One Stinking Pile of Dung

DA Bragg is synonymous with premeditated treason as is plainly seen – he mouths and pens a pile of legalistic dung reiterating with relish all the false groundless allegations of Trump just to get his malignant soundbites reverberated on the MSM fake news air – you know like Nancy’s “Wrap UP Smear em” thing. 100% Criminal. With Bragg it’s all a big con job and Soros pays him well for it. —crp

The only thing honest (factual) about DA Bragg is his premeditated criminal actions in a pseudo legalized babbling tirade of a DS psycho-politically weaponized Legal and Justice system going all out to get Donald Trump no matter what the truth is. Fake News Nancy’s “Wrap Up & Smear Em” style is Fake News nonetheless especially when it’s about nonexistent “Faked Crimes” for the Fake News Headlines. The Truth is all “inconvenient facts” to these seditiously moronic demonic-rats and rinos. —crp

Treasonous DA Bragg is fighting for his life – heś been paid by Soros – no matter which way he goes his number is up. Another potential case of “Suicide by Clinton Inc.” —crp

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