Divine Correspondence (1)

Divine Principles such as Truth Love Life Sentience Knowing

“On Earth as it is in Heaven”

Swednborg’s Doctrine of (Spiritual) Correspondences

Communication (Between Heaven and Earth)

Sheldrake’s “New Science of Life”

Morphic Fields Morphic Resonance Morphogenesis (Causative Formation)

God The Father Son and Holy Spirit (Ghost)

God is:

Omnipresent (Omnipresence) All Being All Existence All Life All Sentience All Spirit Self-Awareness

Omniscient (Omniscience) All Knowing All Intelligence All Mind Everything that can be Known

The very capacity to Know as “One’s Knowing” is a dynamic correspondence & communication with God

Omnipotent (Omnipotence) All Powerful All Creative Energy All Capability and Potential “To Be” & To Make Manifest

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