Stormy Daniels Criminal Acts

Stormy Daniels Criminal Insanity. What in the world kind of malignant nonsense is this? Who in the world would buy into this cheap crap? It’s an utter insult to the human race in general and an utter insult to Americans and Common Sense in particular. A portrait of Professionalized Criminal Insanity with dramatizing evil acting out of demonic-rat’s in NYC. How pathetic is this? —-crp

Cy Vance failed to “get Trump”, two prosecutors quit because of it (Mark Pomeranz and Carey Dunne), and Cy decided not to run for office again.

Along comes Alvin Bragg and he tries to do the same thing, to “get Trump” and he is gonna get the same result, but THIS TIME Trump, via his Truth Social posts and statements, has highlighted the Manhattan DA’s Office and put all the attention on it like never before.

For Alvin Bragg and his supporters/cheerleaders in media/politics, “there’s fire on both sides of the door.”

No indictment, he has failed, media/pols got tricked into joining his wagon as it launched off a cliff.

If he DOES pen an indictment, it will be easily dismissed, Trump will have more street cred and support than ever before, and Bragg+media+pols will have Hell to face.

Either way, on the other side of The Matador Trump’s cape is a fucking brick wall and [they] are headed full speed right into it.

There’s also a possibility that a spicier dish may be served up: one that results in the indictment of someone OTHER than Trump and flips this entire fake news saga on it’s head and twist it into a pretzel.

That’s the dish I’m hoping will be served.

—Just Human

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