The View Criminal Obscenity

The FBI and DOJ have targeted Pro-Life protestors for praying outside of abortion clinics. They better step up and hold Jane Fonda and The View accountable for calling for the murder of Pro-Life Politicians like me.

I will not be voting to fund the FBI and DOJ unless the two-tiered justice system is stopped.


Rep. Matt Gaetz: “We are here focussed on a weaponized government, a whole government approach that has been turned against the American people. FBI itself was doctoring emails to try to smear President Trump. A bunch of people in Washington DC gets to decide what’s the truth is. And then enforce it in the country, and then punish and target those who report on their conduct.”

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This is going to be embarrassing for the Americans to find out that their Deep State government was funnelling their tax dollars with the “enemy” in China to create this Frankenstein flu virus.


NEW – Under the guise of stopping mass shootings, a surveillance system backed by top Mossad, CIA and FBI officials is being installed in schools, houses of worship, and other civilian locations throughout the country, much of it thanks to the recent donation of an “anonymous philanthropist.”

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