m only interested in the information that genuine channels are posting. If you DM me it’s immediately suspect of a channel impostor scammer. No ifs & or buts. Over & out! —crp

Can you read?

Just say OK and Goodbye.

That’s sufficient enough.

Testing 1 2 3 4 5

Test Out.


To All Telegram Users…


To all Telegram Users.

I do not engage with any financial transactions on Telegram.

A few members have been scammed into giving $6000 to a person pretending to me on Telegram.

Under No circumstances should anybody part with any money.

I don’t get into conversations on Telegram, and anyone pretending to be me should be reported.

If you have paid money please go to your local police and report this, as it is a scam.

Sadly this is very common, and all the leading names have cloned websites or people pretending to be them.


About 2012 Convergence

This is just a basic blog site intended to share information as the viewer might seem fit. It supports freedom of information and expression and does not contain any obscene material or pose any form of a security threat. Simply view only at the reader's discretion. .... Chris
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