Gain of Function



_The current story of [ DS] U.S. regimen blaming bats and animals in Wuhan wet markets has stopped and NOW blaming the lab leak from Wuhan is the new story by CIA OBAMA ECT [ DS] Regimen are trying to keep the blame to Wuhan. … Which isn’t true.


_The virus was released in the U.S. in 2019

Near FORT DETRICK military base… The Maryland NIH FAUCI lab leak story even made it to New York times in AUGUST 2019 ( but a cover up was quickly pushed)  “DEADLY GERM RESEARCH IS SHUT DOWN AT ARMY LAB OVER SAFETY CONCERNS”

_AFTER CDC supposedly investigated lab leak of the virus and closed the lab in 2019  and people in Maryland areas had respiratory illness and infections and doctors reported the respiratory illness strange and uncommon, the CDC then reopened the lab in 2020 as> COVID LAB (?)………..>And CDC erased the lab leak story from their Archives.

*There were two breachs of the lab in summer 2019 reported by MILITARY.COM >  ” CDC  inspection findings reveal more about fort DETRICK Research suspension” ( after this article dropped CDC scrubbed their Archives and the story was quickly covered up and [ DS] MSM quickly dubbed the information as QANON CONSPIRACY and the story was swept under the rug, and white washed<

>Scientists in were working on the coronavirus for DETRICK In March 2019 NIH/ National library of Medicine paper article have Sina Bavari from the division of Molecular and Translational Sciences, United States Army Medical Research institute of Infectious Diseases, Fort DETRICK.MD. USA > article by SINA BAVARI


A few months later the lab had it’s leak ( twice) and residents became ill with respiratory infection and sickness.


Behind the SCENES ; XI is COLLAPSING the CCP REGIMEN and arrested hundreds of officials, scientist, mil. Commanders that have colluded with the CIA. OBAMA REGIMEN that also created the COVID 19 in Wuhan /

_The Chinese military intelligence reports also state Fort DETRICK as one of the beginning points of the release of COVID 19 virus bio-weapons release //)… As mil. INTEL in Germany. France. Russia. UK. Israel also know the BEGINNING points and origins of the Bio-weapons virus<

*THE TRUTH is>> The man made virus looks like a Frankenstein obviously spliced creation and that’s the reason their is no photo of the virus to this day….. And the 5g also mimics the respiratory illness in the body and was created by the U.S. DOD dating back to 1970s.

    The release of bio-weapons gain of function, working along side 5g military weapons and chemtrails spraying frozen spike proteins ( amongst others things) into our skies and letting us breath The toxic bio-weapons…,

>>>EVERYONE IS CONFUSED IF.5G OR CORONA IS REAL OR NOT…..[ It was designed this way to create confusion, but also to reach alot of people using all methods to create respiratory illness)///

What ever the matter of facts are.


*please read the article below..I wrote this long ago and people thought I was fear mongering or making up a story…….. But now you will see it all CONNECTS… And DEEP STATE IS DESPERATE TO HIDE THE ORIGINS AND HENCE THE FALSE FLAG EVENT > BLAME CHINA! CREATE WAR FOR CONFUSION!

CREATE BANKING COLLAPSE ( try to cover the EXPOSURE of Biden Ukraine money operations. GAIN of function EXPOSURE. Stolen elections. Military coup EXPOSURE against TRUMP. ECT ECT ECT ECT)


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