Q) The Storm Rider 23.03.23

How do you publicly put Soros inside the KILLBOX*>


“Soros-Funded DA” Is “Weaponizing The Office” Against Donald Trump

A few months i stated SOROS was coming directly into the KILLBOX….. Now the past 3 months senators, governor’s and officials have been publicly coming after SOROS//)/

_NOW with the ARREST of TRUMP looming the public EXPOSURE of George [SOROS] paying DA ALVIN BRAGG is coming to public light.

The DEEP STATE OPERATION to ARREST Donald J. TRUMP were also green lit operations by the ALLIANCE. ( GAME THEORY OPERATION) that would lead to [ SOROS ] and EU ELITES/NATO/DAVOS/>>>WEF/GATES///

>This PLAN was long-ago designed to bring down [ SOROS] and the 4RTH REICH OPERATIONS///

The BACKFIRE of the ARREST( planned [ DS] operations) of TRUMP will lead into TREASON. ACTS OF WAR from foreign interference.

Their is a longer game plan in the process here PATRIOTS.

NOW you know why I said watch

[ SOROS]..


Your watching a well place plan unfold


All will come into focus and for anyone to think POTUS is not in control is kidding themselves. Also, he’s 100% INSULATEDwith zero risk_Q

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