Hunt for Red October

HUNT for Red October

The HUNTER(s) become the HUNTED

Hunter BIDEN ( +The Big Guy)  and Rosa Seneca are major investors in METABIOTA Inc.

that is Data Collecting service and a company partnering with industry and governments worldwide to build resilience to epidemics and engineering firm Black & Veach, which is described as “the main supplier of equipment for Pentagon biolaboratories around the world.”

>Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov said the Russian services have so far detected 30 laboratories in 14 settlements in Ukraine involved in “Pentagon’s military biological program” in that country. The official claimed the fund invested at least $2.4 billion in those operations.

Nathan Wolfe founder of METABIOTA is partners with Peter Daszak from ECO health alliance , which is where Anthony FAUCI was funneling money for the Gain Of Function project >Collaborators on this project include Conservation Medicine and government partners in Malaysia, Chulalongkorn Hospital in Thailand, Duke – National University of Singapore, Uniformed Services University in the USA, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in the USA, Duke University Durham.

GHISLAINE MAXWELL a close friend with NATHAN WOLFE (aka Virus Hunter), who in 2011 published a book named “THE VIRAL STORM” about the upcoming PANDEMIC. In the book, WOLFE thanks JEFFREY EPSTEIN and Dr. SANJAY GUPTA for their contribution Support and donations.

JEFFERY EPSTEIN funding of Biolabs in UKRAINE, through money laundering schemes through UKRAINIAN banks and oil companies and oil tycoon BURISMA Mykola Zlochevsky who put HUNTER BIDEN as a board member at Burisma from 2014-2019 and helped the BIDENS funnel /money launder BILLIONS into UKRAINE.

The Web of the UKRAINE Scandal and BIDENS involvement in the BIOLABS investments, investments in METABIOTA and their DEALINGS with ECO HEALTH, FATIGUE FAUCI, DAVOS GROUP FUNDING (WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM ) and their illegal Oil dealings and money laundering system is being EXPOSED which will all connect to BIDENs selling U.S. SECRETS , CLASSIFIED INFORMATION TO WORLD ELITES AND SEVERAL COUNTRIES  ..



> the viral STORM<




You have more than you know


MILITARY is the only way

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