Obama Nation in Retrospect

These are the facts:

I just tuned into a video presentation of Obama’s Libyan speech. And concluded that it does not need Richard Hoagland’s cryptological analysis because it stands clearly as the bullshit that it actually is. Now I don’t have any affinity for dictators in the Middle East or in South and Central America as well as SouthEast Asia and all the other “areas” that U.S. foreign policy has promoted and supported over these past several decades. The rhetoric in this speech is abominable to say the least. Propaganda suited to the most ignorant and stupid of human beings. It would be far better if the President of the United States of America just came out and stated the underlying situation, agenda, and goals involved in this recent violation of international law. There is no doubt that he does not have one modicum of integrity in his unconstitutional soul to present the real facts of this matter to the American Public for which he has vowed and taken an oath as President of the United States to serve. He most definitely is not serving that oath and is obviously in a state of consummate treason. Unfortunately this is his “Job Description” and requirement of the people that he actually serves.

It is you,the people of the United States that must recognize what has happened to you, why it has happened, and what you can do about it with the little time remaining.

If you do not then we will enter into a world of hellish proportions and perhaps because of your in-action you will enjoy all of the hellish degenerate abominable events to follow.

I do not wish you well.

You are the reason,

For this season.

God Damn you all,


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